The Very Real Power of Static Electricity

//The Very Real Power of Static Electricity

The Very Real Power of Static Electricity

When science begins to experiment with non physical phenomena it will make more progress in a decade than all it’s previous centuries combined.” –Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was talking about that one aspect of electricity that is closest to the aether, what we now call static electricity.

Static Electricity is a small part of the phenomena known as Di-electricity. This is an essentially raw form of electricity without any magnetism. This is the natural electricity that is used by humans, animals, plants and all living things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be static as the field can indeed flux or move. Thus static electricity is simply an aspect of di-electricity.

Humans can still willfully utilize the power of di-electricity using their own minds. This is something we could all once do, now since lost to us through a slow weakening of our spiritual consciousness.

This information is so powerful that it is the main reason why Tesla was suppressed. His knowledge of how di-electricity works gave him amazing insights into energy synthesis and anti-gravity. Tesla knew that this was the core of ancient knowledge and he focused his mind to unravel it’s secrets. Nature obliged Tesla and she shall also oblige the bold and courageous researcher.

There have been some amazing books written about Static electricity  mostly from the turn of the century when such work wasn’t suppressed. Recently amazing new researchers such as Oleg Jefimenko have added to our knowledge here. New researchers such as Miroslav Provod continue to add to our base of information.

The below Keychest is a collection of the best books on static electricity. Please feel free to download or upload books.

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  • Nazca plain – static electricity

    A large amount of literature, hypotheses and links on the Internet suggests various theories that Nazca is something mysterious that can not prove anything. A new piece of information is however sufficient to change everything – in the Caucasus mountains there are three thousand ton solid rocks that have been worked, transported and lifted to a height of forty feet. Manipulation of the rock of three thousand tons can only be done by antigravity, which for us is still an unknown concept. We realize that based on our historical information, the reality is that it will not be easy to achieve the technical level of the ancient civilization in our knowledge of natural laws in many ways that require to change our view of ancient history, rewrite textbooks, respect the findings that emerged from the newly-explored properties of static electricity and many others. Nazca can not be considered as a separate “building”, it is the climactic part of a global composition of megalithic structures. Zones created by countless charges of static electricity on the Earth form a three-dimensional grid that is in constant motion due to flowing streams, the movement of the clouds and many other charges. The straight lines marked on the Nazca plain may be zones of several ocean currents with the largest energy values. Their connection can easily be manipulated by flowing water in underground channels. This way you can manipulate the energy grid around the Earth. Nazca is a monument of inestimable value, which should be preserved for future generations and unharmed. Nowhere else in the world are recordings of the energy component in the purest natural form, which was in its time optimal for all life on Earth.

    During experiments with capacitors, I just happened to noticed unknown energetic reaction that stimulated me to further research. The result was the finding that all matter has a charge of static electricity and the other two energy components, which I have called Zones and Inter-Zones. At in Article 3 – Diagrams are described in detail and illustrated graphically. After writing the “Caucasian antigravity” article I have noticed an increased interest in research. Researchers have realized that they lack information about the real laws of nature that people already knew thousands of years ago. Four previously unknown forms of static electricity open up a new dimension for research.

    The first finding suggests that all matter has a charge of static electricity, which perceives the aura, zones and inter zones. The zones are electrically conductive and form a huge three-dimensional grid around the Earth. The second observation suggests that contact of auras two or more objects merge in one joint aura, with joint zones and Inter-Zones. The third finding suggests that this fusion of the 2 or more zones gradually equals their electrical potentials. The fourth finding suggests that during the equalization of energetic potential a transfer of chemical properties occurs.

    Static electricity and its three components of energy were used by people for thousands of years. Aristoteles tried to explain the unknown energy and called it the ether that is weightless, flexible and indestructible. Throughout history, the ether has prompted countless discussions, until the time when Einstein rejected and denied the existence of ether. Ether is not subject to gravity, is intangible – ether is “nothing.” It can not be seen, can not be measured or weighed. We can not calculate it – “nothing” can not exist. The logic and knowledge of modern physics does not allow scientists to protest against Einstein and the existence of ether. Contemporary physics is simply not able, on the basis of its knowledge of the existence of ether, to accept it and therefore it must reject it. But if we replace the word ether with the word ZONE, you can discuss the matter further. The properties of both phenomena are identical, with one exception – the existence of zones can easily be proved. Through the Morse alphabet zones can send and receive messages, zones can also be visible, especially under high voltage power lines (Article 3, Diagrams). Zones throughout history have an essential role in many areas from prehistoric times until the present time.

    You can not overlook the fact that only the zone of static electricity may provide an explanation for the megalithic culture, and many other human activities. “Caucasian antigravity” indicates to us that it is necessary to focus research on other yet unknown properties of static electricity, areas for further research are a big help. Sacred buildings of all time were located in places of high energy. We can deduce that the builders of these knew the attributes of static electricity. This information has metastasized to multiple directions, which can be expected to deliver new knowledge, particularly in the areas of medicine, architecture, urban planning, environment and other fields.


    Miroslav Provod

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