A sad day in the alternative energy movement as A & P Electronic Media, the commercial front for Aaron Murikami and Peter Lindemann use Dollard’s lies, slander and twisted world view to sell seats for their energy conference.

From their recent email: “Eric Dollard exposed a few people in that interview and they retaliated so the producers of that video, Union Features, made it private but re-uploaded an edited version”

lindeman apology request

It was I who put in a formal legal complaint to youtube: “Defamatory Content statement at 15:01 “initially, until the Thing showed up … the Thing is this female that showed up and hypnotized him and married him, took the whole organization over and she’s involved with heavy satanic spirituality to the point of where it makes things happen, demons, you know all kinds, I had friends who didn’t believe in this stuff but after they got exposed to the Thing they became firm believers, there’s some really twisted shit going on, and this woman knows how to control it … ”

“Defamatory Content statement at 15:38 “…. so at any rate she turned it back into a demon organization and infected him with some kind of something and then they embezzled, my part of it was they embezzled my funds to move the laboratory and all the rest of it and lived high on the hog on what I’d drawn in”

“This is in total violation of the NZ Defamation Act 1992 http://legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1992/0105/latest/whole.html#whole because not only are Eric Dollard’s statements untrue, they are malicious falsehoods. They are false statements of alleged particulars and therefore cannot be construed as honest opinions.

“Mr Dollard refers to my late wife as the “Thing” and accuses her of satanism, which is totally untrue and merely malicious; and further he falsely accuses both her and myself of the crime of embezzlement of which there is no evidence, there has never been any charges or claims laid, and all evidence is to the contrary.

“This is simply intentional defamation against former co-workers and assistants by an admittedly dysfunctional individual who is well known in public for having a decades-long pattern of doing such.”         ** end quote **

And Aaron & Peter have put up a private link for people to download the original, so they can continue to promote this lower astral spew from the demented mouth of their current cash cow. If Dollard’s work is so great why stoop to this??????

So this is a public call for Peter Lindemann to apologise for his company slandering and defaming former co-workers and friends with what he knows to be lies. I once knew Peter as an honorable man and am shocked he stands by and pretends he has nothing to do with this crime whilst it continues to emerge from the bowels of his own company.

I doubt Aaron has the characterological integrity to apologize, he seems to derive some sort of psycho-orgasmic glee and goes into a bizarre frenzy over promoting this vile garbage.

So much for the ‘free energy’ movement, pfffttt…

BOYCOTT A & P Electronic Media until they stop stooping to the lowest level possible just to sell seats to their energy conference and and until they issue a public apology to myself and my late wife for promoting and reposting this defamation.

No science here folks, move along….

By Thomas Joseph Brown



Statement by TechZ of AetherForce

This is not the first time that Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami have attacked Tom Brown and his family. Aaron Murakami has impersonated Dollard over and over again to attack Tom Brown. Tom Brown wrote an open letter asking Aaron Murakami to cease these attacks long before this latest incident. Let us remember that were it not for Tom Brown none of us would have heard of Eric Dollard.
Two months ago we made yet another bid for peace. We had tried twice before through a third party and the response we got back was “Aaron says you can never be forgiven and must be punished”. We tried again with Gary Hendershot after the expose video we did where David, Ed Mitchell and several or Murakami’s other victims all joined in to expose him. Murakami’s response was to attack Gary Hendershot.
We tried again by taking down http://ericdollard.com and Shredded Messiah the documentary about the entire incident. What was the result ? Did Murakami  do the reasonable thing and take down the 6 videos slandering us or the almost 100 posts he littered throughout the internet calling us all nazis, pathological liars, homosexuals, steroid users, islamic jihadists and anything else he thought would stick??
No. He took nothing down. Rather he accelerated his attacks and even went so far as to brag about hacking aetherforce.com. This is in addition to other numerous hack attacks by Aaron Murakami all of which have been reported.
The FBI investigator was horrified at the level of stupidity on display. To hire hackers and then brag about it.... Aaron Murakami is a desperate cyber terrorist and without any sense. The FBI investigator told us they were already investigating him as he had reported TechZ as a cyber terrorist earlier...

The FBI investigator was horrified at the level of stupidity on display. To hire hackers and then brag about it…. Aaron Murakami is a desperate cyber terrorist and without any sense. The FBI investigator told us they were already investigating him as he had reported TechZ as a cyber terrorist earlier…

We are dealing with a textbook case of an extreme pathology.
This is not surprising as he has an extensive violent criminal record.
Aaron Murakami.: Case Info: Source:  WA Admin Office of Courts (District Courts) Category: Criminal …
Case Type: ASSAULT
Case Number: M00044024SPPCNSPC
Case Number: M00037436SPPCNSPC
This character desires no peace, only conflict and war. Thus we must now turn to his business partner Peter Lidnemann. He obviously supports this terrorism if he continues to stay silent. We are left with no choice but to boycott their energy conference. Give them not a penny.
Below are statements by others on Aaron Murakami.
Quotes by the victims of Aaron Murakami
  • prototype9000: That aaron was bothering me on facebook demanding i remove posts from forums and spread rumors and stuff. please just give up and let people do what they will instead of holding us all back so no one can grow and learn –
  • Gary Hendershot: This type of bullshit is exactly what is keeping this feud going … it is childish and irrelevant … I interpret this as a distraction to keep from addressing the relevant issues and resolving the feud … if you really think this type of nonsense improves your position , think again … putting this crap forward makes you appear desperate … cant defeat the message, so attack the messenger … classic ad hominem argument … Aaron Murakami you are entitled to your opinion, regardless of how misguided and paranoid it sounds . its real simple Aaron … only the most petty of individuals think they can make themselves look bigger by making others look small … you are twisting in the wind. TechZ for all his supposed narcissism, has agreed to seek such a settlement … if I am to assume that Aaron speaks for Dollard, it appears that instead of agreeing to negotiate, Dollard wants to include me on his “enemies list” and make it a gang of five … a very childish response to an honest attempt to reach an agreement between adults … –
  • Gunther Rattay: Aaron, please don´t beg for attention or special participation, that´s too poor …
    In your forum you dominate your forum members everyplace. sometimes you (ab-)use extremely bold letters and very long posts (like here) to tear down opposite opinions. you really take serious deviating opinions but you suppress them instead of tolerating and anchoring them as a moderator. And you ban as you can! To my opinion inadequate for your role. good to see after all that your regime has to accept natural limitations. After my episode with you I have started to pick up and process information about annoying behaviour and have found lots of useful scientific information in places like: http://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder?tab=Symptoms Just want to understand, capiche? I want to add that this individual Aaron Murakami is Co-Founder and moderator of www.energeticforum.com where he  abused his moderator powers in my case and some other cases I witnessed. Years ago when I was a forum member there I hoped that his affiliate Peter Lindemann would intervene some day and stop Aaron´s intrigues but unfortunately Peter didn´t. Maybe he didn´t know … –
  • RavenPrecept: The Dollar story keeps on repeating. The number of failed labs the man has had is amazing. The story of a young man with some money helping an old mad scientist get some shoes and a shave and set up a lab happened with Royal Rife’s old lab technician. The old chap would sell bits of the lab gear from under the nose of the young chap trying to establish the lab. –
  • Juaquin Bare: Unfortunately Eric is an Addict, and he shows typical addict behavior through and through…However many addicts can and do recover if and only if they avail themselves of the help that is available to them. It is a dis-ease of the personality …notice the hyphen Dis-Ease they say that self-centeredness is at the core of the disease but also it is indicative of a very wounded psyche, usually through childhood and environmental trauma. The need to escape from “Real Life” becomes so strong that Drugs, Institutions or suicide and a trail of destruction in the lives of those they come in contact with as well as themselves are the typical outcome when left untreated. Pray that he finds some help before he wreaks anymore havoc upon himself or others.
  • Thomas Brown Former Director of BorderLands Research “Aaron Murakami is a tyrant, a coward and a chump.”
  • Jerry Volland “He administered a torrent of disinformation, misdirection, libel, and outright malicious lies. It’s all there in his “permanent public record”.Aaron has no room to sue someone for libel after his vicious in kind suppression of my work on his forum. The outright quantity of his lies made me ponder the possibility of a tinge of psychopathy.”
  • Ed Mitchell “Aaron waged a personal campaign against me, posted my name, address and even a picture of my home online. Get as far away from him as you can as his type of evil knows no bounds”. I don’t think he is all there, if you know what I mean.. Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami are a match made in hell”
  • John P:  “A Cancer, actively looking to disband the EPD Labs team.”
  • John Paul Buono“This video counters every argument put by Aaron. Aaron call everyone BS, idiot, etc. But to me, he is those things except he has an agender to divide and conquer”
  • Michelle Fishel : “People are voting down his (Aaron Murakami’s) comments on his own videos…”
  • Jon Bigman“My god man that Aaron is poison to all who come into contact with him. I knew this was coming but not with Eric Dollard. We must stand strong and forge ahead. If Eric is right about Tesla and others ideas then it must be a principle that can be replicated. I applaud you for showing us the truth. I did stand against Aaron a ways back and got censored then banned for it. I also think someone should thank you for your effort to bring Eric back into the world! Even though it failed.”
  • J Lapp : Has anyone noticed that every time Aaron posts a new video at youtube he gets less views? I think this shows that aetherforce is winning the battle and also how important it is that aetherforce is vindicated after being brazenly attacked by this character. Aaron is cracking into pieces.”
  • Theo Buckwhite : “Well Aaron is literally being laughed off of youtube now and the wave hasn’t even started yet! Looks like an idiot talking to himself in his forums and on his videos. Sad little suppressionist with his fingers in his ears and his eyes clamped shut…..”
  • Eugene Blackstone : “Pretty freakin’ soon now. And we’re not shills or sock-puppets. See if you can block what’s coming. Aaron you petty dictator and suppression agent — your time is nigh!”
  • Longitudinal Dielectricity“Sorry you had to go through all of the headache to accomplish what you’ve accomplished and I’m sorry this was the end result of your experience with prof. Dollard. I have respect for you or how much you did accomplish and for everything we have all learned from Eric and the whole experience. Thanks. Sincerely.”
  • xxHANNONxx: “It’s to late for him and his games, he’s already been exposed and that cat is never going back in the bag. Eric could be forgiven if he cleaned up his act because everyone wants to see his work succeed, but Aaron has nothing to offer anyone.“  Aaron, you blocked me from your channel after I pointed out Eric Dollard lied on your libelous slander video of Techzombie. Then I sent you a personal message asking why, and you never responded, so now if you’d like you can answer here.
  • oLoGoS :” Just the way aaron handled the whole situation was evidence enough that his motives were/are not pure. he’s STILL fanning this flame and in my opinion the biggest victim of aaron’s petty tantrums and manipulation is Eric himself, and that’s saying a lot considering what EPD team has been through. i am going to stop posting my leedskalnin findings on his forum.
  • Sweetman Jones“The only good thing about this is its exposing Aaron as the scum he is and Dollard as a do-nothing. Try to remember: it was Aaron who started the attacks. When he first started he had a ‘hit list” and Tech Z was only one of many good people Aaron threatened with “exposure.” Aaron started it and now whether anyone likes it or not, he’s going to have live with the consequences of making this ugly mess a public affair.”
  • Gustopoet : “Aaron is trying to suppress Dollard’s work and also anyone who speaks against him. He’s using vile and manipulative tactics to apparently feed little more than his greed for profit and power. It’s very sad, but I doubt we’ll ever see him show any remorse for what he’s done. Being polite with this guy won’t do you any good. Have you seen his forum? He seems completely irrational. He’s also as crude and rude as you could imagine, can’t spell or form a coherent argument, and keeps threatening everyone who shows the slightest sign of disagreeing with his mindless rants. He seems to be getting nuttier by the minute, too. The stuff he’s posting as vids and on his forums makes me think he needs professional help right away. He has clearly lost it big-time. Be careful TecZ. He sounds like he could be dangerous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatant case of projection as what is evidenced in his posts and in his videos. The guy seems unbalanced and absurdly narcissistic. In other words, just the type of guy not to turn your back on! Best of luck to you.”

Statement made when AetherForce took down all info on Dollard and Murakami in an effort for peace.

Ericdollard.com has been wiped and all versions of the shredded messiah film have been taken down.

We have taken the initiative to make peace and cleanse the situation so that all parties can move forward. We fully expect all slanderous remarks against techz, david, webster and all involved parties to come down, including all mentions on ericpdollard.com, all videos and threads on the energetic forum. If this isn’t done considering we have tried twice before to seek peace and have now extended yet another olive branch then it should be clear to all involved that the aggressive slanderous party does not care about the fate and nature of Eric but only their own petty ego and being proven “right” at any cost.

This material has been down since the 11th. If the opposing parties reciprocate and take down all content as we have then we shall consider this issue closed and we can all move on with our lives. This does not include lawsuits for libel and DMCA copyright fraud.

The zoo of insults and slander that has swirled around this mess has gone on for far to long. We tried through three different mediators to arrange for peace, all were rebuked. It seems there is no possibility of reasonable negotiation here. The aggressive parties were exposed and instead of making peace and walking away they sought to drag everyone down with them.

We would prefer to see success or at the very least well being come out of this. Thus we have taken down this site detailing the tragic story of it’s namesake. It was originally put up to defend ourselves against the accusations made against us by the subject. The propaganda campaign against us was so severe that a full length documentary had to be made to defend ourselves. That film has since also been taken down and all materials that detail the subject.

We began this journey to get a homeless scientist a lab and restore his honor. A number of people sacrificed their time and money others donated equipment and their skills. All those involved worked hard and did not deserve the fallout that arose from disagreements, egos and communication gaffes.

I personally have been slandered on the internet in the most disgusting way imaginable, with no less than four videos being made against me personally, each over an hour long. My associates were contacted, old modeling photos and acting jobs were used against me and worse. The several hacking attempts on our server we documented and our lawyers filed an official report with the FBI. Ironically a report had been filed against us by the attacking party, which caused the FBI to investigate them before we even submitted out report. Karma is very real.

We never expected to deal with such tactics. Attorneys were commissioned in New York state and the subject of the suits is dodging and ignoring suit, forcing us to file in Washington state to end the constant slander. We regret that resources have to be wasted on this but we are left with no choice, some people simply cannot be reasoned with. If prior behavior is any indiction this aggressor will continue his obsession with me possibly for life, none of the slander will be taken down until he is forced into a Washington State court room. We will deal with this.

We wish the best for Eric, that he conquers his addictions and demons to find peace with himself and let those who would try to help him do so, rather than turn against them again and again. We hope that EPD labs succeeds in accomplishing their objectives and Eric’s knowledge manifests into great breakthroughs.

I personally would regret ever meeting Eric or beginning this quest, except for all the amazing people it has introduced me to, including David and the grass roots natural science community that has rallied around this tale. We have no regrets standing up for ourselves and defending the honor of our friends.




 Letter written to Aaron Murakami by Tom Brown asking Murakami to stop attacking him while Murakami pretends to be Dollard.

Hi Aaron,

You remain a strange piece of work who cherry picks and twists for some unknown reason that seems to get you all fired up and passionate… weird!

At least you spelled my name right most of the time, thanks for the publicity, people who know me can see right through your dark desperation. I’m laughing .

I stand by what I said and am amazed at how low you stoop in public, how sad. You totally misrepresent things as an art, it is you who should apologize and stop this nonsense.

The fact that my forum notice to you was unsigned from an non-de-plume account was for one, an oversite, but it was also a message in an internet forum where anonymity is nothing surprising. It was a notice to the site owner that there was a serious violation of the rules. I didn’t expect any special treatment because of some alleged ego problem claimed by a guy who obviously has one, just simply that the rules of the forum were to be followed. It shouldn’t have mattered who I was, just that the rules were being violated. Now it’s my fault lol.

In fact the reason I was anonymous is I merely joined to read and learn, certainly not to pump my ego, I just got upset at certain postings of Eric and your seeming allowance of criminal slander against my late wife, sorry if I didn’t push the right button but you admit you were notified and did nothing.

Look at all the tawdry spew you have put out since then over this, all because your new star attraction Eric slandered myself and my late wife in your public forum and you turned on me. Oh yeah, that doesn’t matter because Eric “isn’t good with people.” But what about you? what’s wrong with you?

I didn’t come on Eric’s page to cause trouble, I am interested in his real work, it changed my life 25 years ago and is still fundamental to my thesis as the archetypal structure Eric describes in electrical generation and propagation pervades at many levels of manifestation and consciousness and it would be nice to see a world with beneficial technologies in operation. It was just obvious in the interview that showed up on my timeline that you were leading him and misrepresenting things. I have a right to post, you are the one who has blown it all out of proportion showing your true nature.
You have a lot to learn kid, grow up.

Tom Brown