Steps to the REVOLUTION by Ech El

//Steps to the REVOLUTION by Ech El


Realize that you are not a victim and never have been. You have been subconsciously programmed to adhere to a materialistic paradigm and its agenda of fragmentation, isolation, and polarity through a fear based propaganda. The New Age idealism only perpetuates this notion of the polarized game of black and white while negating the balancing, trinitzing factor. We are not bound to be separate entities of good and evil, that is just a trap of polarity.

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WE are ALL ONE holo-fractally experiencing itself as many, so let’s act like it. At every scale and level of your being, the cabal has placed roadblocks to inhibit your personal growth and self actualization but really, you have let YOURSELF fall into these ideological traps out of a fear of the unknown, an adherence to “normality”. FEAR IS THE MIND-KILLER. It is and always has been your choice to follow this bollocks and you have the choice to say Enough is enough. This shit doesn’t work or help anyone.


You must hydrate with Clean and quality water from a spring or even reverse osmosis and carbon filtered water. Eat healthily … Fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and sprouts all day long. Organic as often as possible. These will alkalize your blood allowing for a healing modality to unfold. Start a garden, grow your own produce, share seeds and harvests, support local farmers and farmer’s markets. If it comes in a box or has ingredients you can’t pronounce, it isn’t food, it’s a FOOD-LIKE product, so don’t eat it. Eat shit and you will feel like shit, simple as that.

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Now that your body is lighter and finally detoxifying and purging, workout or do yoga daily to enhance the process. This refreshed physicality will lead to enhanced and balanced emotional states. You will experience and react to emotional states in a more holistic manner.


Breathe Clean Air. Get back in Nature. Re-ground yourself. Find an appreciation for natural patterns and cycles. Soak in that vitamin D. This does wonders for the mood and clarity of thought. You must build a strong foundation through grounding.


Now that you feel healthy, positive, and uplifted, you can be mindful of your thoughts. You think more positively. Meditate daily, practice positive affirmations, and practice DEEP pranayamic breathing. Even try an entheogen in a proper and reinforcing setting.

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Open your mind. Realize you don’t know a damn thing and everything you can ever learn rationally is but a metaphor hindered by language attempting to describe more entangled, implicate, and enfolded orders of reality. Drop the rules, dogma, and assumptions of the materialistic paradigm. Turn off the television, step away from the digital world, and READ A BOOK! Then practice what you learned. You need new belief structures to support the New You. Need a reading idea? Check out … All yours for FREE!

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Now you realized the source of your thoughts and emotions, you now have the ability to rearrange your belief structure. The definitions and beliefs you hold act as your personal experiential filter for this reality. Hold beliefs that facilitate a necessity for an abundance of lack, and that is exactly what you will get, an abundance of lack. When beliefs that are aligned with your true nature, the things, ideas, and people you need to experience will fall into lap nearly effortlessly.

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Now you finally understand what it feels like to be in the FLOW, to truly experience MAGICK. Continue this state by acting upon your highest excitements and passions at an given moment, WITHOUT EXPECTATION, and you will become fully actualized, capable of synergetically interacting with the whole for a much more effective outcome. Be your true self to the best of your ability and life will unfold in a manner more conducive to allowing an even more full expression of the true self.

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With these situations abound try to experience every bit of physical reality as a reflection of your internal states, and you will soon find yourself learning from and being grateful for every situation you experience. Bless those that tend to stand in your way and respect them as equally valid, albeit less coherent, aspects of ALL THAT IS. You will begin to see how all things are a part of one whole, each playing its own relative, harmonic, and ever so necessary part. We need the darkness to see the light, and vice versa, just to realize it’s all part of a much bigger game. Time to stop being the gamepieces and switch to a whole new game. Find the middle ground of the polarized, ride the TRINITY!.

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Now that you are in resonance with your natural, true self … CREATE! Make art, write and play music, indulge in deep conversations, share stories, create a garden, research bridging the aetheric gap of consciousness and physical science, collaborate with other awakened individuals, make and supply homemade goods. Just find a way to express and share your true talents, gifts, and passions. It will come to you. IT’S TIME TO NETWORK! Spread the ideas and gifts locally and explore alternative paradigms of exchange such as bartering and decentralized digital cryptocurrencies. Exploration and Perspective with Compassion in Mind!

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WE are clearly outnumbered but that is OK, as we are much, much stronger. Realize these few things about yourself and share your passions with others, leading by example, we will soon enough cross the threshold or critical mass necessary to overthrow the idealism of cabal on a collective level to taste higher orders of existence. Thank you for being YOU and for finally waking up. You are not alone. Never forget you are loved unconditionally by ALL THAT IS and by people like us. WE Stand by Your Side as WE ARE ONE!

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