Inventor’s Diary – Ed Mitchell’s True Green Solutions at the Gobal Break Through Energy Movement Conference

My partner and I started off with a bunch of unknowns as things just weren’t working for either of us leading up to the event. I just got the wire I needed to wind the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) transformers on Saturday Oct 5th around 5:30 pm. I rushed to wire the VIC transformers up all Sunday and finished wiring them up on Monday the day I was supposed to be on the road to Boulder Colorado. Even the circuit I was going to use wasn’t all wired up but I had run out of time and had to start packing and getting ready to hit the road. I stayed up late on Monday packing everything and took off on Tuesday morning with an incomplete driving circuit, two totally untested VIC transformers, and got to Sacramento, about 50 minutes away, realized I had forgotten the transformer oil and had to turn back and go get it.

I you like reading Ed's Inventory Diary entries then please leave a comment below and Ed will be happy to share his progress with us as he works to change the world.

I you like reading Ed’s Inventory Diary entries then please leave a comment below and Ed will be happy to share his progress with us as he works to change the world.

Now I was more than an 3 hours late for picking up my partner in Reno Nevada. I picked up the transformer oil and proceeded on the trip but when I was almost there I looked around and noticed I had forgotten the ER 10 which I had spent many hours polishing up just for the event at home but it was too late to turn back now as now I was close to Reno. I picked up my partner in Reno, and we set off for Boulder Colorado. I told him of the circuit not being wired up and he told me that he had just finished the program to run the circuit that morning, again totally untested. It took us another day to get to Boulder Colorado and once we were there, arriving around 8:30 pm, we had to transform our hotel room into a makeshift lab. We worked until 2:30 am putting the circuit together and making sure it would fire up for the conference but we didn’t complete everything as the circuit kept blowing fuses and thus we had to work until around 10:30 am the next morning as we had to get parts from Home Depot and Radio Shack. We got to the event in the morning to secure a spot and sign in but as I said before we had to go back to the hotel and finish up the driving circuit.

The first day was a total flop as nothing seem to be working correctly. The on-lookers wouldn’t give us time to setup for starters so it took us around an hour and a half to set up when it should only have taken us 30 minutes. Once we got it all setup and fired up the circuit we could only take it up to 66 volts input to the primary of the VIC transformer as the back EMF coming from the transformers was tripping the circuit causing it to reset wiping out the memory of the driving circuit. So the first day we really didn’t get to show anyone much of anything, packed it all up around 5:30 pm, got something to eat, and returned to our makeshift hotel lab to figure out just what was going wrong. We ended up using another circuit my partner had brought with him for demonstrations as we worked out the problems of just how to deal with the transformers back EMF. Once we solved that problem we found that the waveform was totally wrong but we didn’t know why it was wrong. At around 2 am we fried one of the VIC transformers after taking it to over 6 kv to the Water Fuel Capacitor (WFC) and we had to sleep on it as too just why did we fried the transformer only applying 1.3 amps to it when the wire should be capable of handling 5.6 amps safely.
In the morning I ask my partner just how did he have the diode wired in the circuit and he told me it was wired parallel to the primary coil. That was why the waveform was all wrong and the primary fried up due to a miscommunication on how the diode was supposed to be hooked up. We corrected the problem and proceeded to the event at around 7:30 am. We got all set up and fired up the circuit and everything was working fine for a while but now we had a new problem. The FET’s starting blowing up at only 140 volts input into the primary at only 0.7 amps but luckily for us we had some spares but we were now limited to 130 volts input at 0.6 amps into the primary which charged the WFC to around 3.4 kv. Now that everything was working correctly we could both focus on talking to the public.

Gunther Rattay, Moray King, and Edward Mitchell @ the Global BEM

Gunther Rattay, Moray King, and Edward Mitchell @ the Global BEM

The second day went okay, as even though we couldn’t show the WFC being driven to the ionization threshold we were able to show people for the first time that a high voltage could be placed on the WFC just as Stanley A. Meyer had done before us without any cheating, IE, coatings on the electrodes surfaces or anything like that. The gas output was random but at times one of the tubes would show just how the WFC would produce gas and fire up the correct way looking like a volcano of gas production when it did so. Moray King came around that day and I was able to show him that we were all wrong about Meyer’s technology as it all had to do with ionization as it was not electrolysis at all. The output of the WFC showed that quite clearly as once one of the tubes would fire up all of the small bubbles would disappear and only the larger monatomic bubbles of the gases could be seen as the liquid water was going directly from a liquid state to an ionized gaseous state by way of ionization which ignores the water molecules and targets the atoms directly.

Peace of those that want energy independence for all.

Peace of those that want energy independence for all. Edward Mitchell, Russ Gries, and Gunther Rattay @ the Global BEM

Then Russ Gries paid us a visit and I was able to show him what he had never seen done before in that in his attempts to get a high voltage to the WFC only yielded around 12 volts being applied to the WFC and now with his own eyes he was able to see that I was charging the WFC to over 3 kv with the VIC transformer. I explained how the technology works to him but I am not sure if he got it or not at that moment. All in all it was a great day. We wrapped up at dusk and finally had time to have some fun with people.

Ronnie Walker, Gunther Rattay, Edward Mitchell, and Allen Coste (from left to right)

Ronnie Walker, Gunther Rattay, Edward Mitchell, and Allen Coste (from left to right)
The new fantastic four!

We had dinner with two people we came there to meet and had a great time. That was the highlight of our trip thus far as we were being ignored by Sterling Allen as he never came around to give us a proper interview and to see just what it was we were doing like he said he would do. Gunther my partner had a SOB burger and I had some sort of rye sandwich. We just had a great time that evening and went to bed feeling good for the first time since arriving at Boulder.

The last day was the best as “John & Kelly Fraser ” gave us a proper interview and we both were able to show just how our working together made it possible for us to figure out Meyer’s technology. This day was altogether different in that the people that we were now meeting were really interesting in the technology and listening to my lecturing with great intent. I would walks different groups through the technology and tell them how it all worked according to the science I had uncovered through my experiments making good use of the scientific method. I would guess that I lectured to at least 7 groups that day before we wrapped everything up early to catch Foster Gamble speaking at the event. After the speech many people came up to me telling me how they had never heard of anyone talking about Stanley Meyer’s technology in the manor from which I spoke of it, and most of them I don’t even remember seeing at the booth. Even someone that had ran for Mayor of the city came up to me when we went over to subway to get a bite to eat along with someone that was a film producer both independently telling me that now it all seem to make perfect sense. So then I knew that I had really made a big impact on the event even though I was not allowed to speak at the event as no one has ever heard someone talking about Meyer’s technology in the manor from which I was speaking about it before.

All in all the last day was the best of all for our companies as now we had people that were truly interested in helping us achieve our goals of bringing this technology to market. But we couldn’t linger around as we had no place to stay for the hotel where we stayed wouldn’t let us extend for one more day so we packed up and left for home knowing that we had done our best and it seems to have been a big hit with the crowd.

Well, that’ the story as best I can remember it, though I left out a few details of our interactions with Russ, a few of his followers, and that of meeting Zero fossil fuels. All in all it was a great trip and I had accomplish a lot of goals I had set for myself and the both of us are really glad we made the effort to go to the Global BEM.

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  1. Hello Ed,

    this is really great what You have figured out here. I have kept my thumbs up for You ever sence I got to know what You were doing (thanks to TechZombie). I had lost the hope for HHO tech but now I see it can be done the way You desgribe it. I was wondering how did it turn out at the Global BEM, and now when reading the post I am really happy for You.
    What are the plans for future? If You are in need for help for small scale manufacturing some of the components I could try to help with that. I have friends (mgmt level) in hi-tech electronics manufacturing for medical industry. They do also small proto series and they have all the possibilities for machining, assembly, contacts for special LED manufacturers etc.
    You have done a really great thing Ed. Please, if you can, keep us posted!

    With all the best,

  2. That sounds great, to get into contact with me go through my business site:

    For right now all I need is funds for the most part. I will also do what I can to keep everyone up to date on what progress I have or don’t have, okay?

    I watched the Smart Scarecrow show with Zero and Moray King and there is a good example of people not giving me a chance as Zero said something of me just making claims of putting high voltages to a water fuel capacitor and Moray King on the other hand took the time to come and see with his own eyes that I was not telling everyone lies and was doing exactly what I said I could do.

    So in that I can say the event was a success as I got to show those that were willing to learn just how the technology actually works for the Lord is my witness I have failed over and over to teach this technology to anyone in the forms due to these types of distractor’s. For the most part I think this technology is something one has to see to believe as the underlying science that governs it is something that is totally new to the world of science thus it can’t be looked up in a book.

  3. Remember Rob you are also a big part of me being able to figure this technology out 🙂

  4. just want to say that you guys rock and I am especially proud to say that you guys are truly changing the world for the good.

  5. Brother Ed. Peace from the Lord. I am from Brazil. I have been researching free energy for quite a time now.
    I pray for you, that bad people don’t hurt you or your loved ones. Please do take care.
    Every day, 30.000 people die in the world caused by dirty water =(
    With free or cheap energy, we might be able to help them.
    I’m asking the Lamb to protect you, so you, with you work, can help stop the oppression that the powers of this world apply and harass the poor. What you are doing here can be of great importance.
    Please do take care brother. Shalom from above.

  6. Sounds great …. would be happy to help … I believe I can get clients for volume sales (such as Taxi companies, and bus/charter companies) if you have a finished products. Working in the medical field manufacturing, I also have the reliable and trustable partners here to do the work.

    Wishing you luck…


  7. Dear Ed,

    Very happy to note that you were able to make a good impact at the show. Sorry to read about your struggles to get things going at the show.

    All the best in perfecting the technology so that it becomes repeatable every time. This is the only surety that something has become a technology.

    All the best.


  8. As someone once said “It’s all in the Ion’s”….I think it was T. Henry Morray. But I could be wrong.

    I knew it could be done and I’m glad your DOING it! Be Safe my friends!

  9. It’s okay now as one of my missions was to teach people the science behind the technology at the Global BEM and I was able to teach quite a few people just how this technology actually works so now I am not the only one that knows how it work anymore.
    It was the only way to make sure I stay safe as the more that know the less of a target I am is my thinking and the mission to do so was a success.

    And may God Bless you too 🙂

  10. It was great meeting up with you and Gunther at BEM. It was well worth the trip to really get to know you. I enjoyed our conversation over dinner, there were so much discussed. Ed, you and Gunther keep up the great work. I know if anyone can get this done the two of you can. I’ve know you a long time over 6 years, I know first hand how much time and effort you have put into getting this out to people.
    Again, keep up the great work.

  11. These amazing guys will do it and we , the people shall help them anyway we can!

    see the excitement coming!