The suppressed Aether knowledge in the Eastern World

//The suppressed Aether knowledge in the Eastern World

There are two well known patterns for suppression of knowledge, preventing the knowledge to be spread, and if that strategy fails, the second pattern starts, disinformation, this is what we encounter today in this fields or both at same time.

We well know that Mao itself took in charge in a campaign to exterminate all this knowledgeable people across whole china, whether they where Tibetan monks or scattered practitioners they where systematically wiped out, the same campaign was waged in India on the British regime against their Gurus, and many others places. So its no marvel that today we don’t get access to their real knowledge and just a limited glimpse that was allowed by the people in power and this only if we can sort our way out in the ocean of disinformation. This is the same thing that’s happening now to this aether knowledge.

Since we get deeper and deeper in the understanding of the Aether science we can start to unlock this ancient secrets.Now that we are armed with Orgone findings by Wilhelm Reich and its machines to harness his power in the western ways.

The Findings of Grebennikov of cavernous effect, the effect of Simpatetic Vibration researched by Dale Pond, the shape power by Dan a Davidson, Walter Russells amazing works, Pier Luigi Ighina inventions, Tesla itself works, and recently Biogeometry by Ibrahim Karim, we can start to unlock the eastern ancient knowledge.

This was the main objective of Swami Vivekananda in the times of Tesla, when he visited all this great scientist, to try to unify the eastern and westerns sciences, thus unify the world.

Get the best of the best of both sides of the world and create a quantum leap of knowledge to set free humanity.

I would like to expose the knowledge that was held in eastern world about this subject and quite often misunderstood and suppressed.

Since this form of energy in Eastern side of the world was well known for more than +5000 years easily i think it would be wise to take a look to the technologies they developed to harness and make use of it.

We can find a great deal of this technologies in Eastern practices.  They start with the body itself, methods developed to control Orgon and harmonize the energy to give the holder great boost in mental and psychical health thus a happier and longer life.

We can see it in their architecture in the use of feng shui and vastu, the use of shape power to harness the same energy, to harmonize and boost humans capabilities. Easy to decode now with biogeometry. And many more, they had a whole holistic approach to this field everything in their life was tuned and directed to make the best use of this.

Is good to realize not much of eastern practices was known when Reich did his discoveries.

Still today we fail to acknowledge that with all the commercial disinformation and market around is hard to get to the real deal, but if you are interested on that.

I will point out my findings in my personal research on this field.

Ayurveda encompassed all this body of vedic knowledge but across time got fragmented and migrated to all easterns world.

  • A good introductory and practical book for the understanding of ayurveda is this one by Vasant Lad.
  • Also the work of Mantak Chia, and Yan Jwing Ming are essentials for this understanding regarding to control oneself body.
  • A great deal of this knowledge put together in this keychest for your enjoyment and research

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