The Boy Electrician – The Best Lab Guide for Beginners

//The Boy Electrician – The Best Lab Guide for Beginners



A truly excellent volume that takes us through the advances of electrical science one step at a time and from the very beginning. It is written for young boys but as a middle aged budding new scientist I found it to be the best book I have yet found to guide a raw new comer to electrical science. It is full of simple experiments and how to build guides. This book is over 100 years old and absolute Gold!

The Boy Electrician PDF –¬†Download it free here

“ONCE upon a time, and this is a true tale, a boy had a whole railroad system for a toy. The train ran automatically, propelled by tiny electric motors, the signals went up and down, the station was reached, a bell rang, the train moved on again and was off on its journey around many feet of track to come back over the old route. The boy viewed his gift with raptured eyes, and then his face changed and he cried out in the bitterness of his disappointment:

” But what do I do? ”

The toy was so elaborate that the boy was\r\nleft entirely out of the play. Of course he did not like it. His crying tells a long story.

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