The Man Who Brought us the Truth of Tesla’s Work: Gerry Vassilatos

//The Man Who Brought us the Truth of Tesla’s Work: Gerry Vassilatos

gerry vassilatos

“Of all The Researchers I have ever worked with.. Gerry Vassilatos had gone the deepest” – Thomas Joseph Brown

Big words from Tom Brown, a man who has met nearly every single one of the greatest researchers of our era. Gerry Vassilatos is the true warrior scholar of our times. He spent several years in the deepest levels of the NEw York Public Library before it was gutted and it’s tomes shipped off.

What he brought us was the deepest look into the heart of true Tesla’s true work. Chapter two of Secrets of Cold War technology remains the first and foremost authority on the deepest levels of Tesla’s Greatest Discovery.

His book Lost science remains a treasure of research and introduces us gently into a world we never thought existed.

His MASSIVE 11 Volume Vril Compendium is without a doubt the most ambitious and all encompassing work on Aetheric Technology every assembled and is available here now for the first time ever.

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