The Self Appointed Gatekeepers – Soft Suppression

//The Self Appointed Gatekeepers – Soft Suppression
Peace of those that want energy independence for all.

Peace for those that want energy independence for all.

As the days & months move past the 2013 Global Breakthrough Energy Movement event held in Boulder, Colorado the self appointed gatekeepers have risen up and decided that my explanation of Meyer’s technology is of no importance to the world. They are focusing on personal attacks instead of the positive things that I showed at the conference and the many topics I spoke about. To see a few of these individuals all you have to do is look up each and every place the video interview got posted as they followed it around as if being paid to do so posting one negative comment after another and attacking anyone that showed the least bit of interest in learning more about what was being shown in the video into muteness.

This is more or less what I call, “Soft Suppression,” in that the aim is to discredit the individual in such a way that the public thinks they have nothing of importances to say and are therefore are to be ignored. Ego, pride, revenge, take your pick of these sins as each have been used to stomp out my voice over the years. From people telling the world I am a fraud to others saying I am trying to rip people off the many stories they tell are just that, stories as none of them have ever purchased a single item from True Green Solutions. When they look at the science it’s like a totally mystery to them so they just make things up to fill in the blanks on things they don’t understand. It sad when you think about it but that’s their way of getting through life it seems.

Who are these self appointed gatekeepers and how did they get the rights to filter the information you receive? Did you vote for them? I think not so it begs to question just where do these people come from and what type of persons are they that feel they have a right to filter the information that you receive?! Most of them have done nothing to advance any of these technologies that have the possibilities to free mankind from the system of energy enslavement we are trapped in right now. So what gives them the right to tell you whom, or what, you should be listening too?! The answer is nothing gives them the right to go about filtering information before you get it. For the most part these are people that just want to be heard though they have nothing to say and far less to show than they have to say. Some of them even admit that they can’t afford to run experiments but still their word is to be taken over the ones actually performing the experiments in their point of view. Your rights to make up your own mind has been taken away by these people and they seem completely ignorant of their actions as they take your rights away.

A list of all the forums I have been banned from:

  1. Ionizationx Forum
  2. Energetic Forum
  3. All About Circuits Forum
  4. The RWGResearch Forum

On Max Millers forum I was restricted to the point where I had no access to anything on his site but after reading this article Max has corrected that problem as he didn’t want to be on the list of sites that banned me and I now have access to his site again 🙂 but will he restore the others he restricted like GPS and Neal Ward just to name a few?  Here is a question I ask Max and a lot of others that never got answered.

“If you place an ozone generator on variable voltage transformer and slowly raise the voltage will it produce ozone for the entire time or is there a threshold voltage that must be crossed before it will produce any ozone?” This question is geared to aid ones understand on just how this technology works and why at the Global BEM the gas production rates were low as I simply didn’t cross the threshold voltage for ionization with one of the transformers down. This is an update to this article 4/8/2014.

Having just been banned from the RWG site for standing up to moderators that felt the rules simply didn’t apply to them I can see this form of soft suppression comes when and where you least expect it as I didn’t expect it to come from there given the sites moto. Lies were being told and personal attacks were upheld. I was even accused of posting someone else’s videos when trying to guide someone through the designing process as the videos that I shared were made by me recording my very own experiments. I was quickly put to a halt from trying to share some of my experience with those that would actually do the work as they were all I cared to work with. The most surprising part however was that the forum leader wanted me to make a compromise instead seeing that justice was served. I really didn’t expect that as the case was an easy one as I was being call, retarded, a liar, a thief, and someone that didn’t know how to follow the conversation and/or stay on topic.

With the RWG site there was a lot of anger towards me for leaving the site when a double standard had been put in place that bared company owners from posting their products without first giving them the full set of plans to the products being posted. But it was perfectly okay to post where to buy something from someone elses company where the own of the company wasn’t posting on their site. I tried to reason with them and failed so I packed my bags and left the site. They really didn’t like me packing my bags and I actually had to fight for them to take down the thread I started on their forum. Some years had passed and the video interview of my partner and I from the Global BEM was posted on the RWG site. As before most of the post were all negative with no one ever once talking about just what was being talked about in the video. No one had any questions as to how I was putting high voltages directly to the water bath without placing any coating on the tubes of any kind nor did they show any interest in what I had to say about the technology in general. It was sad to see to say the least as before this date there has never been anyone that has showed voltages being applied to a water fuel cell that high and to the best of my knowledge no one has since. Nope all talks were mostly attacks towards the man that left their site as they had a score to settle with me for leaving them as their progress on Meyer’s work was non existent almost as if someone had hit the pause button on a DVD player.

I was allowed back on the site after I used another account to join the site but I clearly identified myself so that I could talk about all of those negative comments being made about the interview video directly. I was immediately placed under moderation though I have never broken a single site rule and still haven’t to this date. I put up with it for a while but it was clear I was not being allowed to participate in the conversations in real time. To my surprize some of those that made bad comments about me actually apologized which did make me feel good as I could then see that I was breaking through all of the propaganda the naysayers had posted about me telling the people who I was from their limited point of view. Slowly I started to win over the crowd and even started to make friends with some of the moderators as they too could see that all the propaganda that they had read about me was false. For a time I started to have fun teaching others how to improve upon their work but always I had the naysayers adding in their negative two cents which most of the time I chose to ignore.

When I started helping someone go through the designing process I got upset at the naysayers Jeff Nading and Firepinto two of the moderators on that forum for their personal attacks towards me and outright lies being told about me. Jeff accused me of posting someone else’s work and told everyone that I had been banned before from that site which was untrue as I left of my own free will. Firepinto couldn’t follow the conversation and told the person I was helping out not to listen to me. So, I stopped what I was doing and gave the two of them a very long lecture on just what a moderator’s role was supposed to be on forums such as this. That post got deleted but in short I told them their primary job was to keep the peace on the forum and to talk to members not seeing eye to eye to basically keep the peace by resolving their differences in a peaceful and respectable manner. They didn’t like that and banned me shortly afterwards as per the forum own rules the both of them would have to apologize to the person I was helping, for putting words in his mouth, and myself for basically being caught with their hands in the cookie jar with their lies and personal attacks. All the while I really kept my cool as I wasn’t about to break any of the forums rules as they were doing.

A moderator should be someone that is a people person with the ability to break up a fight were both sides start to show each other respect and understanding for their individual positions. Someone that goes around promoting unity, fostering a positive atmosphere so that all feel welcomed on the forum. Even Lyxx, another moderator, put words in my mouth telling me that you don’t like it here and basically ask me to leave the site. That thought was made very clear when Russ offered me a compromise in that he would help me make my own site instead of seeking justice for the wrongs committed against me which is totally within his power to do.

One thing I want all of you reading this to know is notice I haven’t talked about them wanting me to post much about the technology on their site for the most part they didn’t, other than Matt and Haxar. Now Haxar is what a moderator should be as he set a perfect example the whole time of my short return. With him and Matt I was able to be honest about my feelings most of the time. Matt was a bit short towards me at first but once he saw that I was totally willing to help someone if I saw they would actually do the work he began to be supportive of me.

Something I do that makes a lot of people mad is I simply will not talk or work with those I determin would not be making use of the what is being talked about in real time. Basically if they weren’t experimenting I’d have nothing to do with them as how could we communicate when all they talk about is something they read in a book? If I said something I saw take place in my experiments they would basically tell me that no you didn’t see that as it says in this book… get my point? So, I learned to totally ignore them so that the work could move forwards for if I didn’t they would keep me on the drawing board for all time. In this area I can be very difficult to deal with as I will not budge much as I have been there before and nothing comes of dealing with people that would not put in the necessary lab time and I could care less of the excuses they gave for not being able to put in the work, or buy the needed equipment to get the job done. Since this technology is not to be found easily in the books it must be done the hard way by asking and answering questions by way of performing experiments and good observations of the results, ie, the scientific method. But now I really don’t think I will give the teaching thing another try as being banned from the RWG site shows me that this technology is simply too out there for most people to grasp. The concepts are so far outside of the perceived scientific wisdom that they simply can’t put a finger on it even when told how it works repeatedly.

Soft suppression You can see them in action here as this is just before I got banned. Note my last post was deleted.

I would show the science behind the technology and not a soul would want to talk about it. I even would post the same information over and over again with the hopes that they would start to read it and learn from it but they told me that they were tired of reading what I had to say and even complaining that I was posting the same stuff over and over again. I guess they were expecting the technology to change as everyone else that had ever talked about this technology stories kept changing as time went on so naturally mines should also be changing I guess was their thinking? But the end result of all of this was my voice was taken away from the site so the naysayers win this round. I will allow them to keep my thoughts up on their site in the hopes that one day someone will come along and understand what I was talking about as this is not my technology but God’s technology I am merely a man nothing more all the glory goes to God.


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