The Aether as a Tool of Unity by Chris Plouffe

//The Aether as a Tool of Unity by Chris Plouffe
So I notice throughout the Alternative Energy / Alternative Science community that people are starting to act just like the “Modern Scientific” community in regards to sensationalism and polarization.  It seems as if they are using the same tactics and almost religious like view of the work that they back and that everything else is debunked or just flat out wrong.  There isn’t just a black and white, choose sides way of doing this.


This is going to get us nowhere.  Each one of us who is trying to make a difference, should be careful to what we degrade and call wrong, if we are to help open minds and teach what we feel works.

We are all passionate and motivated to bring a new way of thinking and a new way Science to the forefront.  That way we can stop killing the planet and ourselves.  But shouldn’t we live by example?  Shouldn’t we plant seeds so that people may unfold into this available knowledge as they seem fit?

As a researcher, I am finding many different works using the same concepts, just differing language.  Definitions and vocabulary.  So I am trying to be very careful as to what I think is right or wrong.  At times I have looked at something and said “pfff”, but ended up coming back to understand how it DOES fit.

aetheric star with ethers

Here is an example of what I mean:

I just watched a video “debunking” the Aether/Ether.  This video just hones in on one view of the Ether theory and its description, which was held by only one group of scientists.  This old theory was one using Ether particles.  Then the video lumps in Tesla, Schauberger, and others.  This is meant to polarize or make you choose sides and only buy into the theory they are pushing.  When in actuallity the same people mentioned(Tesla,Schauberger), agree with the presenters information just at differing levels.

The term Aether/Ether was initially used by the likes of Boyle, Newton, and others in the 19th century to show the propagation of light.  They needed a medium so they used the Ether.  But there is a difference between the old Ether particle theory and Ether theories from others who, I feel, were closer to the truth.

Let’s take a quick look at a few people who also inspire me and how they do agree with my biggest inspiration, Walter Russell.

For starters, Russell used the word Ether in his first works and then the verbiage changed to Vacuum in the later works.  He used it to describe the expansion end of the cycle or the return to stillness.  The equilibrium from which it came.

Russell explains that there are invisible long slow nebulous waves/gases below hydrogen.  These waves/elements fill up space and are all around us at different levels. They are grouped into octaves.  We can only see a certain portion of the octaves with our perceptions.


What I am finding is that alot of the Ether theories are just referring to these lower octaves OR to the stillness of equilibrium.  Space and Spirit, like Ether, can mean many different things.  Some use it for Source, and some use it for a medium.  We just need to understand the context.  Not all of them think of it as a particle based Ether from long ago.

While I agree with the premise that these lower octaves are mostly what fills “space” that we can’t see, we have to remember that they are still motion. And many of the descriptions for the Ether resemble them. So you could liken the vacuum to the stillness but the lower octaves are still motion and not the vacuum that Russell refers to.  But it doesn’t mean it is wrong IMO.

Here is some info in regards to the Ether from books I’ve found.  Just a couple of snippets of their work.

Viktor Schauberger: “In contrast to contemporary science, Viktor saw will and spirit as the principal causative forces of physical existence. They deploy themselves through the agency of various lower orders and magnitudes of energy belonging to the 4th and 5th dimensions, i.e. through those more subtle, non-spacial dimensions of being that are inherent, but are not perceived in the three dimensional world to which we are accustomed. Of ethereal nature”“Uniformity cannot beget life, since life is created out of differences, out of a state of non-equilibrium which, in this instance is generated by the radiating pulsation of ethereal mind energies at diverse frequencies. In the process of emission, the interaction between these various frequencies produces certain periodicities or cyclical effects. On the one hand this results in the formation of more densely concentrated energy domains where their respective cycles or wavelengths converge (field energy densification), and on the other, in regions of diffuse, more rarified energy where they diverge (field energy attenuation).”

Tesla believed that electricity and the Aether were one and the same.

Tesla believed that electricity and the Aether were one and the same.

Carl Frederick Krafft: “Any ether which actually exists must have mass and inertia.  The only kind of an ether which can exist is a dynamic or turbulent one.”
Nikola Tesla: “Long ago he recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.”
A letter to fellow researchers… using Aether/Ether as an example

So I just wanted to reach out and show everyone that we can’t be so rigid and absolute.  Keep sharing this great info but lets not make it a religion like our current Scientific community does.  People love to just share everything they see, so I think we should be responsible in what we put out there and what we try to teach.

The knowledge is available to us all and there are many messengers.

And remember… definition is everything.

Much love!



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