Why is it that we are so afraid of our own vulnerability at times and showing it? Is it fear of what others may think, fear of being shamed and judged, being seen as weak and “damaged”? Maybe that’s part of it. What keeps us from sharing our deeper fears and personal struggles? Ironically the more we do that, we find that we all have the same fears or same “issues” and struggles with ourselves and the world and the more we share, the more others can actually relate to us and we can relate to them. It helps to heal ourselves and the world we live in and create more authentic relationships.

“Our soul’s voice reveals our deepest wisdom and our deepest wounds, which is why unleashing our soul’s voice is often our deepest desire and our deepest fear. We ache to be self-expressed, to be authentic, to totally let ‘er rip and yet we are terrified of being that vulnerable, that raw, that real. So we edit, shape or even shut up our unique soul’s voice in order to be accepted, successful, and even loved. But deep down in our bellies, where our power burns the brightest, we know we cannot be of service, we cannot be free, we cannot truly come alive if we aren’t sharing the truth of who we are.”

– Sera Beack

In this day and age it’s so easy to get distracted by the world “out there” that we lose our human connection to each other at times. That is not to say that we should ignore the outside world and become pre-occupied with ourselves. It’s about balance and authenticity. Inner and outer work go hand in hand. It surely can be scary to “go there” and some people will aways judge us or project their shadow on to us instead of receiving us with acceptance and compassion.

Sometimes I feel that the “rulers” of the world, hyperdimensional, political, and otherwise are actually feeding off that and want us to stay silent and quiet, not showing vulnerability, being pre-occupied with the outside world. They feed off the (unconscious) fear we have of showing ourselves raw and without masks, because behind all that, buried in our vulnerability is true love and power which they cannot touch.