Unlocking the Power of Water – The Mission of Viktor Schauberger

//Unlocking the Power of Water – The Mission of Viktor Schauberger

Water is the key to life on earth.

A common substance and critical to an understanding of the aether, water is so little understood considering how vital it is. Viktor Schauberger was descended from a long line of forrest caretakers and dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of water.

Tom Brown has made the single best video for explaining the work of Viktor Schauberger.

Collum  Coats has written excellent books on Schauberger and also made some videos.

Schauberger’s work even went into permaculture and how all agriculture could be improved with copper tools.

Many researchers are doing research into the true vortex nature of water.

Download the collected works of Viktor Schauberger at our keychest.

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