Show Your Support For Aether Force

///Show Your Support For Aether Force

Greetings and Balance to our Aetheric Family,

For several years, John Ech, operator of Aether Force, has worked more than full time hours to keep Aether Force moving forward through this wave we call life. We are finally on our way back to the highest peaks and need to overcome one last hurdle.

I work everyday to help this movement grow, whether through posting, offering informational services, or directly connecting and networking with the brightest minds I know to get your work in the hands of the open minded engineers. I do this work as I feel it is a major calling of mine to allow a gateway for the qualitative sciences to flourish and grow. This work is centered in my heart, as I act for the greater good of the whole and for my love of humanity. I live this new world of scientific inquiry with each breath. This is a work of passion for me and while I do so, it has also become a financial burden as I pay out of pocket for every advancement with little to no income reciprocating this giving. Please feel this.

Aether Force now asks for your financial support to stay alive and to evolve to its next phase. We are on a major cusp as the time of the Aether unfolds before us. The release of the qualitative sciences into the public domain is of prime importance to our survival as a species among the onslaught of material reductionism and explosive based technologies.

This next phase for Aether Force will necessitate financial assistance in whatever way that comes. If you have gained any benefit from the information shared via Aether Force, please consider balancing this free giving with a form of re-giving. Every dollar counts. We are in this together and I do this for all of you.

Please feel my gratitude for each and every one of you!


Learn more about how donations will transparently be used here:



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