The True Nature of Light

//The True Nature of Light

Light is alot more than we think it is.

Newton set the standard for optics with his experiments over 300 years ago. Since then not much has changed.

German scientist and writer Goethe did his own experiments with light and discovered that there was far more to light than we thought we knew.

Here is an excellent article written by Tom Brown that details the experiments.

Article in Spanish

Tesla was a huge fan of Goethe and Eric Dollard is a fan of them both. The study of colors and optics is a huge field and upon doing your own experiments we begin to see that modern day science’s explanation of color according to Newton is tragically flawed..

Faraday thought that light was the tremors from the magnetic lines of force and a lesser version of radiation. There is indeed a relationship between light and electricity in how they are both manifestations of the aether.

Perhaps we shall be the ones to discover the relationship between electricity and light?

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