The Great Opposer by Cullen Smith

//The Great Opposer by Cullen Smith
Hello again, old friend… I Am your pain, the archetype of all your fears. They call me the Great Opposer.
You wish to know my purpose…

I am calling to strengthen you. Try all you wish to run from me, to drown me out, but you cannot escape me. I tell you… Quit running, medicating, avoiding. You want me to release you? Show me your Power… Turn and face me. Sit with me. Be still. Be silent. Feel me FULLY, let go of control, the more you resist, the stronger my bite… relinquish your struggle. You will see that the only way out, is THROUGH me. You see yourself on the other side, but the only path through is straight and narrow, for I guard all the doors, and hold all the Keys. You Must prove yourself, not to me, but to YOURSELF, for you now find that I Am the deepest you… and yet you run from me, when it is I, who will finally set you free. Now that you allow yourself to feel your own depth, you find that you are Relieved by me.
When we meet again, you will not fear me, for we are One, and you are Whole.

I feel that those who harm others, only do so beacuse it hurts themselves too much to finally stop running from their inner pain, their own internal sanctity and lack thereof, to stop trampling and destroying others’ lives because they cant turn and FACE THEMSELVES and all the harm they’ve caused, because in that moment, all of their pain would catch up to them, then they would actually FEEL all that pain they have caused, because at one time, it was THEY who were hurt… and instead of feeling it and understanding it, and coming out stronger on the other side, they hide and run, trampling all that crosses their path in their futile efforts to escape themselves, while self medicating in alcohol, drugs, binge eating, abuse and addiction, only further burying their own humanity into the folds of their psyche, via the many well advertised and marketed outlets to perpetuate this broken cycle…

I Promise… I’ll be good… wont you join me?? :’)

Adventures Into the Dark: by Made Manifest / Cullen Smith

Lifting The Veil
art by Alex Pardee

— with Cullen Smith.

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