The Solar Eclipse & Lunar Magnetism

//The Solar Eclipse & Lunar Magnetism

The Solar Eclipse on October 23 2014 is at 0º Scorpio.

It is conjunct the planet of love Venus and closest to Miaplacidus, a star in Argo the ship. In mundane astrology, the Sun signifies the ruler, so having his light blocked out by the moon (which represents the common people) could be a worrying time for the ruling elite. Unfortunately many of us are still carrying the cell memory of “eclipse fear” that we common people had when most of us didn’t really know the astronomy behind the phenomenon. Those that could predict eclipses had a great weapon in their hands from which to scare the public into obedience. It was very useful to issue dark omens that implied almighty god was punishing the masses for their disobedience, rebelliousness, or whatever behaviour was liberating .. Can’t have the serfs feeling empowered can we, or even worse, feeling their own divinity! Saying that, it’s true that eclipses do have the power to “breakdown”, but if we are aware of where they are likely to hit us, we can attempt to transmute the eclipse into a “break though”.


I tend to think the solar eclipses have more of a “breakthrough” quality about them, since New Moons do generally herald a new start. The star Miapacidus, is found in the keel of the constellation of Argo the ship. The Keel holds the whole ship together like a spine and is always built first, so this star then is sturdy and robust. Miaplacidus used to be the alpha star of the defunct constellation Robur Carolinum. (Charles’ Oak, a tree famous for hiding Charles II after he lost a battle) Oaks are known for being strong and resilient. The fact that Charles took refuge in one, supports Scorpio decan 1’s ability to conceal itself and then its ability to resurrect what seemed lost. This decan also contains some stars in the crucifix, so the theme of resurrection is strong here. This decan does have a dark edge however, this comes from carrying the weight of the crucifix. This Solar Eclipse might address issues of one having to bear the responsibility of psychic or prophetic ability. This could also be about belief system programs also negatively over-riding ones ability to use ones psychic abilities to heal. Carrying the weight of ones religion, and any negative attitude towards sexuality could be wounding ones relationships.


This Moon could make us feel very driven, but also enable us to glide to the top quite silently. Those connected to this eclipse can use this Moon to do undercover work. Nobody notices because of this decans amazing ability to construct a psychic cloaking device. This could be useful for healers/mystics trying to release sacred wisdom into the collective without it being de-bunked by sceptics. This eclipse enables us to be stretched to the limit without snapping. Somehow our deep faith in love healing all, will get us through the most horrendous suffering. What is extra special about this eclipse is the fact Venus is soooo close to the Sun and Moon, that instead of it being combust it is actually cazimi. This means Venus is in the throne of the King and extremely powerful. Love really does hold the power here and we will need as much of this divine love as possible because, as I have already mentioned, this decan can give you quite a cross to bear.


Unfortunately though, a fact we cannot ignore is that Venus is in Scorpio, the sign of her detriment. This means she might not be able to let her great love flow without some hindrance. When a planet is in detriment, I personally believe it means that the planet is more bound by fate than planets in better placements. Therefore this planet needs to consciously work at claiming its freewill in order to function authentically. The problem is, how many of us are truly able to exercise free will? Most of us are running on negative belief programs instilled in us by, parents, school, society, TV etc etc…. This is why the Moon has such a strong effect on us because it stimulates our needs, cravings and infantile habits. What I like about eclipses is that they do a great job of putting a glitch into this habitual program. Suddenly we are conscious! However sometimes this awakening is a painful shock, but it does gives us an opportunity to rectify and reboot.



These days, I rarely add such minor asteroids to the Moon reports, but I feel I must mention these two because it is quite uncanny that both Scylla and Charybdis fall either side of this Solar Eclipse. The idiom “Being between Scylla and Charybdis” is derived from Greek mythology and means to have to choose between two evils. The Solar eclipse literally is caught between a rock and a hard place! Scylla and Charybdis were sea monsters who resided on opposite sides of the notorious strait of Messina found between Sicily and Italy. So then, what can this myth add to the equation? It looks like an extremely difficult decision needs to be made about love and because Venus is in such a hot spot, we may be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The north node is conjunct Mercury representing the collectives children. Personally we have to make a decision that will either upset ones beloved partner or ones child, or we may have to make a fair decision between siblings, either way someone is going to get hurt. The only solution is to truly make the decisions from the heart and not let yourself be pressurised by the person who is making the most drama. We also have to examine wether we are unconsciously replaying the same worn-out family dramas over and over again.

This solar eclipse calls on us to be sturdy and robust, like the wood in the keel of Argo the ship. Those plugging into this eclipse carry a great deal of responsibility to make things right. They have the opportunity to end a cycle of family karma once and for all. It’s not about making the decision that makes the least waves, it’s about looking inside and feeling what is right deep in your gut. Ignore the two“monsters” wailing at you from either side, look straight ahead through the rocks and fix your eyes to the horizon. I like to think of the horoscope as the steering wheel of a grand schooner, it helps one navigate through the sea of life. Look above and the stars are your guides. Oh how this metaphor is so appropriate for this Solar Eclipse. Steer wisely!


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Combustion is a state a planet can be in when it is within a certain range of the Sun.

When a planet is combust, it is thought to be ‘burned’ by the Sun, and unable to function properly. In Vedic astrological terms it is nashta which means ‘lost’.

Astronomically, the planet is invisible. The Sun is positioned between the combust planet and the Earth. The planet passes behind the Sun from our perspective, and loses its power to manifest its particular ‘agenda’ here on Earth.

If there is a physical basis for astrology, then perhaps the planet’s ‘rays’, its electromagnetic reflections, or whatever it may be, are incapable of strongly affecting the Earth from this position.


All the planets can be combust. But the inner planets (Mercury and Venus) can also be in another state, where they are conjunct the Sun, but are actually between the Sun and the Earth, rather than behind the Sun.

This is called the inferior conjunction.

In this position, those planets are retrograde, and as close to the Earth as they can get. In Vedic terms, they have a high Chestha Bala rather than a low one. In this state they are not combust and do not lose their ability to influence matters here on Earth.



In Western astrological lore, there is a state known as Cazimi which means something like ‘in the heart of the sun’.

I believe that this term may refer to a Transit such as the one that occured most recently in 2012, when Venus passed across the disc of the Sun.

As such, true Cazimi could be quite rare, and only ever applicable to the inner planets, Mercury and Venus.

Many astrologers who see a planet (any planet) in a tight (longitudinal) conjunction with the Sun are prone to declaring it Cazimi and extolling the wondrous effects the planet is sure to bring.

It’s my opinion that in most cases, the planet in question is actually simply combust; it’s powers frazzled in the Sun’s mighty aura.

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