William Lyne, cracks how man made UFO’s really work

//William Lyne, cracks how man made UFO’s really work

William Lyne, cracks how man made UFO’s really work

Only one man has tied together Tesla’s greatest and most suppressed discovery with how man made Ufo’s work.

William Lyne has written many books and each is more shocking and revealing than the last. In these books he reveals detailed plans for exactly how man mad ufo’s work and brings to light the core of Tesla’s dynamic theory of gravity, which revolves around Aether Pressure.

  • Pentagon Aliens
  • Occult Ether Physics

The infamous lifter experiments have awed amateur hobbyists for years.

You simply run a high voltage current through a triangular piece of tin foil and watch it hover.


William Lyne started this when he broke the News of Tesla’s Lifter Experiments over 30 years ago. Yet even to this day people only do one half of the experiment. The lifter works by running a Dc current on a wire above the foil, which causes a decompression of the aether above the craft and thus causes it to levitate. Lyne also recommends running a AC current BELOW the craft to propel it by making the aether below it more dense.

Anyone up for  this? Supposedly the French  researcher JD Naudins did this but quickly backtracked…

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  • MZ

    The lifter described above levitates due to the ionic wind, so no exotic science here.

  • Maxim K. Rice

    Tests have shown that the ionic wind, which is present, is three degrees of magnitude too weak to account for the levitation. And in tests in a vacuum (which eliminates ionic wind) the levitation force is greater. So yes — the electrogravitic phenomenon is real. I have done it in my own lab.

  • vinny

    Levitation force in vacuum is strongly reduced, the ‘lifting force’ is due to momentum change in the electron spin, no antigravity here, there never was.

  • Thermal Glen

    Red infrared lights are used to make the aether more dense underneath larger crafts to help steer and to create buoyancy? Is it the wavelength of the red light that is important? What about higher multiples of the red light frequency in radio frequencies. Supposedly Searl steered his SEG craft by beaming ham radio signals at it. For the purpose of discussion, what color of light would make the aether less dense?

  • MC

    Electron spin? Show proof of the existence of the physical electron … Stop parroting the garbage given to you by academic physics.

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