The Benefits of Structured Water

//The Benefits of Structured Water

We have had the pleasure to see, hear, and feel how structured water is changing lives and the world for the better. This is not just from our tests and validation. We have received feedback from hundreds of satisfied, sometimes amazed, believers and disbelievers in the Natural Action structuring units.
We thought it interesting to list as many benefits of structured water and structured water units as possible from our own research and that of others. Note that many of these are substantiated consistently, others only a few times,
or maybe just once. In this way, the distributors and customers can begin to prove
to themselves how structured water units can change the liquid medium
and more.
Here is a first offering of 25 tests and observations that you can do to share in the fun and adventure of structured water units from Natural Action Technologies. Enjoy!

1  -­‐  Leaf  Longevity  Test  -­‐ This test requires two plants of the same species. Water one plant with structured water. Water the other with non-­‐ structured tap water. Continue this for 30 days. Pluck two leaves of the plants and set aside for observation. Compare the leaves each day for flexibility and dryness. The leaves of our non-­‐structured “test” vines started turning to parchment in 4 days. It was day 9 before the structured leaves started becoming dry and showing signs of any cracking. This demonstrates beautifully how structured water improves hydration and preserves life. What do you find?

2  -­‐  Hard  Water  Soap  Test  -­‐ This is a good test for people living in hard water

areas. Find two clean quart jars with lids. Place one cup of the regular tap water in one jar and one cup of the “structured” tap water in the other. Place a teaspoon
of soap in each jar. Place the lid back on and then shake each jar. The structured water will deliver an obviously greater amount of soap upon shaking, whereas before there was very little or none. How’s it shaking with your hard water?

3  -­‐  Rose  Growing  Challenge – Water your roses daily with the structured water from one NAT house unit. Notice how they grow. Are they bigger, healthier, and more fragrant than before? For a real energy blast, try four house units inline. After just two months’ time, we’ve watched rose leaders grow from less than 9 feet tall to heights of 11’ with the daily application of water from 4 inline house units. The flowers went from 6 feet up to the 8 foot level. The highly energetic water from multiple inline units enhances the growing capabilities of any plant or animal.

4 -­‐ Swimming  Pool  Water  Test – This is a very interesting test with a structured water unit. Place water from a chlorinated swimming pool in a quart jar. Hold the water to your chest and muscle test the strength of a strong arm. (You don’t have to be skilled in muscle testing to do this one.) Follow these instructions:

Test the person’s relative baseline strength. Simply hold an arm straight out in front of a person. Keep the straight arm (elbow straight, wrist relaxed) at a 90 degree angle to the chest. Now, check their baseline strength. Have the person being tested slowly raise their arm up into the palm of your hand for a couple of seconds to see and feel their strength. Now, begin to SLOWLY press down and feel their strength. For more fun, have others witness. In the baseline, it will be strong or strong enough.
Now repeat the exact same test. This time have the person hold the jar to their chest under their chin and maybe even inhale a little smell of the water.
(Do not inhale to deep.) This time when you perform the same muscle test, what happens? Did it go weak? It will consistently go from the previously strong test to
weak because of the chlorine toxins in the pool water weakening the body.

Now, structure the same sample into a similar jar and hold it against your chest again. Also, inhale the smell of the water. Still smell the same? Now, as you perform the same exact strength test as the previous two tests, what did you notice? Did your arm go weak or stay strong this time? We have found the arm goes back to strength consistently because the structuring device has neutralized the toxins in the water sample and created an energetic change in the water.
The “structuring” does not allow the bodies’ energetics to go weak.

5 -­‐ The  Coffee  Challenge – Every coffee drinker knows how great his or her coffee is! Do a side-­‐by-­‐side comparison of the coffee you drink everyday versus your coffee “structured”. What do your tongue and other senses tell you? Notice how the structured coffee has a smoother, cleaner taste? We have had coffee drinking fans buy the structured water unit after tasting the improved, cleaner flavor to their own bean in one cup of coffee! For extra credit, do the same muscle test before and after structuring as you did in #4 above.

6  -­‐  Dissolving  Calcium  Test -­‐ Does structured water dissolve calcium deposits on sprinkler heads and fountains? Use of structured units on calcified sprinklers and fountains showed the continued removal of calcium buildup to the point where there was no more need for cleaning or replacement of the sprinkler heads.

With the application of a structured water unit, how are your misters doing after one or two months?

7 -­‐ Window  Streak  Test  (Tap  vs.  Structured  Water)  –  Spray your windows with both kinds of water. Which ones develop spots from leftover calcium drops?

The ability of structured water to put calcium into solution results in less spotting on the glass. This test varies depending on how much structuring power and the type of water you are using. The more structuring to the water, the better
the effect.

8  -­‐  Three  Day  Tomato  Plant  Test  –  Rain down structured water over your tomato plants daily for three days. Is there an explosion of growth and blooms in your tomato plants?

9  -­‐  Asthma  Improvement  –  What happens when a person with asthma drinks two cups of structured water in 15 minutes?  Upon drinking just one glass of structured water, an elderly gentleman, with raspy breathing, noticed his breathing become easier and less strained. His raspy inhale sounded quite a bit smoother too.

His friends in the room noticed it too, from 8 to 10 feet away.

10 -­‐ Beer  Head  Expansion  -­‐  Does the “head” on your beer expand enormously upon structuring? What’s up with this increase when beer is structured? Is this due to the overall increase in energy and oxygenation? Beer drinkers will consistently enjoy this one! Only structure a couple ounces if you like your beer with carbonation. Otherwise the beer will go flat. Which begs this question, if structuring brings to the liquid what is good for life, AND, it removes carbonation…Hmmm, Is carbonation good for life?

11  -­‐  Brix  Test  –  This requires the tester to have a refractometer available. These can be purchased online for about $35.00. The refractometer is a handheld device that shows sugar and nutritional content of a fruit through a numbered scale inside an optical viewer in the shape of a monocular. Examine your growing fruit crop with a refractometer. Here’s how: Squeeze the juice from the fruit onto the glass of the refractometer and cover the drops with the lid. What number is reading in the eyepiece at the blue and white line? This is your Brix reading. Measure the current Brix reading on a number of growing fruit. Now, water the plant with structured water and in three days take another Brix reading. What did you find?

Compare your numbers with Brix charts for the fruit you are reading. Is it Poor, Average, Good, or Excellent?
We’ve heard from growers whose Brix readings jumped upwards a couple numbers in just two to three days of structured water! This has incredible significance for the world of human and animal nutrition when the Brix tests are high! A high Brix reading is a blessing for mankind. Simply put, the higher the Brix, the greater the nutrition, the healthier the human.

12  -­‐  Human  Kidney  Factor – As a person drinks structured water, what happens to their kidneys, their rate of urination, and urination state in general? What do you notice as you feel the water system in your body responding to this new kind of water? Is this alone a new experience for everyone trying structured water?

13  -­‐  Cow  Milk  Production  Observations  -­‐  Water your dairy herd with structured water. What do you find in the following list?

• Infection states cleared out?

• Increased milk production?

• Increased bio-­‐availability of nutrients?

• Increased feed efficiency?

• Increased daily weight gain?

• Improved cow and calf health?

• Increased hydration?

• Increased tolerances to temperature extremes?

• Reduced birthing complications?

• Increased calf livability?

We have already heard from owners of herds eliminating the E. coli in their milk with the simple application of structured water.

14  -­‐  Lawn  Mower  on  Overdrive?

Structured  Water  vs.  RO/Tap  Water  on  the  Lawn  -­‐  Which lawns display greater growth and greener grass? … Structured watered or non-­‐structured? Do you use less or no fertilizer? We regularly see how green the lawn becomes when structured water is added to the yard, often while the lawn is being watered. Compare your structured watered lawn to another part of your yard watered with tap water? Is there a difference? Do you have to push or ride your lawnmower more frequently? This is one downside we have found to structured water!

15  -­‐  Microwave  Water  Test  –  Microwaved water causes one to test weak using a muscle test just like the previous #4 Chlorine test, suggesting it is toxic to human life.

Can you see and feel the change when you perform this muscle test with microwaved water?
It also shows a strange nucleus on a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera, much different than structured water before it is put in the microwave. When one structures the water, it will cause one to regain their muscle test strength,
showing the structuring has given the water back its energy and removed the toxicity from the microwave process.

16  -­‐  Watering  Plants  with  Fungal  or  Mold  Outbreaks  -­‐  Water plants that have internal yeasts and molds with structured water versus RO or Tap. Farm studies have shown that structured water supports the plants becoming free of molds. How long does it take you to see changes, or your plants becoming mold free?

17  -­‐  Sprouts  Comparisons  Test – Do sprouts grow faster with structured water, or with tap or Reverse Osmosis water? Customers and other researchers have reported that sprout growth tests have shown more rapid growth with structured water than normal tap water. What do you find?

18  -­‐  Bee  Raising  Test  –  What happens to bees with structured water? Structured water is on the forefront of water science research. This thought, along with all of the other topics are a whole new paradigm for scientists and people to consider. Are any of these results viewed or experienced when bees take in structured water?

• Improved bee health?

• Are bees more calm/happy and easier to work with?

• Increased honey production?

• Taste of honey improved? Sweeter? Stronger? More nutritious?

• New, active bee swarms?

19  -­‐  Pulse  Test  with  Water  Laser  Treatment  –  Compare your right side radial pulse (right at wrist crease line) with your right side carotid pulse (Adam’s apple level). See which one is wider or bigger. Take note. Do the same comparison with the left side.

Now, place a portable structuring unit one point at a time on the following acupuncture points suggested below. Seal it down on the skin with the spout end against the skin. Then fill it with water so that water is visible at the funnel. (Place a catch pan underneath when moving the water-­‐filled portable off the acupoints to the next point to catch water and not spill it on the floor.)
Now, shoot the laser into the water at the funnel end on the structuring device with a red laser (635nm) for 20 seconds. Pulses will come into balance within three to four acupoints being lasered. Try the following suggested points if you are not a professional acupuncturist (Google online for these acupoints locator maps):
Left(L)-­‐ Large Intestine 4, Right(R) – Kidney 3, L-­‐ San Jiao 5, Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) Points – Left Hand A5, A17.
Men: Left(L)-­‐ Large Intestine 4, Right(R)-­‐ Kidney 3, L-­‐ Liver 3, L-­‐ Pericardium 6, KHT Points – A12, A14, A18.

20  -­‐  Car  Performance  Improvements  with  Structured  Water?  –  Customers have shared with us reports of gas mileage improvement by adding just a couple cups of structured water to the engine radiator overflow. Have you tried it yet?

Take note. (Newer cars may not experience the same result if their engine uses a computer to regulate gas mileage.)

21  -­‐  Tensiometer  Readings  –  This may be the one test presented here that people at home can’t do very easily. Tensiometers are expensive. When you measure

the readings of various waters with a tensiometer (designed to measure surface tension), one can get a clearer understanding of how well a given water hydrates. Normal Tap water surface tension registers at  72 dyn/cm2, ionized alkaline water surface tension is about 56dyn/cm, and structured water is 44-­‐45 dyn/cm2. Structured water’s lower surface tension allows easier hydration into cells, both plant and animal.

22  -­‐  Checking  your  Chicken  Production  with  Structured  Water

Water your chickens with structured water. See if:

• Eggs come up to size quicker and case weights come up faster?

• Ammonia and manure smell disappears?

• Are the chickens more alert?

• Chickens start laying eggs at younger age? And later into the season than normal?

• The eggshells are thicker?

• Mortality rate is lower?

• Production peaked quicker, produced higher production at peak, and the peak lasted longer?

• Chick production increased?

• Net earnings rise upwards?

We have gotten reports from chicken growers of all these things happening.

23  -­‐  Test  a  Weak  Organ  -­‐  This test supposes you have muscle testing skills just a bit more advanced than what’s been discussed thus far. Simply test for a weak kidney, liver, heart, spleen, or lung. Do they immediately get stronger upon drinking a cup of structured water? Our muscle tests show structured water strengthening weak internal yin organs.

24  -­‐  Dilution  Test – Will structured water bring its structuring influence to regular tap water simply by pouring it into the tap water? Simple answer: Yes!

Longer answer: Take a glass of the tap water. Muscle test like the previous test. You should go weak with the tap water. In actuality the rest of the water is coming up to the energy signature of the structured water. So, when diluted with the structured water, one will see the previous weak test result go strong. Got it?

25  -­‐  Happy  Bird  Test  –  Have you added structured water to your birdbath or feeder?  What are the birds singing so much for? Can structured water create a greater sense of joy in birds? Look and see if the birds have grown heavier and

healthier since you’ve placed structured water in the backyard feeder or bath.

This is just an initial offering of benefits for sharing structured water with everyone. Stay tuned for another 25 reasons why structured water adds benefit to life and all living things.

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