Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and the Aether

//Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and the Aether

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and the Aether


Reich is one of the most suppressed Scientists of all time and an Aether Mage of a high level. He escaped from Nazi Germany only to have his books burned and be sent to prison and brutally killed… in the USA!

His book Contact from Space remains one of the most suppressed and BANNED books of all time. If anyone has a PDF of this book or of Super Cosmic Imposition then please share.

An excellent paper by James Demayo reconciling Reichs Orgone with the Aether

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  • Darin

    Hey Tech Zombie,

    Would a bound photocopy of ” Contact With Space” work for you?

    Just found that source. Might just buy a copy….


  • Tech Zombie

    Hi Darin, awesome offer. Best thing is you scanned it in and then released the pdf for the public, then we could spread it around. It is his most banned book for good reason and I’d love to read it on my pc/ipad etc.. so would the whole world.

  • Interested

    Me three 🙂

  • Bruce Marshall

    The work of Paolo and Alexandra Correa,

    represents the most advanced experimental work following upon indications from the work of Wilhelm Reich, advancing such a field of investigation, through detailed experimentation that have yielded a number of practical results, while broadening the scope of what is an emerging new understanding of physics based upon novel data, and interpretation of such effects.

    Refreshingly, the Correa’s are not sycophantic followers of Dr. Reich, demonstrating a freedom and objectivity necessary for real science, as well as being a true testament to an appreciation of Reich’s work.

    Bruce Marshall
    Rochester, Vermont

  • Bill
  • Derek Worthington

    Please release scanned PDF to the public. I would love to study it as well.

    Warm regards,


  • The Correas came to my attention about 10-12 years ago. They approached the company I was working for to invest in them. The patents and science they presented was given to me and others to investigate. The “product” was not invested in. They then claimed Chinese mafia broke into their lab. Which was weird because their lab was in an Italian part of town. Anyway, they seem to still be looking for money.

  • John Joyce

    Dear Eric,

    Perhaps I’ve missed it on this website and others .. Could you state concisely what is and is not credible about Wilhelm Reich?

    The UFO phenomenon is too confusing.

    What was stolen from Heaviside, Tesla, Schauberger, Leedskalnin, you and untold others was not in fact “lost.”

    It was stolen by persons with unlimited resources who knew exactly what they were doing and why.

    Developing UFO type technology would have been the whole point.

    I also can’t see the energy of sex as an idealized object independent of procreation. Sexual relations also sustain the child nurturing environment of a marriage.

    I am well aware that post modern defintions of “lifestyles” requires assertive acceptance of sexual freedom but it is usually willfully ignorant of the kernal point: sex involves the potential initiation of someone else’s life.

    UFOs and aetheric sex? Please tell me what you think about Wilhelm Reich.

    Thank you for all you do.

    John Joyce

  • Tech Zombie


    You’re always right on point with your questions. You want the truth minus the fat. Respectable indeed!

    I don’t have enough knowledge on Reich to say. I will say he was onto something big and his work threatened to destroy the mountain of lies that was starting to be built around the whole UFO thing.

    Reich was for the truth and that makes him a good person in my book. He was no agnel however, Let us all remember he was a student of Frued and he was tainted with a sexual outlook that was in many ways perverse. Yet despite this he did put forth a sensible theory on the orgasm and what it seems to do to the body electrically, lessen voltage etc.. We need to take Reich one step at a time and not idolize him like some people do…

    Contact from space was indeed brutally repressed and even now is very hard to find. until now.

    I don’t want to go into the sexual aspects of it as I am not qualified to say and I think it is off on a tangent that we do not need now. His study of orgone and how it can be channeled was the core of his work. I am very curious to uncover how his orgone, cloud buster worked and how it seemed to drive away the “critters” that Constale talks about. It all leads up to what exactly these beings are… are they aliens? The answer here is no. They are not aliens, then what are they exactly? this is the kernel of the truth we seek…

  • JDK

    Reich’s orgone energy equals prana of the yogis, chi of chinese martial arts or KI of the japanese martial & energetics arts. Who controls the orgone/chi/ki controls every phenomena from the physical realm. You can find the same info over and over again if you study the ancient books of wisdom, written by enlighten people.

  • ze

    did you see this pdf?

  • There are some good questions here and I think some of the answers to them can be found on C O R E’s website. I am not a psychophantic ‘follower’ of Reich, see myself as a plodding, serious researcher who tests things as I go along and tells my results as honestly as I can. The funny thing about Reich’s work is that when you get to grips with it and replicate some of his classic orgonomic experiments, (orgone accumulator, bions, atmospheric observations, for example) or apply his theories and discoveries in a new area (eg birth and baby-therapy) you find that you confirm his findings and can extend knowledge, using his osbervations as a foundation.
    Cosmic Superimposition is freely available. Try a search on ABE books. Regards, Peter Jones

  • Tech Zombie

    §Absolutely Peter,

    Your work on Reich is amazing and deserves all the support possible. As is your book

    I would love to read a copy 🙂

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