Thomas Joseph Brown

James Robitaille – Sky Scholar

Jason Verbelli

Jeffrey Mishlove – New Thinking Allowed


Thunderbolts Project

Dale Pond

University of Science & Philosophy

Conference on Physics, Chemistry, & Biology of Water 

Berkana Labs


Tesla Society

Auriel Aeon

SAFIRE Project

Aether Force

Vesica Institute

Robert Otey

Arthur M. Young

It’s Rainmaking Time

John Hutchison

Hannah Vh – Russell in 3D – The Universe Unraveled : WALTER RUSSELL IN 3D


Vortex Water Consultants

Light-Life Tensor Ring Tech

Marko Rodin

Bernard Geunther – Veil of Reality

Kelvin Abraham – Tetryonics


Dark Journalist

David LaPoint – Primer Fields

Randy Powell

Edgar Cayce

Suspicious Observer

Eric Dollard

Global BEM

Frank Chester

Buckminster Fuller

Rudolf Steiner – Karma Police Beureau

Theoria Apophasis – Hidden Secrets of Magnetism

Jon Depew – Coral Castle Code

Twisted Sage Tensor Rings

Alien Scientist

Hadronic Mechanics – Thunder Energies

Bent Light

American Antigravity

Ebner Effect

Daniel Nunez


Charles Cosimano

Tree of Life Vogel Crystal Tech

Jef Harvey

Rus Gries – RWG

Jon Bedini

Hadronic Mechanics РWorld Lecture Series 


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