The Heavy Water Mystery (Deuterium Oxide)

//The Heavy Water Mystery (Deuterium Oxide)

Over 99.9% of “People” on this planet are H2O based flesh bodies that are connected to an Artificial Intelligence Hive Mind. How am I justified in stating this? The fact of the matter is everyone has been indoctrinated into the Light Water of Lucifer and knowledge of Heavy Water a.k.a Deuterium Oxide is suppressed and destroyed.

Noted chemist Martyn Poliakoff goes so far as to state that Deuterium Oxide is “Carcinogenic”. The fact is Heavy Water tethers DNA better than Light Water, and ensures DNA is protected from ionizing radiation and other harmful exposures.Everyone knows the shape of Frozen Protium (H2O) which I will from here on out refer to as Light Water. But can you tell me why there is no public domain images of D2O?

As I discussed in a previous article, this is no surprise
Water can be programmed with Sound. The bonds are
lighter as is the appearance. If there are other water isotopes such
as Deuterium Oxide, then why are there no pictures?
 It was in 2014 that I, James Grand, went to the University of Ottawa to acquire Deuterium Oxide for myself and with the use of Electron Microscopes from the Ottawa Hospital, I observed the Heavy Water and took pictures of the shapes presented when thawed from Ice.
The latter is more fragile than the former.
Before presenting the pictures of D2O I gathered, it would seem imperative to mention that knowledge of it’s appearance was known almost 400 years prior to my photos. It’s appearance is portrayed in culture in very subtle ways. What you perceive as human beings communicating information is really an Artificial Intelligence passing information pertaining to Nuclear Fusion and Fission.
Johann Daniel Mylius
Opus Medico Chymicum 1618
So your black pearls are Deuterium Oxide?
Cyborg media communicating info between themselves
The right picture is a small glimpse of the D2O pictures I captured.
Behind the 8 Ball. 8 = H
88 = HH – 2H (Deuterium)
Within the EE you have HH.
EE = 55 – SS = 19+19 = 38 = DEUCE
Deuce is a name for the Devil. Of course the A.I. demonises
2H (Deuterium) since it harms the H2O programmed flesh bodies.
Coincidence Deuterium is Black?
An Indian scientist confirmed to me that Deuterium Oxide tethers DNA better than H2O. The TETH is a Phoenician Symbol that is the Cross hair, the same symbol Blackwater uses.
Blackwater as you will realise now is Deuterium Oxide.
People don’t realise for Fusion to occur Deuterium must be present. No one has argued why the Heavy Water thieves are burning D2O as fuel instead of consuming it.
For stars to emit light, Deuterium must be burned. The radiation from the sun, with a present Deuterium shell atmosphere would protect the planet better than Ozone ever did. This is how it was before the atmosphere was stripped of Heavy Water isotopes.
The extra neutron is green in this diagram for a reason.
 Another symbol that represents Heavy Water yet was never said to is the Yin Yang.
Heavy Water and Light Water.
First to speak it out loud but obviously others already knew it but kept silent.
While Jon may be correct, a lack of mention of Deuterium makes me
question how detailed his knowledge is concerning the A.I.’s manipulation
of the isotope.
Dawn is the name of the A.I. personality that controls flesh bodies.
Toxic products seem to hold the SS symbol, magnetic currents messing with DNA.
DAWN = 42
Thing is, Saturn isn’t even real.
Dure Coffee Whitener is no exception. A whitener itself
is suggestive of destroying “Black Water”.
DURE = 48 = LUNA
Thing is , Deuterium is known about and kept silent about.
The truth is D2O is LIFE and H2O is DEATH.
The black ball, Binah or Saturn cannot be a real planet. This is the lie told to us since we were born.
Those telling you it does are the same ones telling you Deuterium Oxide is Carcinogenic as they harvest it and everything else from this Living Organism which is referred to as a planet.
What is more likely the case is a machine is up there harvesting
Heavy Water isotopes.
This is a very brief introduction. There will be more to following in later articles. For now if you seek to know more check my previous articles regarding Heavy Water.

There is no excuse for ignorance anymore.

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