Two Engineers’ Access the QED

//Two Engineers’ Access the QED

The Quantum Energy Generator has been getting alot of people excited lately.

They have released open sourced plans for it and many are studying them. Now more and more questions are being asked.


  • Is it really a “free energy” machine?
  • Does it work?
  • How hard is it to build?
  • Have they shown a working demo?

There is no answer to the first three yet the last one we know is a definite no. Despite claims that it has been replicated by a group in Taiwan no working demo has yet to be shown.

Hopegirl has been the spokesperson for the QEG, she is a very charismatic young lady and has done a great job with the videos.

Hopegirl has been the spokesperson for the QEG, she is a very charismatic young lady and has done a great job with the videos.

The QEG may be very real and change everything. It is our duty to provide a balanced set of viewpoints. The following two letters are from two different engineers who would rather remain anonymous.  There skepticism provides a balanced perspective to the entire affair.

These engineers have years of experience with “free energy” machines and have attempted to replicate several machines. They are not your ordinary electrical engineers and have been willing to give everything a chance.

The QEG may be very real thus  a balanced perspective should be welcome.

The QEG may be very real thus a balanced perspective should be welcome.

Letter from a Senior Engineer

Thank you for your e-mail of the Quantum-
Energy-Generator-Free-Energy-Device-Blueprints.pdf. I took the time to read it and here are some thoughts.

  1. First, the nebulous nature of its parentage immediately raises my suspicions. There seems to be more energy and effort going into misleading distractions that will not work, but will distract and maybe discredit the very valid field of revolutionary science.
  2. Second, the very correct suspicion that no functioning prototype exists, or could be made to exist, is very well founded.
  3. Third, the Tesla patent is dated 1894, prior to some of Tesla’s significant breakthroughs in insight achieved in the Colorado Springs experiment beginning about 1899 is another item to raise my suspicions. This patent merely drives a motor with water power or compressed air power to run a generator at a certain specific speed. No big deal.
  4. Fourth, the mention of alternating current only is, to me, a dead give-away. There are two types of electrical current: transverse and longitudinal. The transverse waves or transverse electrical current are the only ones mentioned in United States electrical engineering textbooks.  The more fundamental and significant electrical current is the longitudinal electrical current. This “QEG” makes no mention of the longitudinal electrical current. The best reference for longitudinal waves is Konstantin Meyl’s book Scalar Waves has been translated into English and is available on the website “” for about $45.00, a good investment.
  5. Fifth, the statement “A considerable level of knowledge in quantum physics is also required.” on the page titled NOTICE is another dead give-away that this work has its goal to mislead and to distract. Current quantum physics is off on a wrong track. See K. Meyl’s book Scalar Waves for a Unified Field Theory that is able to calculate the magnetic moment of the neutron and to calculate the masses of the observed elementary particles. These two feats are both impossible for current quantum physics.
  6. Sixth, there does have to be some actual information to be mixed with disinformation to make the distraction and disinformation more effective and there is where the reference to the movie THRIVE on the page of Letter from the Editor comes in. There are some valid things in the THRIVE movie.

Well, that is all I am motivated to say on that subject.

Afterward. Yes, I may be incorrect in some of my suspicious opinions. Anyway, I doubt if it would be worth the effort to replicate this particular ‘QEG” design. I would have been more impressed with a pulsed DC design rather than a disguised RLC tank circuit with an alternating current design. The Tesla patent reference is irrelevant to the “QEG” design other than both produce alternating current. There are no indications of how the Quantum Physics is used either.

It is clear that a lot of knowledge and skill did go into the “QEG” design and documentation.

-Senior Engineer

The QEG seems to be in full production.

The QEG seems to be in full production.


Letter from a Junior Engineer

I took a look at it and noticed a couple things:

  1. -they have a dc motor driving the thing, coming off a variac, but there’s no rectifier to turn the AC into DC. It could be assumed the rectifier is internal to the motor but I dont know
  2. -they have a spark gap connected DIRECTLY to line voltage when the thing is supposed to sustain its own operation. The interference that would be sent to your house wiring would be ridiculous, it must be a mistake. Actually I just read what they have to say about the spark gap in the manual:’As previously mentioned, the exciter coil is used to provide a conduction path through the quantum field  (zero point) into the generator core. This has the effect of polarizing the core, which increases power  output over time.’
  3. -That’s completely ridiculous. You don’t want to polarize the core in an AC motor. Also the spark gap doesn’t connect to the core, it connects to a motor coil. If they are arguing they are magnetizing the core through an impulse, that effect only lasts as long as magnetism is flowing in one direction through the core. On the next cycle the magnetism switches directions
  4. -the idea of adding capacitance to motor coils is a good idea, reducing the input power required.
  5. -they didn’t note insulating the steel core pieces of the stator. It’s the same with the transformer, you have to insulate the individual laminations or you get eddy current losses. They only mention taping the outside of the core
  6. -Looking at their unit, I see a motor not a generator. A generator, or alternator, has to have a static magnetic field on the rotor. Usually this is accomplished by a permanent magnet or other field coils that produce it, and then diodes to rectify it. Either way I can’t really see any way for the rotor spinning to actually produce any power.
  7. Its strange they are asking for donations without even showing a working unit. Also they mention WITTS -which is some religious organization that claims to have free energy but has never really shown a working unit and is always asking for “donations”

They don’t even show a working unit!

The elements of this thing that have been show to work i.e. Konehead are coil shorting and resonating the motor coils. I would definitely invest time in Konehead before I would follow these plans


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