The Art of Deep Study – 13 Tips for Reading Comprehension

//The Art of Deep Study – 13 Tips for Reading Comprehension


In a world where lies are the rule those who seek truth must first master the art of deep study.

Reviving Science is no simple task. The physics of the aether and all it’s associated phenomena composes the very fabric of our world. This is knowledge that holds infinite possibilities and limitless power. Those who horde power have invested heavily in suppressing this knowledge by every possible means.

  • The study of true Aetheric/electrical science has been replaced with the decoy of quantum physics and the outright fraud of relativism
  • An army of disinformers has been funded to have us chasing ghosts
  • Our bodies have been poisoned by GMO’s and sugar laiden syntheic foods degrading our intelligence
  • Social media such as twitter has rendered our ability to focus null beyond 145 characters.



To counter this we must proceed forward in three stages.

  1. We must know what to study, what is truth and what is lies. Professor Eric Dollard has done the heavy lifting here and guided us to the truth.
  2. We must then begin to study this lost science with patience and diligence  We can only proceed forth in experimentation once we have a good general store of knowledge.
  3. We can then finally proceed in the true nature of experimentation, discovery. Instead of forming a hypothesis and trying to prove it we instead try and create the right phenomena and study it through experimentation.

We are now in stage two and we must focus on the right order of study and on developing our ability to study deeply. I have been on this journey for a few months now and have consumed enough knowledge that I feel confident enough to share a few tips.

13 Tips for Deep Study

  1. Set aside some quality reading time first thing in the morning. After you bathe and brush your teeth and feel clean. Try to read before you eat as your mind will be at it’s freshest. If you must eat then have a liquid meal only.
  2. Avoid sugar at all costs. Any kind of sugar will destroy your ability to think. Fresh fruit is okay but only have it AFTER your reading time. Sugar is proven to lower your IQ and you shall notice a difference in your comprehension abilities.
  3. Avoid ALL TV. No exceptions! Ever! There is a reason the British government outlawed hypnosis on TV. TV’s frequency and timing is set for maximum sedative effect.
  4. Avoid social media on the internet. Sure the Facebook news feed and your favorite blogs are a good source of news but when it is time to read stay away from your computer and remove yourself from the internet. Deep study is a jealous lover.
  5. My hero who was known to read a book every night had a special way of reading. He would first read the conclusion then the index and then read whatever chapter he was interested in. I do this and then sometimes read chapters of interest backwards. I find this helps me absorb the information at a far higher rate. If it works, it works! Experiment.
  6. The best thing is real paper. An old bound book is worth it. The pages and the time really do help you absorb the knowledge better. A classical book like Etheric Formative Forces is worth it’s weight in Gold.
  7. Find a place where you feel comfortable and at ease. Anything outside and surrounded by nature is best. if you can take off your shoes and let the soles of your feet hit the ground it does help.
  8. There will be passages and pages that are extremely difficult and should be read multiple times. Do not feel guilty about this. Read a page as many times as you need to until it has sunk in. It is best to focus on comprehension rather than simply scanning. Do not feel bad if it takes you an entire day to grasp even one page. Some of the most brilliant men of all time were very slow readers. 
  9. BREATHE!!!!! BREATHE BREATHE DEEPLY. This may sound silly but I SWEAR to you it works. These books were are reading are among the deepest ever written. The more you breathe in deeply the more your mind can connect with the source and the more you will absorb. Try this as an experiment. Pick a chapter in a book that has always befuddled you and breathe through it.
  10. Read difficult passages aout loud. There will be some passages that even after multiple reads will leave you completely dumbfounded (Heaviside). Try reading them out loud in a funny accent or anything that helps you get by it and soak it in. It may seem funny but if it relaxes your mind then amazing things can happen.
  11. Take notes. Even if you will never read them again or share them the note taking helps you absorb the material.
  12. Take entertainment breaks at night. Watch a movie that is focused in the same general area, such as sci fi etc.. It may inspire you and give you additional stamina or at the very least let you relax.
  13. Stay away from any relativist or modern physics, quantum physics sources. Whenever ou hear talk of E=MC2 or the laws of thermo dynamics then simply put it down and walk away. It can only poison your mind.

The importance of this work cannot be over stated. If we do not do this then no one else will. We cannot count on the “professional scientists” to bail us out because they simply cannot. Their minds have been poisoned by the mind virus of relativity and they simply cannot do it, no matter how smart they are.


It is up to us, the normal folks, the mechanics, artists, musicians  architects and programmers. Anyone who has a love for the truth can do this and we must do this. God willing we shall have more victories.





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