The long road towards learning just how Stanley A. Meyer made use of water as a source of fuel.

//The long road towards learning just how Stanley A. Meyer made use of water as a source of fuel.

First and foremost I give God all the credit as Job 38:22-23 was written way before my time and God seems to always find a way to communicate to me through my dreams. Plus I ask him to do this as I felt it was something I could do for the Lord.

Looking back now it’s hard to believe I made it to a clear understanding of just how Meyer made use of water as a source of fuel. For me things have always been different as I started off with a memory of hearing someone had ran their car on water that I had tucked away in my mind to be gotten too later while I severed in the military.

Being a dreamer but someone that like learned when a job was to be done it’s best to give it your all as after all it will be your name on the work I set very high standards for myself and took a lot of pride in my work. Serving our country as a diesel mechanic in the Marines and later in life in the Army I picked up some good work habits, mostly from the Marines singing songs as we ran, “You got to take pride in your stride.” I learn to do my best when doing a job and not just doing what it takes just to get by.

Working on solving Meyer’s technology I was no different as I would use the best methods to try and solve this technology. Early on I would listen to a lot of people telling how they thought this technology worked, but more than just listening to them I would perform experiments on just what it was they were saying. The notion of a, “Catastrophic Dielectric Failure,” turned out to be all wrong as when really reading the patents I saw that Meyer did everything he could to preserve the properties of water as these properties, I learned later on, were being used to aid in ionizing the atoms that make up the water molecules.

But in order to gain a full understanding I had come to an end pass as I just didn’t have enough science under my belt to understand everything full, so in the summer of 2006 I took my old but back to college. This time I pick up the skills I needed to get the to get the job done as I was out of the girl chasing game being a Married man now. I can remember those instructors that made the biggest impact on my life in setting me back on the right track by directly challenging me to do my best or stop wasting their time. One of my instructors kinda pulled me to the side one day and said, “Edward, I don’t think your going to make it you should just quit.” Well, now this really got under my skin as how dare someone tell me what I can and can’t do. Needless to say I didn’t quit the class and got a B+ in the subject. He also gave me valuable information about time with one of his saying, “It matter not how long it will take you to complete a subject but where will you be when that time comes around.” With that being said I realized that my perception of time was all wrong as we can’t control time but we can control what we choose to do with that time. These words of wisdom stuck with me while going through college being older than some of my instructors. These good impressions on me made it so I would actually listen to my instructors and if they recommended me to take a course I would jump on it the very next semester most of the time. I was done with college in 2009 and then set off on truly giving the mysteries of this technology a try.

In 2008 I had reached an end pass and basically gave up on trying to figure out how Meyer broke the bonds of the water molecule with so little power input. But I didn’t quit, I simply jumped off of, what I called, “The HHO Bandwagon” as I could see that everyone was going around in circles, myself included. So I started looking at other parts of Stanley Meyer’s technology and through a process of seeing what changed and what remained the same when comparing the gaseous injection system to the direct water injection system I saw that the Gas Processor remained a part of both system so logically it must be important, was my thinking. So I set out to figure out just what that device was doing but leaving the hho bandwagon made some people upset at me as they really didn’t like it when I told them that everyone was going around in circle with their research.

A specially made array of LED lights produce a color stream of special wavelengths that energize the water gas vapour giving it immensely more power than gasoline.

A specially made device used to strip the Oxygen atoms from up to 4-5 electrons. It is know as the “Gas Processor” in the patents. Without this device there is no thermal explosive energy.

From what I saw, most were building one WFC after another, sometimes building them exactly the same and expecting different results. Now there is a word for that type of thinking but I think everyone reading this gets the point. Interestingly I was on a forum called Ionizationx at the time and got the boot for wanting to talk about ionization. Most told me that I was wasting everyone’s time with this line of thinking and others thought it was their duty to put a stop to my wayward way of thinking and thus I got banned from ionizationx. After that I found myself getting banned from many different groups as I simply wouldn’t listen to those keyboard lab technicians and would try and force the use of the scientific method on people. Needless to say that didn’t work out all that well no matter where I went.
My most hardened foes where a group of people that took part of my research and turned it into something totally different introducing a totally new theory about a new role for Nitrogen. Basically they believed that Meyer made use of Nitrogen to run his dune buggy down the road, but the theory had many problems with it and as such it seemed to change every time the wind blew. That got me kicked out of the energetic forum as having two theories that predicted the same thing is a no no in the world of science and the simpler theory more often than not is the better. Basically for that theory to be true the entire periodic table of the elements would have to be rewritten as oxygen lost it’s place as the second strongest oxidizer. Basically we all know that if something is reactive in the presence of oxygen oxygen will get the first pick at reacting with it unless fluorine was in the system and if you found your intake system sucking in fluorine then I think you might have bigger problems to worry about as you would have to breath in the very same air.

On this journey I made a lot of friends but 100 fold as many enemies. Most didn’t like the way I would keep bringing up the scientific method and sort of demanding to talk about things they have actually observed while experimenting. This is where all of those keyboard lab technicians and I would clash big time as they simply wouldn’t perform any experiments but yet wanted to be taken serious by me and/or everyone else for that matter. So after many years of dealing with this I began to shut down and stop trying to teach this technology to anyone but I did find a home at the heretical site and was free to pursue this technology making use of the scientific method without too many distractions.

I then found myself having to challenge some long standing theories as my observations where showing me that those theories seem to be incomplete so I wrote some new ones to replace all that I found there didn’t tell the full picture of just what was taking place through observations of countless experiments. In the end it seems I found two theories incomplete and one theory that is totally brand new to the world of science, but the latter is more of a hypothesis for right now as it needs more testing to confirm the observations I am seeing take place.

The technology is much like photosynthesis in that when you look at both technologies the atoms are being excited to break the bonds of the water molecules. Meyer talks about the use of laser energy in many of his patents and now we have an understanding why as the goal is to excite the atoms to the point where they will release their electrons by any means necessary. I found that using different forms of energy on breaking the bonds of the water molecules in this fashion that they all work independently but they aid one another as one. That took just about four years to learn.

The last thing I learn just before the big break in understanding was how to wire the voltage intensifier circuit transformer correctly. The was March of 2012 and my partner and myself were working on the technology not getting anywhere as all of our results matched everyone else’s. So we kinda gave up, then I tried something I had dreamed about, and it worked. In my dream a current diagram was made and it showed the chokes were wired in such a way that they opposed each other so I made the changes and the water capacitor began to charge. This was done on the older 8xa circuit. From that point it took me over 17 months to obtain the correct size transformer cores, talking about a test in patients, just imagine you know how it works but you can’t get the items you need to make it work. So for more than a year I was forced to sit on the information as I was unable to confirm the results experimentally as stated above.

Once the correct size transformer cores finally arrived test confirmed that the new way to wire the transformer was correct. But to Don Gables credit he did show just how to wire a VIC transformer as seen here followed by what I had dreamed about:

Don Gable's sketch on how the "C" core version VIC transformer was wired

Don Gable’s sketch on how the “C” core version VIC transformer was wired

Ed has been putting out a tremendous amount of detailed instructions desperate to get others working on the technology. The more details he gives the more shills and suppression he faces.

The Correct way to wire up the transformers from a dream as God had to tell me something.

Once this was done the waveform changed. You see Meyer talks and gives examples in the patents telling and showing that all the magnetic fields are going in the same direction thus will aid each other in the process. How Meyer shows to wire the VIC transformer in the patent has the secondary coil hooked up backwards which would cause the magnetic field of the secondary to fight the rest of the magnetic fields created by the other coils. Wiring the chokes up wrong cancels out what Meyer calls, “The Electron Bounce Phenomenon,” and the waveform will not have a negative component to it as it should have as shown by this:

Difference of potential across water gap.

Difference of potential across water gap.

This shows clearly that the goal is to IONIZE the atoms that make up the water molecules so that they will release their electrons whose job is to hold the water molecules together thus without the hydrogen and oxygen atoms electrons doing their respective jobs the water molecules simply falls apart as a result. This has taken me many years to figure out as the scientific method had to be used and all others not using the scientific method had to be ignored even if what they had to say seemed to make sense.

Separating the electrons from the atoms is the Gas Processors primary role.

Separating the electrons from the atoms is the Gas Processors primary role (LEDs show for illustration purposes only do not copy as shown).

But to get “Thermal Explosive Energy” another device needs to be used calle the, “Gas Processor” as with that device they set up a reaction in the combustion chamber where that looks like this:

2H^+1 + O^-4 => H2O

Where the hydrogen atoms must create these missing electrons from the zero point. Using molar equations and Avogadro’s number plus E=MC^2 one can now calculate the amount of energy being derived from zero point energy per mole of product produced.

A hypothesis of just what is taking place between the electrodes.

A hypothesis of just what is taking place between the electrodes in the Exciter Array.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I came to understand just how Meyer made use of water as a source of fuel.


A special thanks goes out to;

John Fraser, Entrepreneur
As he is the one that is to be credited for allowing me to present the science behind this wonderful technology to the world at the Global Breakthrough Energy Moment in Boulder, Colorado.
Many thanks John 🙂
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