The Truth about Open Source from an inventors perspective

//The Truth about Open Source from an inventors perspective

What is the mission of these Open Source forums? From what I can gather their mission is to attempt to solve technologies that can help humanity as a group of individuals working together. But due to fact that they are individuals leads to many problems as some come to do work, others come to look at the work others are doing, and some come to just talk about ideas they have. They come with varying levels of education, some have enough for the task at hand and other do not. But what truly hurts their efforts are those that don’t want to do their own work and demand that those that are doing the work to just hand it over to them. Well, that and those that simply aren’t smart enough to be giving the technology a go but believe they are. This leads to a lot of clashes as those that are doing the work have to deal with those that sit around doing nothing but telling those that doing the work what they should be seeing with their experiments based on what they believe. This leads to a lot of fighting as the ones with nothing but beliefs have no idea what is going on in the real world that actual hands on experiments can tell someone about just what is going on with the technology. But what I find is most people in these forums simply aren’t smart enough to be working on trying to back engineer a technology as complex as Stanley Meyer’s water for fuel technology. You tell them that we all need to make use of the scientific method and they turn around and tell you science can’t solve this technology.

This leads me to a saying I find that is most fitting towards technologies that we don’t fully understand and it goes like this, “Magic is just science we don’t understand yet.” But some are convinced that science is unable to solve this technology for it is truly magical. These are the not too bright people that go to these forums and set up camp just to pester those that are actually doing the real work towards solving this technology. They will never get to actually running any real experiments and those that do tend to lie to themselves and others to make themselves look like they are having success with this technology when they are not. I have caught several people outright lying to the group and called out each and every one of them that crossed my path. Some would make up stories that they were getting between 40 and 50 kilovolts to their exciter arrays when they didn’t even have the proper measuring equipment to actually read any voltage being place across their exciter array correctly. Not to mention his claim was some 20 to 30 kilovolts over what Meyer himself had stated were to be the working voltages for this technology and to make matters worse his setup wasn’t working. To this date this individual still insist that he was telling the truth as that is something these kinds of people have a hard time doing which is coming clean and telling the forum members that they made up a tall tale. I guess they will take these lies that they tell with them to their graves.

I just recently ran a test to see just how open Open Source truly is by sharing some much need to know information about Stanley A. Meyer’s technology with the forum leader Russ Gries. Now I shared this information with him on August 26, 2016 to see if he would actually share this new information on his Open Source forum. Nothing. Today I tried a different test in that I actually posted this much needed to know information so that the group could learn from it on his forum and hear comes Russ right behind me and took it down. Today, September 7th, makes two weeks that he has sat on that information and not only has he not shared it with anyone on the Open Source forum but when it was posted on the Open Source forum he actively blocked anyone from seeing it by closing the post I put on the Open Source forum down and locking it. But this is probably a problem with Russ personally as he more than likely thought the information shared with him was of little to no importance as his education level isn’t high enough to have allowed him to be exposed to such math and science like this before this time. Now to be fair I also shared this information on the Ionizationx form and basically for doing so I got banned for a month through some baiting personal messages designed to make me tell the truth so that I could seem like I was bashing people when taken out of context. So, I will go right into the next few problems with Open Source.

Open Source likes to pretend that the markets and/or market rules simply do not apply to them. They would have everyone building what is known to the world of building things making, “One-offs,” meaning: “something done, made, or happening only once, not as part of a regular sequence. “the meeting is a one-off.”

This is the absolute worst way to go about building anything for it will incur the highest cost to have the item(s) built and/or purchased. But this is their Motto to have everyone building something useful to them at the highest possible prices one could get for building something which leaves most in this world out of being able to get whatever it is they Open Source. The only way to make this technology viable for the masses that need it the most is through “Mass Production.” This is following the market rules for the more of something you buy or have made the cheaper it’s per-unit cost will be as that is how the markets actually work. Now they could make use of crowdfunding to get things started but they are totally against the possibility that someone might get rich off of this technology as to do such a thing they would have to go through one company to get things done. As the company owner of True Green Solutions I did try and work with them but the offer was complete rejected.

They also like to pretend that everyone in the world has the skills to build technologies as complex as Meyer’s water for fuel car with their own two hands if they are given a full set of plans showing them how to do so. This again is a false assumption as most people in this world are simple folks who go through life without a higher education that is required to make use of a technology as complex as this. If given a full set of plans showing them how to do so is given to people most simply wouldn’t understand it. Then there are those in the world that are handicapped, of diminished capacity, too young, or too old to even try to attempt to follow a set of plans that would be this complicated. All of these people Open Source pretends don’t exist or perhaps to them they simply don’t matter as when I ask some of them questions along these lines the answer I generally got back was, “It sucks to be them.” Open Source seems to be full of people whom primarily have been born into a life of privilege and most without even knowing it are the worlds greedy people. A lot of them want me to give them this technology on a silver platter as they simply do not wish to do as I have done which was to pull myself up by my own bootstraps to be able to understand this technology. They can be quite demanding as they are like little spoiled children in many ways whom have always had the easy life where when they ask for something it has been just given to them probably just to shut them up as on the forums they will whine endlessly about how unfair it is that someone like me just doesn’t give them this technology. In my view if someone is to start a company selling this technology to the masses that someone will have to earn their right to do so just as I have had to do.

But then there are the dangerous ones that are on these forums from which I gave a fitting name, “Flat earth believers.” For just like those people of old that jailed Galileo for life for telling them the earth wasn’t flat giving them all sorts of supporting evidence to go along with his theories these people will do all they can to box you up and make sure you fail. Some of these flat earth believers are the sort of people that actually like bashing people as they get joy out of doing such things. What kind of person gets joy from bashing another human being just for the fun of it? Don’t we generally call such people sadist? Just take a look for yourself at one such person that openly admitted to having fun bashing people:2016-09-07_212843

Mr. Mateus Coelho aka X-Blade wrote in his own words, “When I went here to bash you just for fun…” talking to another member of the forum he gave away just what type of person he is. This man has been at my throat for some time now trying to bash me into giving him what I know about Meyer’s technology for free. Thanks to him being honest about himself I know now that he gets some kind of joy from doing such things to people. Now since he has no problem in writing my name any where he goes I don’t think he will mind me returning the favor as we are to treat people as we ourselves would like to be treated, correct? These flat earth believers can really make a muck of things for as I said earlier no matter what evidence is presented before them they will hold on to their beliefs that the earth is flat. These people will fight you and move to do you harm if you are within reach of them. Every attempt that I made at crowdfunding was met with these people doing all they can to prevent this technology from coming out which makes you wonder just whom do they actually work for?

I’d show one bit of science after the other complete with evidence supporting the science I’d shown them and they would brush it off and cling to their belief system almost as some sort of cult religious belief system. I would make it clear to them that these are the results of real life experimental work but again they would brush what I was showing them off and cling to their own false beliefs.


Now some of you might be wondering just what information did I want to share with the people that are on these two Open Source forums, correct? Let me first give you my concerns of why I found it necessary to share this information with the people in these Open Source forums. It came to my attention that the reason why everyone seems so confused about just what these waveforms with Meyer’s technology are supposed to look like stems from their lack of education. As I had to teach them how to do work problems which one can get the basics from this video:

Now the reason for this is I realized that the science behind understand the energy under the curve is something more than likely none of them have ever been exposed to before as in most colleges the prerequisite for getting into a physics class that would teach this type of science is to have already passed second level calculus or be concurrently enrolled in second level calculus just to get into the physics course. So, in my view out of ignorance they simply didn’t understand how to read the information being shown to them on their oscilloscopes. Now when it came to just what the waveform is supposed to look like most failed to read the information in Meyer’s technical brief and just went straight to looking at the figure illustrations (pictures). Now it is known that Meyer didn’t want anyone to steal his technology from him and he took measures to trip people up especially if they didn’t like to do much reading let me give you an example


In this paragraph Meyer tells us in writing just what the waveforms are supposed to look like. The waveforms are to have a positive voltage (B+) and negative voltage (B-) of approximately equal intensity. It states this in writing in the last sentence and I quote, “Inductor (D) in relationship to inductor (C) electrically balances the opposite voltage electrical potential across the voltage zones (E1/E2).” Now this next photo is to show you all of the parts so you can know just where everything is and also to let you see how Meyer left out showing the negative voltage in figure 1-3:


Now you can see and identify all the parts that are named and also see that Meyer left out showing everyone negative voltage in the waveform shown here in the picture section of the technical brief. So, all those that didn’t want to do any reading and simply rushed to the to view the pictures got the wrong information concerning just how these waveforms are actually supposed to look like. For in words the waveform is supposed to look like this:

step-charge-plates-320 img_0513

As you can see the Meyer left out a big piece of the puzzle to throw people off the trail that would come trying to steal his technology.

But now the question you should be asking is, “Why is this important to know?” Answer: It is important to know for doing area under the curve work problems when viewing the waveforms on an oscilloscope as just by viewing the information on an oscilloscope one can tell if someone is pushing current or not through their exciter array’s water bath. Each pulse yields two peaks one negative and the other positive and in the photo I am applying five pulses of DC square waves to the primary coil of the voltage intensifier circuit. Now in this example I am pushing a bit of current through the water bath as the B- voltage is generally smaller than the B+ voltage. To determine work you have to take the sum of the two areas under the curve with the measuring line being the x axis. Now in general I am able to keep the B- and B+ voltages to be within 20 volts of one another meaning that for my exciter array, with ten resonant cavities wired in series, I am placing just 2 volts per resonant cavity and at 8.5kv of potential difference I measured only 0.4-0.6 mA of current flowing through the exciter array which isn’t a whole lot of work being done in the form of normal current driven electrolysis. But look at this waveform from Max Miller as an example of someone that is pushing a lot of current through their water bath.


Now when you analyze this waveform you can see that he is pushing a lot of current through his exciter array’s water bath for the area under the curve at some point didn’t even come down below the x axis. This means all of that area under the curve’s energy went through his water bath to perform the work of normal DC driven electrolysis. This is the information I wanted to share with everyone so that they would know just how to interpret and read these waveforms correctly while also knowing just what these waveforms are supposed to look like. The reason why this information is so important to know is this is bringing known science to the work of Stanley A. Meyer’s technology. This area under the curve science shows the energy therein and how Meyer went about gaining most of his amp restriction for with these modified AC waveforms. The area under the curve summations tend to cancel out the current from flowing through the water bath if the B- and B+ voltages are equal. Again this is primary method of amp restriction but not the only method Meyer employed. Plus, knowing this information, you can tell if someone is pulling your chain when they claim to have this technology working correctly and their waveform shows that the gas production they are showing you is just coming from DC driven electrolysis as these waveforms you see on the oscilloscope will tell you a great deal of information if you know how to read and interpret them correctly. Voltage is pressure or force and the area under the curve represents the total amount of energy that will go through the system. With Meyer’s technology when the force or voltage is high enough it will ionize the atoms that make up the water molecules causing the atoms to lose their electrons. This action of the atoms losing their electrons causes the water molecules to break apart into its component atoms, IE, hydrogen and oxygen gas atoms.

So, in closing Open Source now seems to be this technologies enemy as they would have everyone in the world building “One-offs” and that leaves out a very large part of the world population to not have this technology to wing themselves off of the current system of energy enslavement so that they can be free. For the most part they seem to be the silver spoon type of people that only care about themselves and all the rest of the world’s population be damned just as long as they get theirs. I use to believe in Open Source but now I can see it for what it truly is and it’s not something that is good for humanity for it would seem they have lost their humanity somewhere down the road. This technology has to come out by way of Mass Production as that is the only way to drive down the cost so that most on this planet can afford to buy this technology for the rules of the markets demand that it is done this way and there simply is no getting around that.

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