The Tip of the Light Saber by Neil Kramer

//The Tip of the Light Saber by Neil Kramer

Steiner, Gurdjieff, Manly P. Hall, Alan Watts and may other teachers said many great things but also screwed things up, were flawed characters, imperfect men like me and you. So they screwed up, got things wrong at times and they made mistakes just like everybody else….but at the same time they had this incredible capacity of insight and accomplishment ….and those things can co-exist together.

The imperfection and mistakes co-exist with excellence and insight. What we have to be careful is not to see these or other people as representatives of ourselves or idealized versions of ourselves. They are not…… nor putting them on a pedestal. They are just people saying things. Some people say good things often. Some people say good things then and now. What I’m looking for are wise mature flexible moral ethical good human beings. I must see the wisdom applied in their conduct and character.

Seeking truth and gaining knowledge, no matter if it’s about topics “outside” or self-knowledge is an INDIVIDUAL journey. Never take what anyone says as “gospel”. Emotional maturity, embodiment, is just as important as intellectual insight. Especially in this day and age it’s easy to lose the connection to our bodies, intuition and deeper emotions as well as inner knowing as we are glued to the computer screens and TVs. I’ve seen many “great minds” become or engage in clever intellectual sophistry, cut off from their bodies even though they “appear” wise but something felt very off. Often times I ignored that intuition because I assumed they must “know better”.

Many people put an artificial sealing over their work and research, getting stuck in a tunnel vision of topics they keep focusing on, trying to explain everything through it instead of being truly opened minded and considering/looking at the many other angles of our multifaceted reality. There is danger to “group think” and “hive mind” thinking at the expense of the individual. Don’t attach yourself to anything you can’t honorably walk away from. Keep free and flexible.

There is an experiential Side of Truth and Discovery. Particularly the last ten years of travel, which I continue happily to this day… I have seen things…about the conspiracy movement and about the new age movement and the modern contemporary spiritual practice that totally changed what I thought…so what I saw on paper and what I have heard in books, which was all very nice and neat and tidy, all unraveled as soon as I started to actually physically interface with these things and people and events and conferences and projects and retreats and what not… Some of it excellently and some of it disastrously.

So…It like the Divine impulse on this planet compels you to do it for yourself and until you do it will punish you with confusion and vagueness and as you say suffering as the Hindus called it Dukha, which is “false perception creates pain.” Right? So the way to eliminate pain in life…the suffering the struggle of life, to diminish that and maybe even to eliminate it, is to perceive correctly, so it is only when we have false perceptions, we have misunderstood something, that pain is generating. So pain is the result of false perceptions. That is massive. Right? That is massive. So if you get a relationship wrong in your life…or you have got a wrong job, You have mis-perceived who your boss was or your friend you have mis-perceived who they are you have mis-perceived yourself who you yourself are…you will generate pain and drama and theater in your own life which won’t be very pleasant. So it is as if Divinity, which I firmly have

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