The Electric Comet Movie is Back after a Suppression Attempt

//The Electric Comet Movie is Back after a Suppression Attempt

The Electric Comet Movie is Back after a Suppression Attempt

The Electric Comet Movie is back up

The Electric universe and Thunderbolts Project folks have been hard at work and produced an excellent film about comets and their true nature. It was less than a week before it was taken down by a baseless copyright complaint on youtube.

Suppression is very real folks and they use any means at their disposal to do it. We also suffered the same attack at and our book collection. We bounced back and won and so have the Electric Universe people. Let’s support them by watching their excellent movie and giving them a thumbs up.

UPDATE:  It has been deleted again. We’ll get back to all of you once this goes back up!

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Sorry, “The Electric Comet | Full Documentary” was deleted at 2:54:06 Mon Aug 5, 2013.Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Ass’n of Universities for Research in Astronomy claiming that this material is infringing: The Electric Comet | Full Documentary.”

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  • Kadamose

    Save the stream and host it on a site that isn’t controlled by the zionists…meaning, use your own resources or the suppression attempts will continue. Youtube, Vimeo, and the majority of other streaming websites are a terrible place to store this kind of information.

  • Scorched

    To TechZombie

    I was appalled by Dollard’s actions. I knew something was up when I saw the one video where he recanted all overunity saying it would never work. I was WTH? Sorry but that’s about the dumbest thing he could have ever said and flies in the face of his own statements. Pretty obvious how he wound up living in the desert alone in his car … and destined to return to it this time even worse. This time make him write books for beer. He likes climbing telephone poles at 60? When some kid would do it for him? Genius or not what an idiot.

  • António

    Just search for “The Electric Comet Full Documentary.flv” @ eMule/eDonkey network.

  • freiwild

    Isn´t it this one from ThunderboltsProject:

  • freiwild

    Please tell me if the link i gave you is not a correct one or do you have another reason to not publish this link? I just wanted to help. Here the link again, in germany this link is working and its from the Thunderbolts Project channel:

    The title of the movie is exactly the one you named in the text “The Electric Comet | Full Documentary”.

  • logos

    upload it on a russian server… no worries about deletion there 🙂

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