Tesla’s Most Suppressed Quote

//Tesla’s Most Suppressed Quote

Tesla’s Most Suppressed Quote

“Explaining the Workings of the Universe without recognizing the existence of the ether is futile.” – Nikola Tesla

Tesla had moved beyond electrical engineering to Aetheric engineering and threatened the very billionaires he had made rich. Tesla was not the type to back down and got buried.

Tesla had moved beyond electrical engineering to Aetheric engineering and threatened the very billionaires he had made rich. Tesla was not the type to back down and got buried.


Special Evening Session: Lecture By Nikola Tesla On Light And Other High Frequency Phenomena


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  • Jock Doubleday

    “A tongue-in-cheek question was once posed to Tesla about the nature of the universe. So, the question was, “Mr. Tesla, can you explain to us the nature of the universe?” And he said, “Yes, of course I can, in three words only. Vibration, frequency, and resonance, that’s all that exists.”
    – Domagoj Nikolić

    “Domagoj Nikolić talks about Bosnian pyramids, ancient mining, and Tesla technology”

  • Mark Mullen

    The prime factors of vibration, frequency, and resonance…we can prove the truth of Tesla’s words in our own lives. Yoga and meditation make these factors obvious, and their effects undeniable. Tesla is what we call a Jnana Yogi…one who approaches Truth through the power of the mind. He sure approached it!

  • Anonymous

    This is his objection to E=mc2 he was saying that Einstein is wrong, Einstein agreed. Yet we still use E=mc2 as a primary base for physics when it is completely wrong.

  • nzo nelson

    we, as a movement inthe greater culture , are at the very place where Tesla was when they chose to supress the truth , the information… and like the rabbit said… feed your head…..

  • Atma

    Vibration: All things move and give off energy at an atomic level.

    Frequency: All energy vibrates at different wavelengths.

    Resonance: All wavelengths vibrate at different amplitudes.

    Something like that?

  • Tom Grimshaw

    To one who has been outside one’s body and knows for a certainty that they are an immortal spiritual being, one instantly recognises that Tesla was spot on the money. A spirit constantly creates space and energy. The energy condenses into matter. The entire physical universe is made up of condensed energy in space co-created by each of us every day. Stop creating it and, to a degree, it ceases to exist for you. Reality is agreement. We just need to formulate some new agreements, acceptable to the majority, to alter the current paradigm. It sure needs altering!

  • Bob Pegram

    Marx tried to destroy absolutism is economics and government. Darwin trid to do in biology. Einstein tried to do in physics and astronomy. They were all left-wingers and all wrong.
    Tesla had it right and amassed a huge list of inventions based on absolutism being true.

  • There are so many brilliant things on the net one can get totally lost!

  • Nicola Tesla is not saying any thing new. Einstein has drawn the attention towards the unified force at the time of origin of universe. Without this, his theory is incomplete, it was known to him.
    Vital energy of life and the creation is one and the same. It is Einstein’s Grand Unified Force. It is aligned with the earth’s geomagnetic belt. It has manifested with electromagnetic rays of light, atom, molecule and matter as primary ensign of existence of all. It has evolved into secondary life consciousness with origin of life from DNA with food metabolism and genetic recombination. It was searched at Grand Canyon North America before 11 thousand years ago by the Vedic scientists. The wonderful cave city at the bank of Colorado River in deep earth is its monumental evidence with petroglyphs on the wall to explore the truth.
    With regards

    Chandra P Trivedi
    [email protected]

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