The First Book Every Aether Scientist MUST Read. Etheric Formative Forces

/The First Book Every Aether Scientist MUST Read. Etheric Formative Forces

The First Book Every Aether Scientist MUST Read. Etheric Formative Forces

The First Book You Must Read to Understand the Aether and Natural Science

This long lost treasure has been out of print for over 80 years. I found a copy in the Yale Library and had it sent to New York where I spent weeks reading and rereading it.

This book will answer questions that modern Science still cannot and for those who are paying attention send you to the deepest possible level of the rabbit hole. Even if you don’t want to go there this volume will change the way you see science.

It was written by the last student of the great Rudolph Steiner. Here it is for the first time anywhere scanned in, ordered and ocr’ed with love.

This is where all Aether mages must start.

Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos Earth and Man by Guenther Wachsmuth

Here is an excellent short summary

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  • Tetryonics

    I have another recommendation, however I’m not sure what an Aether Scientist would think of these sort of materials. I would love anyone’s input concerning the validity of this geometric approach to physics at large…

    Much Love Gentlemen. I really appreciate what you do.

  • ColoradoSpringsFilms

    Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated. Hope to read soon. Recently mentioned you techzombie in my latest video. Way to build a community of aether engineers.

  • I second this recommendation with a caveat: Guenther is somewhat mystical in his explanations which can be difficult to reconcile with reality at times.

    The same information and observations can be had in a book by Ernst Lehrs called: “Of Matter or Man,” only, without the mysticism. It is a classic in Goethean Scientific Methodology and a good lesson on how philosophical movements shaped scientific thought; specifically how mankind’s prevailing thoughts prevented the aether from gaining traction long before the 1880s.

    This book single handedly showed me the value of Goethe’s “exact sensorial fantasy” and how to think functionally.

  • Robert

    Tetryonics, that download that you link to is an exe file and not a zip file. I would strongly recommend that no-one run that thing. If you have an actual document somehow relevant to aetheric science then could you upload it to the public chest:

  • You really shouldn’t OCR such things – just upload scans as they are. I’ve seen too much unique material ruined this way. OCR glitches can easily be fatal to scientific stuff.

  • Robert

    Not really.

    The OCR information is simply another layer in a PDF file. Going by Acrobat’s OCR engine, which is what I’m familiar with, if you specify the PDF output style to be ‘Searchable Image “Exact”‘ rather than ‘Searchable Image’ then the exact original image is preserved, rather than being adjusted to make it square and “prettier.” I always use and recommend ‘Searchable Image “Exact”‘ as the preferred option. It is what is used in, for example, scans of legal documents, that are expected to be the exact image that was originally scanned.

  • Hamilton Smith

    Thank you for this. I have been looking for this book for awhile.

  • Spencer Krohn

    Since I found your site I have glued to everything you guys are doing, Eric (and friends and glomers) your work is greatly appreciated thanks for everything and I wish you all the best

  • Tech Zombie

    thanks Colorado Springs!!

    what is the link to your video ?

  • aaron

    We have a natural drive and should all be striving for innovation. getting together are knowledge as a collective to better are world and bring fourth new thinking and new methods of under standing, are creation and evolution to everything. As complex as it may be , there is an answer.

    this is a poor attempt at a theory but learn what u can from it
    the 2bowl magnetic effect.
    this is what are physicail law is based off of. magnetics , frequency , aether and elements is what holds

    are exsistance together.

    they all come together to create plantes with combination of elements and the 2 bowl magnet effect

    form a gavity forming effect in the area. this added with

    freqency waves witch acts like an energy/element formation engeineer.
    this is based of a theory that the magnetic opposite 2 bowls,one being positive and one being

    negitive, are bound bye the earths magnetic properties.

    i allso belive that the aether is like a energy/element converter that prudcese seemingly something out

    of nothing. (aether job)

    i beleive that freqency and aether is THE YIN AND THE YANG to creation.allthough the beging would start

    with energy to perduce freqency, this is the reason for everything in life.
    from humans and planets and solar-systems,galaxsys and so on … exsits on every scale of creation

    and melculair bond. this this the same bond that creates are atoms. witch is the aether effected by

    freqency or the magnetice-resonance pressure of are planet witch is created by freqency .to create a (magentic resonaince of) push and pull and stress on the aether energey,is if the

    phsyicail law is that if there is friction there is a transfer of energey. and if the frequency is

    producing the aether with the right level, energy transfer occurs and an event takes place that sets

    into motion the 2bowl magnetic frequency – resonance effect north and south then creates a a system that follows a set laws in creation bassed by the 2bowl magnetic pressure effect with freqency levels and aether-energy. then that goes on to build its own individual vortex freqencies if you will, that have the same aether energy but different freqency due to mag-res(magnetice freqency-resonance) effect interfearance it will be subject to change freqency and thus change its formation engineering design. the reason for elements effecting diffrently with each other. this means and atom is being pulled out of the aether by freqency pressure and magnetic pressure witch causes the aether energy to be drawn from to form a system that forms matter.this is do to a re-ocurring effect due to the magnetic feild and frqenecy of the galaxy effecting the magnetic feild and frqency of the solar system that effects the magnetic feild and freqency of each planet that effects the magnetic effect to all matter and creation of the atoms. all these effects have a freqency pressure with the aether energy and creats friction and a transfer of energy from seemingly nothing to somthing. the aether is a mulit vers of energy interaction with three main interations

    this is the theory the aether ,freqency and magnetic flux pressure combine to create every thing in a diffrent way due to the unique freqency creation inprint signatrue of the magnet that is now a constant that effects the next scale of creation(atoms). atoms bond together due to the electric magnetic effects of electrons with protons becuase they are created bye 2 invisible energys transfering into a visible one.
    1)aether energy source. a (constant)due to factors unknown
    2)freqency levels
    3)magnetic yin and yang creation from the freqency pressure firction or stress to cause a transfer of energey with aether
    4)the freqency now changes due to the pull and push force (north and south) of the planet or galxasy or solar systems magnetic lines of force,like creating its own imprinted signature of creation with in that isolated feild of magnetice pressure
    5)witch leads to create specifice atoms and energy tranfser creation signatures meaning a hydrogen atom or oxygine atom . these particails are created out of the aether feqency and magnetic relation of invisible energy transfer

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