The True Nature of Light

//The True Nature of Light

The True Nature of Light

Light is alot more than we think it is.

Newton set the standard for optics with his experiments over 300 years ago. Since then not much has changed.

German scientist and writer Goethe did his own experiments with light and discovered that there was far more to light than we thought we knew.

Here is an excellent article written by Tom Brown that details the experiments.

Article in Spanish

Tesla was a huge fan of Goethe and Eric Dollard is a fan of them both. The study of colors and optics is a huge field and upon doing your own experiments we begin to see that modern day science’s explanation of color according to Newton is tragically flawed..

Faraday thought that light was the tremors from the magnetic lines of force and a lesser version of radiation. There is indeed a relationship between light and electricity in how they are both manifestations of the aether.

Perhaps we shall be the ones to discover the relationship between electricity and light?

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  • Jim

    Adding to the Intrigue is the laboratory replicated phenomena of a person induced into hypnosis and being told for instance that their brother is NOT in the room. After the suggestion is seated the brother then is motioned to stand in FRONT of the subject blocking his view forward. A participant comes over behind the brother and pulls out an item and holds it in his hand but is careful NOT to reveal it from the blocked view of the seated subject. The subject is then asked, “Do you see an item in front of you, can you tell us what it is?” Subject instantly with no hesitation says, “Yes, I see a wrist watch that a man is holding in his hand…” This type of experiment was also replicated using magnets as they were moved around which seemed to affect the location of IMAGINARY objects suggested to the subject!

    The other interesting occurrence involved in field studies conducted at the Salpêtrière Clinic in France in 1889 was that the EYE appears to project some sort of subtle film or plasma on that which it was concentrating on. Something subtle is radiated and cast as a slight mist onto an object of observation.

    We also have the occurrences in certain people of elevated perception where light is perceived which was previously not there as in a step “up” in resonance with Life Itself with some forms of optical phenomena appearing just outside the bandwidth of average material perception which then become visible. It should be noted that for this to occur the intentions and emotions of the individual must be of extremely developed beneficence and reverence as has been alluded to in ALL quality source materials for this “jump” in perceptions which then reveals more perception…

    The only way to test any of this aspect is with one’s self, so the path is rocky and steep but has none the less been well laid out going back to early Oriental Meditation practices as so much of what the western mind has spun up these past few hundred years has been a secondary reworking of things which have come before, example Tesla’s interest in some eastern philosophy of a “living” universe… etc.

    Early pioneers of the type of study of the Optical Effects of Hypnosis were Mesmer, Emile Coue’ and Pierre Janet. The mind virus of course kicked up around the turn of the century in lock step with other areas of study with operatives such as Sigmund Freud and his association with characters like Sir Francis Galton and his cousin Charles Darwin — both exceedingly wealthy aristocrats attempting to perpetuate the Calvinistic Origin of Species philosophy of dense materialism and control of the “unwashed” masses resulting in the debased science spewed out from this epoch of human affairs forward.

    Adding yet more high polarity intrigue to these formative times of the late 1800’s was of course the height of the Opium Trade and all of its less than noble offspring and machinations…

    A great study of history showing the general debasement of these formative times can be found in the study of the modern educational system with its tentacles buried deep in the vitals of civilization. John Taylor Gatto gave an excellent 5 hour interview back in 2012 which will tie in many seemingly disconnected aspects of the mind virus perpetuated by the emerging yet nubile western intellect:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:

    Humanity —> Foward !!!!

  • scilost

    Fun fact: both the RGB and CMY (cyan-magenta-yellow) spectra are used widely today (RGB for projecting images, CMY for printing them on paper). However, CMY can’t reproduce the whole spectrum of colors possible with RGB:

  • Here is Mr. Mathis’s and Michael Levy’s papers on Color and Goethe:

    (I may have missed some relevant papers, one is by a guest on Miles site, all interesting.)

  • freiwild

    Here is a new link to the movie “Light, Darkness and Colours” that is still up:

    Download and share it before it´s censored again in your fascistic country. Keep the fight against supression up!

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