The Light Medicine Conference

//The Light Medicine Conference

An amazing new Conference about Light, Water and healing.

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The International Light Association (ILA) is pleased to announce our 12th Annual Meeting and Conference in Tallinn, capital of the Baltic state of Estonia. We most cordially invite you to attend the proceedings which will be held at the Euroopa Hotel, located close to the Old Town and Port of Tallinn. A visit to this picturesque medieval city, with 800 years of history to explore, will certainly be a memorable one.

The ILA adopts a broad approach in its purpose and focus, with a view to include a variety of topics and interests. But all have the common connection of ‘light’. The upcoming conference reflects this diversity with an extraordinary collection of presentations and workshops through which you will learn about the latest scientific discoveries on light, and also experience its impact on our health and wellness. It will take place under the auspices of renowned light biology pioneer (and recipient of the ILA’s Frances McManemin Award) Prof. Tiina Karu, who is actually a native of Estonia.

The title of the conference is ‘The Rainbow Within’, in the words of this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. It reflects ILA’s unique approach of exploring both outer and inner aspects of light, through both scientific and experiential viewpoints.

An important theme of this year’s conference will be the interaction between water and light, a key to the process of life itself, as presented by two of the world’s foremost experts on the subject, Dr. Ho and Prof. Gerald Pollack. Also highlighted will be critical aspects of the photobiological effects of the new artificial light sources surrounding us, by leading researchers Prof. Abraham Haim and Alexander Wunsch.

Expanding our understanding of how light affects us and the world around us. An interesting journey, we hope you will agree – and we hope to see you in Tallinn.

Not forgetting the ILA members themselves: a truly eclectic group of people, who have formed strong friendships over the years and fondly refer to fellow ILA members as their ‘light family’; and wonderfully welcoming of new members and others met along the way.

Why should YOU be at ILA 2015?

  • Attend lectures presented by experts and researchers.
  • Participate in workshops for a ‘hands on’ approach to learning immediately applicable skills.
  • Interact and network with like-minded ILA members.
  • Contribute to the future of ILA through our Members’ Forum.
  • Experience a unique gathering of professionals in the sciences, medicine, therapeutic applications and the creative arts.
  • Learn about current developments in the world of light and connections to health and wellbeing.
  • Plus, you can delight in exploring a little-visited Baltic city with history and charm in abundance!

The ILA is focused on a range of areas related to light and its applications, and the conference is therefore relevant to a broad group of people with a professional and/or general interest in light and its implications for health.


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