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Hills of Tara

Was Zealandia part of Mu? landmasses have risen and landmasses have been swallowed by rising water on many occasions…

In paleogeography, Gondwana or Gondwanaland, is the name given to the more southerly of two supercontinents (the other being Laurasia) which were part of the Pangaea supercontinent that existed from approximately 510 to 180 million years ago(Mya). How many land masses were separated from Gondwana? 2?

Picture the British Isles on the globe, in relation to New Zealand, then in terms of distance between each and symmetry between equator.

Avalonia (let’s highlight the British Isles but this also incorporated fragments of what would become eastern Newfoundland, and parts of Belgium, northern France, Nova Scotia, New England, Iberia and northwest Africa) and Zealandia (current New Zealand is 7% of original mass).

These 2 islands are on opposite sides of the world and held VERY important clues/roles, including serving as seeding projects for humanity’s ancient history. They were chosen because they were separated from land masses. So many Skythian and Celtic themes/connections come to mind.


zealandia mu

Zealandia – Current New Zealand is currently less than 7% of the original mass.


Palaeogeography 90 million years ago

Blue squares show study areas and the reference section of the OAE2 in France:

GVS – Great Valley Sequence
VBS – Vocontian Basin Sequence
YG – Yezo Group

Red circles represent the location of the large igneous provinces that erupted during OAE2:

CP – Caribbean Plateau
KP – Kerguelen
OJP – Ontong Java Plateau
MF – Madagascar Flood Basalt


Here are some connections and correspondence by Dr. Steiner:

“It was in the Mysteries of the West that the ancient truths remained longest. The Mysteries of Hibernia still existed, centuries after the birth of Christianity. These Mysteries of Hibernia are nevertheless doubly secret and occult, for you must know that even in the so-called Akashic Records, it is by no means easy to search into the hidden mysteries of the statues of which I told you yesterday — the Sun Statue and the Moon Statue, the male and the female. To approach the pictures of the Oriental Mysteries and to call them forth out of the astral light is, comparatively speaking, easy for one who is trained in these things. But let anyone approach, or want to approach, the Mysteries of Hibernia in the astral light, and he will at first be dazed and stupefied. He will be beaten back. These Irish, these Hibernian Mysteries will not willingly let themselves be seen in the Akashic pictures, albeit they continued longest in their original purity.

Now you must remember, my dear friends, that the individuality who was in Alexander the Great had come into close contact with the Hibernian Mysteries during the Gilgamesh time, when he made his journey westward to the neighbourhood of the modern Burgenland. These Mysteries had lived in him, lived in him after a very ancient manner, for it was in the time when the West resounded still with powerful echoes of the Atlantean age. And now all this experience was carried over into the condition of human existence that runs its course between death and a new birth. Then later the two friends, Eabani and Gilgamesh, found themselves together again in life in Ephesus, and there they entered into a deeply conscious experience of what they had experienced formerly during the Gilgamesh time more or less unconsciously or sub-consciously, in connection with the Divine-Spiritual worlds.

In the older Grecian time there was no need to make written history. Why was this? Because men had the living shadow of everything of importance that had happened in the past. History could be read in what came to view in the Mysteries. There one had the shadow-pictures, the living shadow-pictures. What was there then to write down as history?” – Rudolf Steiner