The Truth About Conductors. Electricity runs through the Dielectric not the Wire

//The Truth About Conductors. Electricity runs through the Dielectric not the Wire

The Truth About Conductors. Electricity runs through the Dielectric not the Wire

We at Aetherforce are strongly against one of the biggest misconceptions of electricity, that electricity flows through wires. It does not, more like the exact opposite. Benjamin Franklin said the same thing and this truth is proven in the following experiment by MIT –


The perpetual motion holder magnet design of Edward Leedskalnin also proves this

When one puts the following together one begins to realize that electricity actually flows in the space around wires, in the aetherous space, not in the actual metal of the wires themselves, which in reality reflect and repel magnetism  This amazing realization is further proof of the existence of the Aether. As Scientists we must think critically on how such as massive deception could continue for over a hundred years….

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  • Ed Erst

    In Ed Leedskalnin’s book “Magnetic Current”, Ed comes to somewhat the same conclusion, and offers that the ‘accepted’ concept of electrons is incorrect, and that indeed, everything is magnets, period. Both of these text make understanding the nature of electricity much easier for the uninitiated. Probably one of the reasons very few people go into electronics as a career is this one misconception. If this is true, then at a subconcious level it would be very difficult to grasp electronic theory as taught by the mainstream, which seems to be the case. As you see in many professions today, you have to ‘buy’ the lie, to make a living.

  • Sec-Amend

    This is also demonstrated with Ed Leedskalnin’s PMH, perpetual magnet holder..
    Eric rocks!!!!!!!

  • Tech Zombie

    nice find Sec! Thank you. Added the link above.

  • Jim

    “As Scientists we must think critically on how such as massive deception could continue for over a hundred years….”

    There indeed is EXACT SCIENCE to how these things were and are carried out!

    The subconscious mind can carry an idea (suggestion) much like a program on a computer and all its actions and perceptions will tend to adhere to the concept operative in the sub conscious — or the program itself even if the computer be far more capable — thus limiting its expression to only that which is part of the Sub Conscious Suggestion. Thus Eric’s term of the Mind Virus is quite accurate. Just around the time of the electrical pioneers there were also “mind” pioneers and what they found was the beginning of an awareness of the Laws of Suggestion — how this thing really works and its profound potentials.

    This involved not only how the mind of an individual or the collective can be seeded with a suggestion but also the laws regarding the transmission of suggestions for maximum effect. These tools were further developed over the ensuing years and appear to form the “sticky” insulation around the wiring so to speak of all such collective mal_inducements toward a debasement of many fields of human endeavor — not just electricity.

    Note: how they made and perpetuated Einstein as an AUTHORITY thus leveraging the inborn gregarious urge of the collective — and also note what an emotional train wreck Einstein became as all acts of deception for wrong action (personal gain) carry an inexorable degenerative energetic equivalent in their trailing edges…

    The concepts of Suggestion at the time were not so much technical as if induced by gadgets but were an awareness of the point of oneness that all people have which can be exploited for steering and keeping “idea fields” in place. It was becoming well known among the studied that the potentials of Sub Conscious Suggestion for Health Inducement were (and still are) far more capable than the administration of substances which culminated at the time in the diabolical “Flexner Report” which effectively was a “lockdown” of all medical teaching institutions and well funded medical groups at the time toward a substance based approach and placed a fire wall of equal proportions to Aetheric Electrical work across the ongoing studies of a wide array of medical methodologies including Suggestion and Hypnosis.

    It was clear that an ignorance of the sub conscious and how it worked was a distinct advantage for those who would leverage such knowledge for personal gain and in fact occupies a Key portion of the modern medical paradigm even to this day as it calculatingly suggests dis ease and the gregarious herd chases in $earch for the offered remedy — which really is no remedy at all but a balm to salve the wound just enough to temper it but not quite enough to cure it.

    Welcome to the putrid stench at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole…

    Thank you Eric and AetherForce for holding to the image of the Restoration of Humankind.

  • John Cappelletti

    I just noticed a little error in the wording

    most “free electrons” serve as the best conductors of electro-magnetic energy. Conversely, the materials possessing the least “free electrons” serve as the poorest conductors of electro-magnetic energy

    least should be changed to most or poorest should be changed to best.


  • james conrad fleming

    hi jim, i like your elucidations here, they are very accurate in my opinion. i have started to realize that we are indeed limited by our perceptions and our sub conscious attempt to construct concepts. although i have no valid scientific degree or qualifications and thus less conditioning to rectify i have come to trust my intuition, which in our current scientific paradigm is classed as, ermmm unscientific! although quantifying is extremely important so is the art of creative expression and as such my conclusion is that we are intentionally detached from the understandings of our natural universe. a good case in point is the coupled cavity and oscillation of a pyramid with not a chip in sight and yet fully realized the perfect transporter of magnetic resonance. thank you for your words.

  • MC


    That was an extremely well written and well thought out–not to mention, highly accurate post which I enjoyed reading very much. Suppression efforts of technologies such as the ones mentioned here are, and have been, completed in concert with the United States Government with a ruthless precision. If one is to look carefully at the individuals involved with suppressing Tesla, or anyone for that matter, and the tactics they employ to accomplish the criminality legally, it is quite clear the strategies have not changed much over the years. If one is to combine this with the death of integrity among liberal institutions, particularly top tier universities and their resident intellectuals, the rise of the corporate state, and the malicious orchestration of devolving public education–it’s very clear. Not a mind virus. A pandemic of the collective consciousness in reductionist, materialist and industrialist philosophies, planted by the titans of industry with propaganda and the ideology of never ending progress through technological advancement; blurring the lines between morality and technology.

  • As a child I could feel electricity around the wires, I was not mistaken or had erroneous views, I understood that without asking or being told. As I grew older the books told me the opposite, I then knew that books can propagate untruth and steer the mind of the reader to erroneous views and false perceptions. This is why I became an Artist, any other vocation would have me caught in a belief system of falsity. Thank you Eric for being bold enough to state the truth, Regards Arto

  • John Joyce

    Dear Eric,

    Great article.

    Could you diagram the Leedskalnin perpetual motion holder magnet?

    Maybe even post specific instructions and a materials list for the Aether Club?

    If we “aetherealize” an Aether Club ten-year-old who gets a merit patch for helping build one then just let the einsteiners try to get her back.

    This truth movement is so powerful we feel we can be for it without having to be against anything.
    Maybe the truth is monopolar.

    Thank you for all you do and for being who you are.

    John Joyce

  • If this is true, would that make a magnet an obstructor of magnetism?

  • Gino

    From my understanding of Dollard’s video presentations, he illustrates that like poles of two magnetic fields do infact obstruct one another, creating a void in the space between the two opposing fields. The field lines will bend out and away from a like pole.

  • On conductors; Okay so if the insulator is the conductor, does the wire just represent mass to resonate? Is it like a guitar strung with all the same chords? I’m thinking along the idea of resonance. In order to make a transistor or any solid state part they must resonate. Tesla specified many components (such as diodes) to be of a certain material. These components are often replaced with commercially available parts specd to the voltage requirements. The resonance of the part was more important. I have found mass of the ground or negative side of dc circuits is the cats ass. It seems to increase efficiency of the triggering positive. Anyway just my two cents and some questions on the “vibe” I got from this great post.

  • AMcG

    While I have long been attracted by Tesla’s and Dollard’s ideas on Electricity and I think I understand at least part of it. there is still a lot which I struggle with. I have two questions which i would be very grateful if Eric (or anyone ) would help me with an answer. I had previously thought that Eric had described two types of Electricity one being electro-magnetic and the other dielectric and that one was a flow of electrons and was slower than the dielectric wave. Is that not in fact correct? Eric seems to be saying above there is only one kind. My second question relates to the suggestion that nothing flows in the ‘conductor’ (the wire). If you touch a bare wire on a piece of electrical equipment you definitely get a belt, If you touch the insulation you don’t. Common sense to me says that the current is in the wire and the insulation is protecting you from it. How is this explained in Eric’s view?

  • 55rebel

    AMcG, I to was /am struggling with this same question about being shocked when coming into contact with an uninsulated wire caring current. Funny that no one, as yet, has came forward to explain this phenomenon.
    …inquiring minds would like to know the answer to this fundamental question. I am unable to move forward with supporting Eric, and his theories until satisfactorily answered.

    I just have this itch, that really needs satisfying. Anyone?


  • 55rebel

    Of course, I’m talking about making contact between a ground AND the bare wire :-/

  • 55rebel

    NM….while mauling over that question, I discovered my insanity, of NOT seeing the obvious…my bad.

  • Robert

    Why not remove the wire from the insulator?? We know that electricity
    will travel through a confined space.

  • Chris

    Removing the wire removes the path for magnets to flow.

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