Shape Power and the Return of Common Sense Aether Science

//Shape Power and the Return of Common Sense Aether Science

Shape Power and the Return of Common Sense Aether Science

The power of certain geometric shapes to focus the aether and channel energy has been well known by ancient civilizations and highly suppressed by quantum physics. There are many examples of shape power.

Davidson has done a tremendous amount of research on shape power. Dan Davidson’s book is an excellent read and suitable for a beginner. It contains many simple experiments one can perform to see the power of shape on our universe.


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  • Robert

    The problem is that his entire talk is: “he said,” “they said,” hearsay, and, oh by the way, send me $20 and I’ll e-mail you my book (if 100 people do that, then that’s a nice chunk of cash). Not once does he give an account of his doing one damn thing, even the chopstick pyramid that supposedly creates a magnetic field.

  • Derrick

    His book is available on line for free. It’s a good read, it’s mostly common sense, electrostatic effects are shape dependent It’s a simple enough experiment, if you have a sensitive MF meter.

  • Robert

    Your response is a total non sequitur.

    I know the book’s online now, but it wasn’t originally.

    “electrostatic effects are shape dependent”

    He was talking about static magnetic effects and anti-gravity effects.

    He hasn’t done anything yet he writes a book about it, and relates that this person said they did this and that person said they did that, oh try this, oh try that. It is babbling.

  • MZ

    If I remember correctly the Pyramid power claims have been tested in Mythbusters, including the claims about the razor blade sharpening and slowed decay of food. The tests revealed the pyramid shape doesn’t show any claimed effects.

  • Tech Zombie

    did you even read his book? he has performed many gravity experiments and details them in the book.

    you are babbling

  • Tech Zombie

    MythBusters is…. a myth.

    These guys are an establishment front. They are on.. TV…
    They also “busted” hydrogen power” hahaha
    nuff said.

  • reddpill

    I replicated a few of these experiments in regards to pyramid power and it proved to me that Mythbusters lied. The fruit that I used did exactly as was explained, where it did not rot. It slowly decayed over a period of weeks and did not release any pungent smell that you would receive from normally rotting fruit, nor any fruit flies. Not only that, on the covered underside of a plum, that looked to me was actually “dehydrating”, a group of small larvae of worms grew, which was impossible for any type of fly to lay “eggs” into. This also proves Viktor Schuabergers and Wilhelm Reich’s experiments where life can be created from “nothing”.

    So to sum up, Mythbusters is an entertainment program, nothing more, nothing less. They have been caught out several times purposely fixing the results of their experiments. And if you want to take them as an authority on subjects where they have been proven wrong, without doing the experiments yourself, what does that made you?

  • Tech Zombie

    Right on redpill,
    MythBusters is myth and a joke. They exist only to suppress and mislead. quite sad. we need more people like you who…
    only respect!

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