Self Work Begins with Body Work by Bernhard Guenther

//Self Work Begins with Body Work by Bernhard Guenther

An essential part of self-work is about getting in touch with our bodies. Living in a world with ever increasing technology and computerization we have become more and more disconnected from our bodies. We stare at a computer screen more than ever before, professionally or at home. We are glued to our smartphones. Children spend more time on playstations, TV, and computers than playing outside. We drive a lot in our cars or use public transportation and hardly walk. We have become desensitized and are not aware of how we hold and carry ourselves and how every day life affects our bodies and overall health.

Our body gives us constantly clues about our environment and the people we engage in. Most of us are so out of touch with our bodies that we don’t even sense these messages which could help us to make wiser decisions and choices. Our rational mind tends to over-ride the more subtle impressions of the body, the gut feeling, and the energetic clues that are perceived by the body. We may sense some tension in our bodies when something feels off but tend to ignore it, getting stuck in our head and our thoughts. Mainstream education doesn’t teach us about body awareness and how to listen to our intuition and gut-feelings. We reward intellectual intelligence but have forgotten emotional intelligence and the intelligence of the body.


Looking at the entirety of existence, everything is manifest from universal energy. Our muscles, tissue, organs and bones are carriers of energy and memory, all of which is interrelated and connected. The body is a holistic organism where nothing is isolated. Everything affects us physically and energetically on some level. Any experience we ever had, even things that happened to us but we’ve forgotten about or were not aware of, it is still held in the body. Be it grief, a broken relationship, emotional pain, everyday stress, childhood wounds, injuries and accidents, trauma, etc. . The body stores the experience and does not “forget” until it is released holistically. Stress, the most common symptom of modern life, does effect the body tremendously, resulting in muscle tension, emotional suffering, bad posture and build up of “armor”.

Chronically tight muscles are a sign that they are constantly contracting. In other words, they are always working and in action. That alone takes constant energy from the life force to “keep one going”. It’s like driving a car with the hand-break on. Energy can’t flow freely and not all parts of the body (muscles, organs, tissue, bones) are getting enough “chi” or “prana” (life-force). This can result in negative emotions, tiredness, depression, mental sluggishness, irritation, illness, injuries and overall dis-ease. If the body keeps the stress inside and is getting overloaded with more toxins (bad life habits, poor diet, lack of exercise) the life force is not sufficient to keep the body in a healthy condition. The immune system weakens, which can lead to sickness, injury, chronic pain or even cancer.
There are many ways to get in touch with our bodies (Bodywork, Yoga, Dance, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, to name a few…) in order to increase self-awareness and sensitivity to the energetic clues of our environment as well as release energy blocks, stress and trauma that is manifested in our bodies from our past and through daily living. A healthy body-mind is the foundation for good health: physical, emotional, and mental.

“Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.”
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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