The SuperSensonic Magnetron by Aetheric Arts

//The SuperSensonic Magnetron by Aetheric Arts

I just acquired a bit of radionic history, a symbolic Magnetron from the 1970s. The Magnetron is a classic psionic pattern device, meant to be used with a dowsing pendulum. The pendulum is not only for scanning, but can also used to transmit aetheric information to bring about manifestation – or to be more precise, to facilitate the accurate targeting of the manifestation. Properly speaking, using a Magnetron is radiesthesia, not radionics per se. But introducing a calibrated symbolic device into the art of dowsing sort of straddles the line between the two arts. The device is arranged like a compass, with 360 degree marks (in increments of 5 degrees) around a central diagram, a circle surrounded by eight smaller circles, joined with lines to the center. The bottom reads, “Supersensonic Broadcast and Direction Finder”.

Radiesthesia posits, like radionics, that all forms of matter emit a subtle form of emanation which can be detected and analyzed by human beings under certain conditions. Dowsing is essentially the “tech” of radiesthesia, being the simplest way to allow the human nervous system to accurately respond to aetheric emanations. Using a stick pad on a radionics machine is essentially dowsing, although with a more complex device than a weight on a string.

Dowsing has a long and venerable history, especially in northern Europe and the American midwest. But the Magnetron symbol goes back to the 1950s and the work of two prominent radiesthesists, the brothers Servanx.

Jean-Louis ‘Felix’ and Guilaume-Jean ‘Willy’ Servanx of Brussels, Belgium, published a journal of radiesthesia, La Radiesthésie pour Tous, which was published from 1946 to 1967. While the traditional dowsers were wandering about the countryside finding wells for farmers, as they had been doing for a thousand years, the Servanx brothers were exploring medical astrology, energy healing, creating ‘artificial’ homeopathic medicines, commercial applications of dowsing and the energy patterns of the Great Pyramid. Their journal was apparently highly educational, with a lot of practical exercises in dowsing. But it was their personal lifetime work, and did not survive the passing of Felix Servanx in 1966 and Willy Servanx in 1967.

In the 1950s, they published a series of articles about the “Symbolic Magnetron”, based on a physical electronic device of the same name. According to Charles Cosimano in his “Elementary Psionics”:

“The Magnetron was, and is, a device used to propogate microwaves of a certain series of frequencies. It was invented during the second World War as part of an aircraft radar system and, in essence, is a large, cylindrical copper block with holes and vanes cut in it. This shape does something to the microwaves which is totally mysterious to everyone who does not make a living working with such stuff and for our purposes totally irrelevant except that it is good to know where some of these names come from.”

The Magnetron symbol was further enhanced by using disc magnets placed in the outer circles:


[the Servanx brothers] it passed to the inventive hands of Christopher Hills, who while a bit of a nut (as most of us in this field tend to be) figured that if he added magnets around the outer circles he could boost the power of the pattern.”

Which brings us to the psionic Magnetron I recently acquired. The previous owner stated it was from his 95 year-old late-uncle’s estate. It’s mounted on a solid wood frame with what appears to be decoupage’, well done but obviously homemade, so I’m fairly certain it was originally sold as just a paper diagram. [Note: apparently not – see Update 3 below.]

It’s a product of “The University of the Trees Press” of Boulder Creek, California, with a copyright date of 1975. The combination cardinal compass symbol and logo in the upper left corner is tagged “Super Sensonics™” and I found a bit about these sources

University of the Trees was an organization founded by the aforementioned Christopher Hills, who taught a variety of New Age subjects including radiesthesia and radionics. The California school was founded in 1973, while a similar school had been in operation in Hills’ native England since 1966.

The research (and obviously the marketing) arm of the University of the Trees was theResearch Institute for Supersensonic Healing Energies, which published Hills’ books and, so it would seem, the Magnetron device that is now sitting on my desk.

There are instructions pasted on the reverse side of the wooden frame that may have originally been printed on the same sheet, but were cut out and placed on the back. They read:

Directions: Hold compass at least one foot away from this instrument. Align Magnetron with North arrow pointing directly to magnetic North. Place the photograph of person to be treated (with head pointing North) at the center. Place vibration to be broadcast (_____ word witness, colored light, etc.) on top of the photograph. Check daily with a Hills’ Positive Green Pendulum to avoid overdose by asking: “has this person received enough of this vibration?” Or mentally count the number of hours of treatment that is needed beforehand until the pendulum spins in a different direction, telling you that will be enough. To use as a direction finder, place witness of person or sample of substance sought at the center. Begin with the pendulum oscillation back and forth at the twelve o’clock position. The pendulum will begin moving around the circle to the left or right. Where it stops turning and continues to oscillate is the plane in whch the person or subject lies. Pick one of the directions and ask: “Is this the direction?” When you have found the correct direction, find out how far away the person or substance is located by asking appropriate yes/no questions with the pendulum.

The “____” above indicates that the word, whatever it was, had been blanked out with what appears to be white paint or correction fluid. I can only guess what the word was; perhaps it was a descriptor such as “medical” or “cure” or one of the words that the US Food & Drug Administration and the American Medical Association insists can only be used by allopathic medicine. Considering the paranoia typical of radionicists in America (and after the way Ruth Drown, Wilhelm Reich and Peter Kelley were treated by the FDA and AMA, it’s hard to blame them), the word may have been blanked out by the publisher, not the person who owned this device.

There’s no mention of using actual magnets, as described by Uncle Chuckie above, but perhaps that was “secret knowledge” that only the elect technicians of the Research Institute for Supersensonic Healing Energies were allowed to know.

Unless you paid for it, of course.

I will be experimenting with the Magnetron, and I’ll try to report on any significant results.

Update: Apparently Christopher Hills is still around and can be found here.

Update 2: Dr. Hills claims to be responsible for the “super blue-green algae” health food fad, spirulina (aka “pond scum.”) Now I know who to blame.

Update 3: An e-mail note from Uncle Chuckie tells me that the wooden frame was part of the original Magnetron as sold by Hills. “What you have is the original device from what I can tell.” Also, Hills wrote about using magnets with the Magnetron in his book, Your Electro-Vibratory Body, pp 47-57. Well, you did have to pay for the book to find this out, since it’s not mentioned in the enclosed instructions.

Update 4: There are magnets built into the Magnetron! I took out my small neodymium disc magnets to put on the surrounding circles, and as I placed the first one down it snapped into place – there are magnets beneath the diagram, embedded inside the wooden frame.

However, as can be seen in the photo I snapped, the embedded magnets are installed a bit off center. Now that I notice it, so is the diagram itself, relative to the center of the wooden frame. Apparently, the Research Institute for Supersensonic Healing Energies was not big on manufacturing quality control.

But I’m leaving the neodymium magnets on the Magnetron for a while, maybe a few days. They are really powerful little magnets, and they’ll have the effect of “re-charging” the magnets embedded in the frame.

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