The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed / Orgone accumulators scalar generators. A special Book by VILIM KANJSKI & HRVOJE ZUJIĆ

//The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed / Orgone accumulators scalar generators. A special Book by VILIM KANJSKI & HRVOJE ZUJIĆ

Book from the author direct source, he published it for free on scribd!

The secrets of the pyramids revealed
The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed

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Surfing the net around late one day I came across this very curious book that puts together almost everything i thought the pyramids where for just in one book, if its something missing there is just the qualitative part that is well explained by biogeometry point of view and we got together a very complete picture of what could be done with this structures.

This book has a very good approach from the quantitative point of view, full of detailed experiments and data.

They connected a lots of dots from various scientific researchers that where on the borderlands of science that have been censored and ridiculized in the public view due to the importance of their findings. From from scalar technology of tesla, orgonomy, and even structured water and many other good stuffs.

I recommend this book for starters to get a broad picture of what the pyramids are for along with the book of Ibrahim Karim: Back to the future for mankind, biogeometry to get even a bigger picture with a touch of qualitative scientific point of view added of how this marvelous technology works.


This is a very interesting listing of properties of pyramids found on this book, i also add to this that they did experiments without correcting their pyramids with the indentations, so they could get many other weird properties if they just add that simple correction, it mainly takes away the mummifying properties and leave all the good stuff for us, and a corrected pyramid doesn’t need to be oriented to magnetic north in order to work, but it seems that they are more powerful when you stack the correction plus the alignment of magnetic north.

But first i will give a small intro of how to correct them since its very simple.

Excerpt taken from this biogeometry web that has been taken down!, i had to use wayback machine to get this one from the top of my mind or it would be lost.

Source  (check under section tips> item 4-A pyramid on your head)


“According to Ibrahim Karim does the indentation cancel the harmful vertical negative green(the component that dehydrates)

If you use little pyramids for meditation or any type of thing it is very dangerous because with time you take both aspects of negative green from the bottom of the pyramid. So what do you do if you have bought all those small pyramids in your house, on your heads? It is very simple. You take a pen and in the middle of every side you draw a small vertical line. Even on the pyramids that are composed of tubes you make a vertical line on the centre of the tube at the base.”

Corrected pyramid

Corrected pyramid


This way you are getting the spirituality out of the pyramid and not just negative green.

There are other ways of correcting them, i need to test those out later to make the claims, like making a vertical base under it, and bent angles at the bottom like some pyramids in egypt but the simplest is the one described above.

This also make good cheap structures for correcting the harmful earth radiations from the ground if you know how to find them you just place the corrected pyramids over the lines to correct that particular line or in the crossings to correct all the lines that cross there and that puts bg3 (spiritual energy) on them, keep in mind that this lines tend to move around from time to time so its good to keep an eye on then, specially the ones under your bed, food storage and workplace, also note that the corrected lines tend to move less than the ones without any correction.



Some mention of the properties of the pyramids according to this book.

-Chapter 9

• • • • • • • • • • •
The experiments conducted inside the pyramids indicate the following:
– The pyramids collect and direct the energy of space („free energy“);
– The pyramids also work as energy generators;
– Pyramids intensify crystallization;
– They increase dehydration up to 60% and perform mummification;
– They prevent mildew and putrefaction;
– Food and drink becomes tastier;
– Razor blades sharpen themselves;
– Water evaporates 15% faster in a pyramid;
– Using water from a pyramid for washing the skin makes the skin soft and
– Water from a pyramid tastes better than common water;
– An avocado fruit watered with water from a pyramid grew roots after four
weeks, and grew into a 20 cm tree after another 15 days, while the other avocado
fruit, which was watered with common water, did not grow any roots even after
a few months.
– Plants watered with water from a pyramid grow faster and they are more
– Flowers have more blossoms and less diseases
– In the book „Magnetizing water systems“ published in Moscow in 1982,
it is mentioned that water, which was flowing through a magnetic field at
right angles to force lines, had properties that were reminiscent of water kept
in a pyramid. This realization supports the claim that permanent magnets have
their own orgone field, and answers the question about what is flowing through
magnetic force lines.
– French researcher M.Violet made one liter of chemically pure water by
burning hydrogen in oxygen atmosphere. Into this water, he immersed a tadpole
(young of a frog), which momentarily became motionless and immediately
died. He poured that water into a closed container, sealed it and left it on his
balcony for a week, exposed to the influence of the Sun and the stars. After that,
he immersed another tadpole into the water, which normally lived inside it and
normally developed.
– Chemically pure water is dead water. If this water is exposed to the Sun’s
radiation for some time, by which it is nourished, or if it is stored in a pyramid for
a while, it becomes living water that supports life.

– If living water is heated to a temperature exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, or if
it is brought into a prolonged contact with a metal, it becomes dead water.
– Pyramids make the water more vital, and more valuable in an energetic sense, for all living organisms.
– Experiments with planted plants stored in pyramids demonstrate an
accelerated growth and quicker ripening.
– The same result is achieved by watering them with water from a pyramid.
– The growth of trees, plants and grain on the Earth’s surface is connected to
star cycles and Sun cycles, which has been researched by the famous astronomer
William Herschel, who claimed that everything grows better during maximum
solar activity.
– Dr. Harold Saxton Burr determined that crops fail (accounting for years of
famine) during solar activity known as „Sun spots“.
– A sunflower in a pyramid has a semicircular motion, and it bends towards
the floor of the pyramid in regular cycles of two hours each.
– When an aluminium curtain is placed inside a pyramid, only the part of
the plant that is higher than this aluminium curtain is moving.
– When a powerful permanent magnet is placed into a pyramid, plants stop
moving in most cases.
– Gold foil placed in a pyramid attracts the plants, which lean towards the
foil, eventually entangling it completely.
– All plants perceive the energy of the pyramid and, when they are outside
the pyramid, they lean towards the pyramid during their growth process.
– An experiment was made with a climbing plant, which has the ability to
find each favorable protrusion in the wall, or a nail driven into a wall, and tie itself
to these objects with its flexible outgrowths:
The climbing plants were placed into a chamber, and a nail was driven into
a wall close to the plant. To the east, a small pyramid was placed, with a height
of only three centimeters. The plant neglected the nail and turned toward the
pyramid, completely entangling it after only a few hours.
Regardless of how many nails were driven into walls next to the plants, the
plants would always turn toward the pyramid and entangle it, as the energy of the
pyramid was the most attractive one as far as plants were concerned.
– Through measurements, it was determined that the brain waves of a person
sleeping inside a wooden pyramid are completely different from the brain waves
of those who slept outside the pyramid.
– An experiment with a golden Syrian hamster, who had a small pyramid
inside its cage, demonstrated that the hamster always built his nest next to the
pyramid, and the hamster has also done this after the pyramid was removed from
the cage, dragging the nest toward the place where the pyramid used to be, as if
some kind of energy footprint was still present.

– Galen Hieronymus, the designer of a scalar wave production device, was

was cultivating plants in a completely darkened room, with no sunlight whatsoever.
One of the plants, which had a metal plate placed above itself, and the metal plate
was connected with a metal wire to another metal plate at the roof of the house,
was growing in a normal fashion, as if it was growing outside the house, although
it had no access to sunlight. All the other plants died. Hieronymus believed that
the biophoton quantums of the orgone energy of life, which came from the roof
of the house into the dark cellar through a metal conductor, enabled the plant
to live, and it survived without any visible sunlight, but with the help of this
biophoton emission.
– An experiment with a chilli pepper has shown the following:
– A chilli pepper placed into a pyramid along the north–south axis over a
period of twenty days remains green and dry.
– A chilli pepper placed into a pyramid along the east–west axis over the
same period of time gains a red color and ripens.
– When we bend the chilli pepper at a right angle, with one end along the
north-south axis and the other along the east-west axis, the end which has north-south
direction remains green, while the east-west end becomes ripe and red.

– It was experimentally proven that the effects we shall obtain in pyramids will
depend on the size of the pyramids and the materials used in their construction,
but we shall have no effects whatsoever if we build the pyramid from aluminium
or a mirror.
– An experiment with a glass of water containing decaying fish has shown
that the water completely cleared and cleaned itself after twenty days in a pyramid,
and the decaying fish settled at the bottom. The water had no smell and it could have been used for drinking.


As you can see this book worths reading, full of all sorts of golden nuggets, the product of long years of research of the writers.

You can always verify all by your own experiments to check all the claims.



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