Build a Ghetto Capacitor

//Build a Ghetto Capacitor

The Ghetto Capacitor is the simplest way to begin experimenting with Aetheric Sciences.

Capacitors hold the key to the mystery of static electricity and everything that comes with it such as “free energy”.

The amazing work of Oleg Jeffimenko, Nikola Tesla in his later years and the brilliant victorian scientists all revolved around facets of static electricity. This is how to get started.

Build your own Ghetto Capacitor now!


    Items you’ll need: Screw-off beer bottle, 6inch carriage bolt with 2 nuts, heavy duty aluminum foil, a water bottle cap, salt,
cooking oil, and electrical tape.
       First thing, tightly wrap the largest part of the bottle with the foil.
       use a smaller piece to also cover the bottom.
       cover the sides of the bottle with electrical tape so that only the bottom is exposed.
       drill a hole through the cap, and mount the bolt to the cap.
       next prepare a pitcher of warm water and fill it with the salt until it won’t disolve any more. distribue your brine into all of
the bottles so they all have the same salt content (in other words, don’t mix a different salt batch for each bottle or they could all
end up with differing capacitances). Also, only fill the bottle up with the salt water up to the foil level. Fill the rest of the bottle
up with vegitable/mineral oil to about an inch from the top to allow for the displacement of the bolt once submerged. The oil will
help suppress corona leakage during charging.
       put a little glue or silicon into the threads of your cap, screw it on, and BAM! You’ve got cheap yet functional HV capacitors!
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