The existence of the Ether Force via Doppler Effect by Fabio Moscow

//The existence of the Ether Force via Doppler Effect by Fabio Moscow

 A brilliant essay on the undeniable existence of the ether and the doppler effect. Originally printed in Italian.

The misunderstanding of departure

James Clerk Maxwell , finding that the gap has permeability and permittivity, deduced that those were the characteristics of the space , that would not empty but filled with a substance that fills it, he called ether. He could not control in the nineteenth century and measure if this substance is the space or is contained in it and moves it … Michelson followed the thought of Maxwell researching the relative wind than the ether of the Earth property in the absolute space. On this misunderstanding Einstein derived the Principle of Relativity .

James Clerk Maxwell

All measurements made ​​so far, always and only with light, seems to have confirmed this principle which has so far never been violated. But … the light is an electromagnetic wave is, the only one who knew Maxwell, which, however, by its very short wavelength, it is difficult to measure. There is now a whole instrumentation sophisticated radio equipment; It can generate waves of frequency extremely precise and measurable in itsphase . And you can build electromagnetic interferometers, despite the ban of the principle of relativity established by Einstein . And that is what, from simple radio engineer and graduate in Relativity, I did!

The Principle of Relativity states that the laws of physics must be valid in any reference system homogeneous. If you invalidated the principle of relativity would compromise the corpus of fundamental physical theories.


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Phase comparison in a wave … progressive!

A second ban violated, this time due to Maxwell himself, is that the Earth is not possible to measure a Doppler shift of the electromagnetic 1st order, that a v / c, since it is not possible to synchronize two different parts of a wave that propagates in space. According to him it is only possible
to measure a Doppler second order, that is, that is, compare the reflected wave with itself. Then

v2 / c2Instead, unlike light, microwaves from a few centimeters of wavelength is possible to pick them up along the way simply by comparing the phase with the probes arranged along the way. Just withdraw the probes with the plane wave, reveal it with the diodes placed in opposition along its journey after ½ wavelength or odd multiples of the way that the phase is always in opposition. (Fig.1)


In Fig.1 a ‘sinusoidal electromagnetic wave flat (in blue) traveling in a guide loaded the speed of light (or almost in the guides). Under these conditions, as if they propagate in space. The sine wave is moving at speed there all the steps with it (the opposite phases are represented hill arrows black and red), because it is progressive. The wave will always be in phase opposition after half wavelength or odd multiples. Even if it moves at the speed of light, being progressive. At a distance of λ / 2, or odd multiples, the diodes in opposition, welded on top of the interrupted turns – see photo fig.2 – reveal, one the positive half-wave and the other the negative. On the way, if there is no movement of the ether, the wave picked up by the second probe is equal to the first. The diodes detectors will give a voltage equal and opposite, which, added and integrated by the feedthrough capacitors, will give a voltage equal to zero.

But if the vehicle is moving:

the second diode will intercept a wave modified by Doppler , for which the phase will no longer be the opposite, and the second half-wave will be either shorter or longer than the first. (Fig.1-right at the top, second and third cases). Adding the two half-waves – the positive and the negative – and integrating the signal with two feedthrough capacitors – which make a bypass for the radio frequency and shall release the two diodes from distance – we will have a voltage proportional to the ratio between the two durations. Ie to their different duration due to the wind speed. This is a phase comparison based on the different duration of the two half-waves intercepted, the starting one, and, at a distance, the second modified by the Doppler phase *.

(This is a Doppler wave fronts, being that is the means that moves between two fixed antennas invested by the wave that propagates at a constant speed c which is made up with the wind speed v).


In Figure 2 the principle diagram of a device in which the input wave from the antenna to the right (in RF), runs along the guide, terminating in an absorbent to microwaves which transforms it into heat. The wave guide is in the flat and progressive – why not go back – and acts like open space. This device measures the Doppler 1st order!


In Figure 3: At the top – the wave that propagates in the medium in the quiet – then in the absence of Doppler: – the positive half-wave is equal to the negative (right). The sum of the two half waves, supplemented by the feedthrough capacitors, will always be zero. And that is what occurs in the horizontal plane. At the bottom the same wave that propagates in the medium in motion – so deformed by the Doppler effect – for which (to the right) the positive half-wave will be different from the negative. And that’s what happens when you turn the device on the vertical plane. integrated sum of the two half-waves will give a voltage proportional to the speed.

Mechanical construction


In fig. 4 the plate containing the two loops away interceptor in this case 3 λ / 2., Inserted along one side of the guide. Experiments with this device are visible at the following addresses:

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.   6.

Measurement with stationary waves

Foreword -Onda is stationary wave that goes right and left, or up and down, to infinity. The two half-waves that make up a standing wave contained in a cavity or line, traveling in the opposite direction. The one is positive, the other negative. They can be easily separated with two diodes on the fringes. Let S be the length of the cavity, c the propagation speed, v the velocity of the wind, the period T, the frequency f = 1 / T, λ the wavelength, ie cT. A half-wave is obviously λ / 2 and duration of half a period, or T / 2.

If the medium is at rest, they remain equal, then their sum will be zero. It measures experimentally that, by tilting the device, there is a positive voltage upwards and negative downwards (or vice versa according to the arrangement of the diodes).

When he goes on, however, becomes λ / 2 (1-c / v), because it goes against the wind v
and when it goes down it becomes λ / 2 (1 + c / v), because with a favorable wind.

By definition λ = cT, for which substituting,
when it will be on λ ‘/ 2 = cT / 2 (1-c / v),
and when it goes down λ “/ 2 = cT / 2 (1 + c / v)

But if λ varies also the times will vary. The period T is always constant and composed by the sum of half periods:
the half period of the half-wave uphill λ ‘/ 2 will be t’ = T / 2 (1-c / v), and then shorter and that of the half-wave which descends λ ” / 2 will be t “= T / 2 (1 + c / v), then longer.

The discriminatory phase distributed constants are interferometers

In the sense that into the space through the wave undergoes the effect of the wind, ie the wave fronts compress or expand. (Which does not happen in discriminatory lumped). So the half-waves traveling in opposite directions are equal without the wind, but with no wind.


In fig.5 a device in the resonant cavity operating on these principles.


In fig.6 interior of a cavity formed in a box. The wave is fed to the center with a coil and taken to extremes with two coils connected to two diodes placed in opposition; these are connected to the feedthrough capacitors, which lead out of the box the continuous revealed proportional to the difference of the two half periods, namely the ether wind. The discrimination occurs, as in the previous case, according to the different durations of the two half periods.

The experiment is visible in the following video:

In it a light box is fixed to the generator only with the filler, and then slightly subject to deformation of gravity.This false reading of the change in fase.Onde avoid it I then cemented and externally attached to the side of the generator. I measured the speed that is approximately 1 Km / s (compared to 2 km / s of the small box hanging):

Bridge phase distributed constants

The concept is the same as that in concentrated constants (fig.7)


And in the version distributed constants in a cavity, using a coaxial cable for phase shifting by 90 ° (fig.8)


The wave is fed from the central loop and comes to the two opposing loops simultaneously. The phase shift of 90 ° is made by the length of the coaxial cable, with the wave of the left-loop at the center of the loop to the right, which has at its ends the two diodes discriminatory in opposition. Because sfasi of 90 ° the cable must be long λ / 4 or odd multiples. Obviously, being the cavity λ / 2, or multiple, the cable will be of different λ / 4, also taking into account the phase velocity. The wave of the loop on the left along the length of the cable, which amends λ causes eolotropia Heaviside): so the discriminator will signal a + or – according to whether the device is directed upwards or downwards. In the absence of wind the phase discriminator will give a zero. This discriminator revealed herself by far the most sensitive. In every sense, alas, beginning with the gravitational deformation, so you have to stiffen in a range of concrete.



A relationship between propagation velocity and magnetic field and electric static I had already noticed experimentally. Placing a magnet close to a guide, or to a line, the bridge becomes unbalanced phase. The well is deranged by entering an electrical voltage within a cavity. This is because varying the wavelength, and this because it varies the speed. A Doppler caused by both fields !! It also reveals that the two camps move the ether. There is therefore a direct relationship between electric and magnetic fields static speed glue ether.  field el.impulsivo  field el.intermittente  magnetism = ether moving  influence magnet waves youtube  influence magnetism youtube magnet superimposed  magnet increases the Doppler  magnetic influence hypothesis of cable L  magnet on oscillator cavity  of magnetism copper gutter  magnet change lambda  DEMONSTRATION MAGNETISM = ETERE  the magnetic field alters c  search field magn influence on c  magnet of 1/2 wave  magnet of interferometer divergence

This is the premise for understanding the phenomenon I describe.

Indirect proof of the existence and vertical movement of the ether!

Well, telegraphs transmitted in kilometric waves modulate the phase of the waves centimeters, generated locally, either in the cavities that in coaxial cables! Can not believe I tried to change λ in the laboratory device sovrapponendogli a powerful electromagnet on AC at 50 Hz: nothing! the phenomenon does not occur! An extraordinary “Luxembourg effect”, not as intermodulation amplitude, but as intermodulation phase of long waves and microwaves.

This phenomenon is detectable only with discriminatory distributed constants in microonde.Con any other tool it can be seen. So far no one had noticed.

If the ether was still this is not the case. It should move from top to bring the information within the devices, although well shielded.

And discriminatory reveal these telegraphs together all’eolotropia Heaviside *! Evidently the interference takes place in outer space. The ether must move with the swells coming already modulated before penetrating devices. Therefore the ether arrives modulated speed inside the cavities and on the cables, and alters – the Doppler effect – the wavelength of the microwave; for which the telegraphic signal is discriminated. So they concluded that the kilometric waves act on the falling speed of the ether.

This is because of the enormous power transmitted (even megawatts!); then if you create standing waves between Earth and reflective layer fields in the wombs they multiply intensity. Why the long wave becomes stationary vertically between Earth and Couch And, how often must ‘be such that in the 60 km altitude layer wave is λ / 2 or multiple
– 2,500 Hertz, which would have a belly 30km and multiple
– on the 2nd harmonic at 5 KHz, with bellies 15 and 30Km,
– on the 3rd harmonic 7.5 KHz to 7.5 Km, 15 Km, 22.5 Km, 30 Km, 45 Km.

(A powerful station transmits only 50 Hz! A about 1 KHz, 8.3 KHz to another, to another 33 KHz to 330 KHz … yet another … all telegraphs transmitted enter in my device!)

And ‘this is the proof that the ether in space to be modulated speed

Oliver Heaviside

(*) “Eolotropy”, (there is in dictionaries) is the anisotropy in the material, due to the ether wind. And ‘thanks to this brilliant idea of Heaviside that work my interferometers.
(**) layer Heaviside , (the name given to this layer is the only recognition dall’ingrata scientific community for them his enormous contributions to telecommunications) is the ionized layer responsible for the propagation beyond the horizon, the world, the airwaves long.

These experiments about it:
youtube  long waves and ether vertical  electromagnet solidarity coll’interferometro  on the long wave interferometer simulant  simulation interference longwave indifference to shielding  demonstration by inference

Implication on Gravity

If the ether is the reference of the fields, as claimed by Maxwell, then the electric and magnetic fields are moving with it; then the atoms of bodies, immersed in electromagnetic fields, would be pushed down. Like a magnet in movement drags the magnetic materials and an electret moving drag dielectrics, the two fields would drag on the move all the bodies. So gravity is merely the pressure exerted on the bodies from the ether in motion. This is what has provided Robert J. Yours in its document “New Gravity”: ng.pdf

I hypothesize that the swirling ether to rotate the Earth, the planets, the galaxies and the entire Universe

That is not the ether to be “attracted” by gravity, but it is itself the cause of gravity. Its motion is swirling, and the shape of spiral galaxies could depend on this motion.

copyright Moscow Fabio
Fabio Mosca is on : Fabio Moscow Discussion on: “Measurement of the ether via radio waves”
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The ether and Discovery Explanation Of Gravity (c) Property Fabio Moscow by D.Domenico

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