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Introduction to Harmonics by Drew Lesso

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Harmonic procedures build quality/quantity, string-length/frequency, space/time, philosophic/scientific, sound/haptic/visual, and more, sensibilities. Harmonics is especially suited but not limited to the Arts and Sciences. This includes all the disciplines and therefore also applications to the Humanities and including seemingly far fetched outside disciplines such as Economics or Law. Each has [...]

Harmonics and Cosmogony by Hans Kayser

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HARMONIC COSMOGONY An excerpt from Akroasis by Hans Kayser ยง54.1. Preliminary Note The reader who has followed the investigations in this book closely up to this point, thought over their content, and above all experienced them, will wish to see in this closing chapter a [...]

Russellian Cosmology vs Thunderbolts Electric Universe

By |2018-05-05T03:08:23+00:00June 28th, 2017|Cosmology, Electric Plasma Universe, Gravity, Unified Theory, Walter Russell|

WRC vs Thunderbolts MSS = main stream science TBP = The Thunderbolts Project team DLaP = David LaPoint (Primer Fields) TBP = Thunderbolts project WT = Wal Thornhill of TBP It is to their great credit that the guys at Thunderbolt (TBP) are promoting an [...]

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