Resonance, Frequency and the Natural Earth Energies

//Resonance, Frequency and the Natural Earth Energies

Ever Wonder why going outside makes you feel so good?

You can read the science journals for ages… or you can just let your toes touch the grass.

The above documentary is excellent and makes the connections between our health and the natural energy fields of the earth. Gerry Vassilatos’s Lost Science also gets into earth energy and is a must read.

Cowan’s book, Ancient Energies of the Earth, is a masterpiece of information exposing the existence of earth ley energies and their usage by the ancients for healing purposes, which should not only never be out of print; but should be compulsory reading for those interested in healing, the origins of standing stones and megaliths such as Stonehenge. Those that have a PDf copy of this please upload it to our public chest.

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