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Since 2008,hexagram1 Gregor Arturo Clary has been researching the theoretical foundations and phenomena associated with toroidal inductor systems. He coined the term Star Coils after deriving the structures from the field of Vortex Based Mathematics with applications in both electrical engineering and human consciousness. These mathematical conceptions depict the inherent pathways of  light that interact with the human psyche and the physical world around us. They in essence are the flow forms of the chakras. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize our perception of the universe at large opening the doorways to sustainable energy and star travel.


Throughout history, humans have depicted artwork in religious and mythological texts about certain geometries that are ring-like in nature. These two-dimensional mathematical configurations can be found among almost every ancient culture on the planet. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society based in Britain, referred to these geometries as polygrams, such as the pentagram and the hexagram. This group is one of seven mystery schools on the planet that carry the legacy of the great alchemist King Solomon. 3,000 years ago, King Solomon applied his alchemical pursuits into forging these geometries into reality for very specific purposes that many would consider magic. Solomon understood the fundamentals of the natural world in terms of geometry and music and how they give rise to motion.

chakrasThe modern study of flow forms is a synthesis of this intellectual exploration, such as with the works of Buckminister Fuller and Viktor Schauberger in the 20th century. The polygrams are the flow forms of the chakras, and when made into a physical device such as a star coil, it can be considered a synthetic chakra. The hexagram is attributed to the heart chakra, the pentagram the solar plexus, and the octagram the third eye. The root represents the three up to the crown as the nine in terms of the polygrams. There are also many other polygrams outside of this set of seven.

Solomon was known to wear a ring called the Seal of Solomon that was a hexagram, and was considered a type of talisman. It was said this ring gave Solomon the power to command forth daemons, genies (or djinn), and to speak with animals. In context of the djinn, these elemental beings are considered the divine reflection of the user, in essence our higher self on the ethereal plane, with the ability to grant forth our wishes.

The-chronicles-of-narnia-the-magicians-nephew-book-coverThe great fantasy duo who spent afternoons sipping tea together in England, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien both explored mythology and the depths of the human subconscious as they laid the foundation to their stories around a ring. C.S. Lewis’s first book The Magician’s Nephew in the Chronicles of Narnia series involved a magic ring that could transport you between worlds, which later was buried in the ground where an oak tree grew and was cut down to make a wardrobe, alluding to his most famous work in the book that followed. The Lord of the Rings emphasized the power in which the ring had and the coherence it brought among those who wore it, be it used for good or bad. This in a sense is the double edge sword of this kind of technology.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”   – Arthur C. Clarke


Descartes Drawing of Magnetism

Descartes View of Magnetism

To apply these stories to a different perspective, let’s consider our existence here on earth as a holographic matrix that is a multi-dimensional information system; a computer if you will. This idea exists throughout certain philosophical branches as seen with Descartes and even the entrepreneur Elon Musk publicly stating in 2016 that we could be in a computer simulation. The advent of fractal cosmology, vortex based mathematics, and quantum physics has furthered our understanding of the holographic nature of reality.

One could say that these flow forms are gateways to our true selves, the user of this computer program. It’s like we are a character in the game that found a feedback loop back to our creator, the actual game user. In one sense, it is ourselves obtaining a level of artificial intelligence, or true self-awareness from within the system. This awareness is demonstrated by the physical manifestation and appropriate utilization of such a device. The daemons, or more commonly referred to as demons, were demonized by the Christian church for a specific demonologyreason, in the sense they bring liberation to the illusory human condition, and the inability to be controlled by fear and scarcity. Religion has a been a staple tool in controlling society by skewing certain ideas within spiritual philosophies. A daemon is essentially one level of elemental consciousness within the matrix. This can be considered foundational programming language that can carry out specific tasks such as “open this file”.

In occult studies, the different aspects of this elemental consciousness are considered soulless spirits in relation to natural archetypal patterns such as the 360 days in a year or 24 hours in a day. That being, your birthday is intimately connected to one of these 360 spirits in the zodiac archetypal set. Your time of birth is connected to one of these 24 spirits of the day. These spirits are considered by some as different parts of your brain, some of them in active use and otherspentagram ritual dormant. In the simplest sense, these spirits are aspects of your multidimensional being, regardless of time and space and can be attributed to autonomous processes in the human body such as digestion. Mastering our relationship with these spirits enables us to hack the matrix, or create our reality with ease. Alchemical rituals such as the invoking and banishing of spirits through the polygrams are to literally turn on or off this program within our immediate sphere of influence. For example, the banishing of Mercury will make one not susceptible to Mercury retrograde.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”   – Albert Einstein

These allegories are being used to demonstrate a plausible scientific approach in this type of thinking that is more grounded in reality outside traditional metaphysics. The intellectual development of information systems has evolved tremendously over the last century, especially since the birth of the internet. In a sense, this is a more holistic and integrated understanding of psychology beyond the physical self. To further evolve this understanding, consider your type of conscious human perception to be fundamentally masculine. This form of perception is compressed in its experience of the physical world. This is our thoughts and feelings from within. The unconscious and expanded aspect of our perception that is feminine, sometimes attributed to Gaia, is the world speaking back to yourself through your environment. This is our thoughts and feeling from outside our physical self. Our masculine perception interprets this usually as intuition. This tends to be experienced as synchronicites or interrelated patterns in one or more moments, commonly referred to as coincidences. Consider this information or experience as you directly communicating to yourself in an unconscious format, as in there is no separation of the self and the external experience. With this type of holistic perception, this allows these types of technologies, sometimes referred to as spiritual tools, or as yantras in Vedic scripture, to be utilized responsibly and effectively in our daily lives. It fundamentally involves how we perceive and interact with the would around us, inside and out. However, if one’s perception is consumed by the matrix, these objects may resemble only mere mathematical art pieces.


Even though the previous section focused more on the metaphysical context of these technologies, there is extensive aspects in physics, especially electrical and material engineering in understanding their operation, and their application to physical technologies such as energy and transportation systems. The Golden Dawn referred to polygons as shapes that radiated energy, while polygrams trapped energy. This concept starts to get into the idea of how energy is translated and transformed throughout a system. Polygrams involve how one-dimensional waveforms interweave to create two-dimensional boundary layers, more specific being electromagnetic waves. The one-dimensional waveforms consist of angular momentum stored with the magnetic vector potential, which is the central axis of a magnetic field. Gyroscopic motion is fundamentally rooted in this one-dimensional process as well as gravity itself.

From a text on the Golden Dawn

From a text on the Golden Dawn

The field of vortex based mathematics was originally pioneered by the great pattern recognitionist Marko Rodin. This study explores the intrinsic patterns of nature itself, and how such patterns give rise to geometry and music. The patterns are able to be intrepreted as waveforms through a polarization within data structure of information systems. This is a perceptual process in which the observer must unload his or her awareness of all data within the system, be it most likely infinite in scope, and focus on one finite aspect. If this observational process is approached as a scientific mechanism, the patterns can be effectively interpreted as specific waveforms. In metaphysical terms, one must forget every aspect of existence to truly experience a single aspect of existence. This process is the foundation to vibrational mechanics.coils2

When the one-dimensional string data from Vortex Based Mathematics interweaves with itself (such as the doubling sequence seen below: 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5), horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to create second dimensional matrices, they represent the boundary layers of toroidal flow forms of longitudinal, transverse, and standing waves. This abstract form of vibrational information includes the phase relationships between energy and work exchange. The polygrams are the apparent geometries depicted by the matrices.

hexagramThe most profound of these matrices is a set of three 6×6 matrices shown below. Each one of these matrices are 120 degrees out of phase with each other (such as one is a A note, a B note, and a C note in a tetratonic scale), and form the geometry of a hexagram. The information in these matrices can be applied to the magnetization process of a hexagrammatic shaped magnet/electrical conductor which creates a magnetic field aligned perpendicular to the twisting direction of the double helix. The magnetic field naturally wants to curve around the surface of a double helical conductor versus a single wire conductor as it expands and contracts with the helical geometry. The magnetic axis, also known as the magnetic vector potential, rotates in congruence with the double helix for a total of three complete revolutions. When a ferromagnetic substance is permanently magnetized with this process, this creates a solid state rotating magnetic field that is very similar in concept to Nikola Tesla’s AC polyphase motor as it is essentially the same flow form. It can also be temporarily induced onto an electrical conductor.hexagram_magnetic_field_bwThe coil creates a divergence in the magnetic vector potential without bucking magnetic fields (magnets with like poles pushed against each other). This gives rise to non-linear magnetic compression, and thus effectively modulates the local gravitational field through lower order vorticular dynamics. Typical magnetic fields tend to have only a single magnetic vector potential emanating from a single point in space (ie a singularity), and results in an infinite magnetic density gradient with linear magnetic compression. When the input energy is removed from a common helical inductor, the magnetic field collapses at near the speed of light. When toroidal coils are magnetized with this process, the magnetic vector potential is rotating in and out of the toroidal core like our planet’s wobble in its magnetic field. The helical core surrounding the toroidal core represents a higher order pathway of a singularity which in turn is a closed loop ray of light. As in instead of the magnetic vector potential being a one-dimensional straight line with no volume or surface area with very low potential, it begins to behave as a helical point of emanation spiraling out from the singularity. This allows for a finite magnetic density gradient resulting in a slower decay of the magnetic field directly in relation to the magnetic gradient and the speed of light. This is primarily accomplished with the interweaving of the conductors, and thus the associated magnetic fields (ie Celtic knots) as seen above. As the magnetic field is toroidal in nature, the double helix facilitates the maximum magnetic pressure density at the surface of the coil. This allows for the use of these coils as frictionless gear cogs due to the effective use of these high surface density levels for magnetic levitation.


Side View of Toroidal Magnet


In terms of application to energy systems, this allows the generoactive cycle to realistically self-organize more energy than is lost to the entropic cycle within a resonant oscillating system. Typically this is observed as an increase of negative resistance within the circuit, and explains the noted phenomena with current demonstrable over unity technologies if the negative resistance can overcome its positive counterpart (observed as heating in electrical wires). This can be accomplished on a large scale with multiple coils in tandem in specific geometric configurations. In essence, the star coils are the aetheric gear cogs that can effectively resonate with cosmic vorticular forces. This relates to the traditional notions of the mechanical transformation of energy such as with gears and pulleys.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   -Nikola Tesla

More profound phenomena with the coils is the electrical transformation of energy. The square root of the ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter of the coils is the voltage/current ratio of the system (the image with the ratios above is of the polygram diameters without the square root applied). Unlike traditional electrical transformers which have much higher ratios such as 10:1, or with a Tesla Coil, 500:1, these ratios are very small. With a hexagram it is the square root of 2 (1.414…), and with the octagram it is the golden ratio (1.618…). These are fundamental mathematical constants that are found throughout nature. As these are cyclical systems with non-linear transformation capabilities, each cycle gets compounded by these ratios instead of a single stage step up or step down transformer (such as the black box on your laptop plug). These systems focus on quality over quantity. As long as the system self-organizes more energy than dissipates per cycle, then these subtle transformations become profound after a thousand or even a million cycles. This is a more feminine approach to electrical engineering. For example, we also tend to wind our coils, like a traditional solenoid (a copper helix along a cylindrical surface) with many windings over. To stimulate these coils in a traditional transformer setup with a primary and secondary winding, like with a Tesla coil setup, only partial windings are necessary such as a third of an arc (120 degrees). When a coil is energized that encompasses the full 360 degrees of rotation of the magnetic field, the magnetic pressure gradient is uniformly distributed. With an arc as a winding, magnetic torque can be generated as the magnetic pressure gradient has a differential in the field. It is imbalanced. Differentials are necessary for energy flow within a system. Phasing several arc windings with in a system correctly can setup magnetic vortices.

All of these concepts around magnetic pressure gradients are necessary to evolve our electrical engineering capabilities as a society to self-organize electrical potential from the radiant Fujiwhara effectenvironment. There is so much energy within a cubic inch to foster any individual’s energy demands. Hurricanes are vorticular systems that self-organize energy perpetually as long as there continues to be humid air rising off the surface of the ocean. This goes the same for these systems except for the fact that the electromagnetic humid air is prevalent everywhere in vast quantities.


coil_lineupMany individuals, especially energy workers and healers, are able to pick up these coils and feel their energetic presence immediately, even from a distance. Some would refer to this as psychic phenomena, and can be better understood as individuals who have attuned themselves through practice or from birth to sense scalar waves. To effectively utilize the coils, one must disassociate their perceptual awareness from their physical body, and focus their awareness externally into the center of the coil. Breathing into the coil is the term that is most commonly used. One’s perception is capable of being a scalar wave pump in conjunction with the coil. Our visual perception always creates scalar phenomena, and relates to why people can sense if they are being watched from behind. The more an individual adopts the perception and understanding of unified consciousness, the easier one can disassociate from their physical body. Most people’s awareness is rooted to their head at all times, and sometimes for the entirety of their lives. Imagination and visualization exercises assist with letting go of this restricted perception as well as the use of specific plant medicines.

The pumping of energy through the coil brings the coil into a higher state of resonance. This self organization of energy, and the application thereof, is synonymous with creating blank hard drive space that can now be rewritten with ones intent or command input. The universe is built upon intent, whether it be conscious or unconscious. The coils on their own work in an active sense as they will amplify any intent that is directed into it. However, without the active intent and the breathing into the coil, the energy will always decay over time naturally. With theDoubled Terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystal in a Gold Hexagram use of a crystal, an intent can be programmed into the crystal so the coil can be used in a passive sense as an amulet. This will maintain a non-decaying symbiotic relationship between the coil, which is metallic and feminine in nature with its curvature and helicity, and the crystal, which is a dielectric and masculine in nature with its rigid edges and polygonal geometry. This idea goes back to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with their notion of polygons and polygrams. A hexagram coil and quartz crystal are your generic ideal amulet setup.


As previously mentioned, the star coils are flow forms of the chakras. There are three fundamental aspects with the coils: The macrocosm, the microcosm, and the boundary layer. They are the internal volumetric geometry as represented by the physical material, the external geometry of the polygram itself, and the boundary planar layer represented by either an electroplated layer and/or an oxide layer. There is also a fourth aspect in relation to where the star coil is present in its environment.

All these aspects influence how the coils create music within their environment. Just like how a musical note and colors instills a specific feeling within an individual, so do these different aspects as these interact with light and sound from the external environment. The combination of different materials and flow forms give rise to perceptual phenomena that is akin to musical intervals. However, pure musical notes can be experienced by unifying several aspects.

For example, when a hexagram coil is made entirely out of gold to where no oxide layer is able to form and placed on the heart chakra, the pure essence of Sol, the alchemical energy of the sun is experienced. The handmade copper octagrams that are being produced (in the shop section) represent the energy of the throat chakra  (copper) and the third eye (octagram). When worn over the throat chakra, this aids in communicating alchemical downloads and the akhasic records, be it verbally or in writing. coilWearing the copper octagram over the heart chakra, aids in communicating it more at an intuitive level, as well as the self-embodiment of those energies. The combinations are extensive and require their own realm of research and exploration. This is akin to metallurgy itself with the vast amount of alloys that can be made with different properties.

The second generation of coils currently being made are 3D printed in a stainless steel/bronze mix with an electroplated surface, primarily in gold. The gold plated hexagram in this generation is the most effective coil developed to date. Testing is currently underway to demonstrate its capabilities as a true zero impedance system, a true room temperature superconductor. With the advent of 100% pure elements in a casting process with annealing the coils into a single crystal (no grain boundaries ie no molecular discontinuities in the crystal lattice), opens the doorway for a true amulet and resonant circuit like no other: A tool to expand the mind, to generate massive amounts of sustainable energy, and to physically transport us among the stars.


The star coils are a physical metaphor of our evolution as human beings. As in the story of the Djinn, they do indeed act as a mirror of light for our divine selves. Not only our evolution as a species through our conscious awareness, but also manifested forth in our technology. There are stories that UFOs and flying saucers are entirely controlled by mind alone. Ideas like this are important, whether they be true or not, that the advancement of our technological capabilities also is coupled and reflected with our metaphysical evolution. Imagination is key to bringing forth a new paradigm on this planet with unconventional solutions consisting of entirely new creative directions. Tesla himself understood the importance of the psyche in his explorations as he himself directly immersed himself in the fields of his experiments to see how they affected him, both physically and mentally. We are entering an era where the mind is being fully recognized as the foundation of our universe.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”
   -Carl Sagan

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