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Creates a toroidal field. Connects into the Earth, especially at

Sacred Sites, but also creates a Sacred Site anywhere.

It is connecting the upper world and the inner worlds.


If you are sitting in that field of the torus, can feel the energies of the Inner Earth people.
Can communicate with them at a deeper level through this field.

When I placed the prototype on a local Sacred Site, the Inner Earth Beings who live there came to the surface and danced!! I shimmied and shook for about 20 minutes, seeing the larger field the Activator was creating around the Medicine Wheel, with golden sparks shooting out the top of the Activator. Below the Activator I could feel the freight-train of energy just flowing downwards.

The reading I got from Brenda on the tool afterwards was such a confirmation for what was witnessed!!

This site is home to a rose quartz medicine wheel, and the portal/vortex in the center of the wheel naturally pulses upward and downward. There is an entire city of little beings with long curved noses that live below. I often take people there on journeys, where one would have to ride an “elevator” down to the city and a representative would meet you and take you around… now, they just come up and hang out in the field above ground!!

Sleeping with the Golden Fire Activator under my bed last night was intense!! At times it felt like sleeping in the newest Ascension Chamber, where the energy field is so high that the ears begin to ring after a few hours. My ears never rang from the Activator, but was certainly a high energy field! My daughter woke a few times talking of a large white hairy being in the room with us! ?

This third generator Activator is 4″ x 4″ by 5″ tall.

Contains all Golden Fire within. Encased in EcoPoxy, a plant-based resin.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.



The Golden Fire comes through in a tangible way.

This particular Golden Fire Torus brings in the Golden Fire then Activates it in the person.
Brings in the field of Universal Peace to the human, a connection into that field of Universal Peace.
Connects to everything, all that is.
The vibration of Oneness, of non-Duality.

Soul already knows Universal Peace.
People who are drawn to this tool are ready to connect to the Peace of their Soul.


The Tube Torus is simply a way in which energy flows.
Energy flows in a Torus fashion, in Galaxies as well as in molecules.

Two Seeds of Life are put together, and ratcheted, to create the 12 petal design you see here.
This design was also a crop circle in 2009!

So much more than a Torus…

When we did the readings on this one, I could feel it hit my throat first, and saw the golden beam from the Torus to my throat.  Once we got to the part where they were explaining how the field begins with the person and then expands out to those energetically in contact with them, I could see and intensely feel this connection going out to all of those whom I am energetically connected with…. It was huge and expansive!!

Before we did the reading, which attuned that particular Torus to me, I carried the Torus with me for over a month and it really wasn’t nothing more than a standard Torus.  Once the attunement of the Torus to my Soul took place, the energy of the Torus shifted greatly, and become a powerful and transformative tool.

The 8″ Golden Fire Torus is made specifically for each person.

Brenda Schnose assembles all the Torus’ coming out of Twistedsage Studios.
The Golden Fire Torus requires an activation and attunement for it to begin working with an individual.
During the construction process Brenda goes Soul to Soul with you to assist in the attunement to your Torus.
The process is like having a free distance session which is anchored into your personal tool!!!

Brenda is one of the most phenomenal healers / seers / energy workers that I know.
We witness miracle and magic on a daily basis with what she does.
Brenda and I work together on the creation of these etheric tools, and she does all the readings on the tools before we send them out to see what others see / feel / experience.  Her distance sessions are affordable, and she works via telephone and distance with not only your Soul, but the innate consciousness of the body.
If the issues are not allowed to be cleared up, she can help with interpreting what your body and soul are trying to tell you!!

Consider getting a distance healing session with Brenda!!

Distance Healing Sessions page is located HERE

The 4″ Golden Fire Torus is attuned to the person before it leaves the Studio.

Anyone can use the Torus, it simply means that your Light is a part of what comes through in the tool, all in the highest and best for everyone!





The winds of change…. can you feel it!!?!!

Everyone within this field will be affected in some way.

Any size of Golden Fire Generator can be carried into a stadium, for example, to effect great change. As the field radiates out, it is that of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind. People and Beings may not catch that, but they will feel the Peace on some level. And that is where the seed is planted, is within that Peace. In some level, they feel the Peace. That energy is then with them. It starts a chain of events, of synchronicity. That’s where the power lies. When the seed is planted, and one goes back into life again, synchronicity will bring them back into that Peace, somehow.

Simply being exposed to that field of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind completely changes everything in people’s lives.

People (and other Beings within that field) recognize the feeling of that field on some level. Maybe consciously, or not.

Their Soul begins to work towards that recognition and move towards that.

Deep within us we each know our path and what we want to do… Our Soul’s Heart’s Desires.

All generators have the same size field, which is about a city block radius.

No need to program or do anything.
These particular Generators are actually non-programmable.

Because the Sacred Heart is so pure, anything you would try to put in them would take away from what they are.





Use this tool to “wand” an area of distress,

which raises the cells in frequency and vibration.

Try the Golden Fire Wand with plants, pets, people and places!

Even plants with diseased cells will respond to the change in vibration and frequency,
allowing them to become vibrant and healthy!

Though this is a powerful healing wand,
it goes beyond just healing.

The energy of this tool also brings peace and joy ,
magic and miracles.

The Golden Fire Wand is not to be confused with the Golden Light Wand.

Physically similar, yet the energetics are completely different!!

Activates the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind.

Basic instructions:

Your Golden Fire Wand will automatically do all the energetic clearing for you. It only needs to be held for this to happen. When you are ready to do energy work, simply point the wand at what you are working with, and use a circular or figure-8 motion with the wand above the area you are working with. The distance between what you are working with and the wand does not matter.

As all the tools at Twistedsage Studios, these are high consciousness, quantum tools,
you can use the wand for distance work.
Simply use intention and imagination to visualize what you are working with, and operate the wand with that visualization. The energy will flow to where you are sending it. And with this type of heart based, high vibration tool, the energy is always sent and received for the highest and best good. You can carry the wand on a necklace, key-chain, or in your pocket, and it will continue to hold that space of Peace for you and for others.

Activates the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind, just as the Golden Fire Rings do

The Golden Fire Wand activates the Sacred Heart- This is the golden flaming heart with the tri-fold flames that Jesus and Mary walk with, and is different from the Sacred Space of the Heart that we have traditionally worked with.

The Golden Fire Wand activates the Quantum Mind- Opens the right hemisphere of the brain, balances the hemispheres, activating the Pineal and connecting to the Quantum Mind.

For the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind activations to
take place, one is first taken to the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities for cleaning, clearing, and healing.

The Quantum Void is the space of the Three by Three.
If you are unfamiliar with that process, check out this free audio meditation, though is not needed to get the benefits from your Golden Fire Wand. In the process, your entire Soul Spark -from Source and back to Source again, is anchored within the heart.
Your Light, now fully present in the heart, dissolves away any cords and contracts that held us in that old world.

Golden Fire Ring-
Cubit Measure based on new geometries coming onto the planet.
Discovered and anchored in by my sister, Brenda Schnose.

Brass rod cut to a very specific Sacred Measure.

A small hook is attached to the wand to allow for use as a Pendant or key-chain.

Approximately six inches in length.



Creates a network, connecting Sacred Hearts into a network.

Connecting people and beyond into other realms.

Connect connect connect.

Sacred Heart expands out greatly.

To me, I saw that Sacred Heart drawn out and into the sphere.

From there it was a great explosion of golden energy that filled the entire space.

Having this sphere around for just a few days, have felt great joy in my being.

I will be using this sphere wherever I teach workshops or meditations. We usually spend the time to connect all beings in the room with the infinite heart technique so we create a space where we are all soul to soul, and then invite in those who walk with us. This sphere will help it occur automatically!!

The 1″ Gaia Sphere Pendant is just as potent and powerful, with the same sphere of influence, as the 8″ Golden Gaia.

It is similar the the Golden Fire Generators, but instead of just activating, it connects.

“When you hold this sphere you feel the high vibrations of your Mother Earth. You feel the heart beat of our beloved Earth. Many will be attracted to this sphere because of their connection to the Earth. They feel the peace and calm of the All is Well energy which this Sphere emits. It reminds the spirit of you, who you are. It vibrates to the I Am presence which is you. Play with it, hold it, and roll it. It transfers to you its vibrations.” –

The Elders Three on 7/14/11

The Sacred Geometrical shape is the Icosadodecahedron, having twelve pentagrams within the Gaia Sphere

We now have the 5-1/2″ Sphere available,
my favorite one!!

The 4″ Sphere is on clearance.
It is a great tool, it’s just that for it’s size,
I have never found the perfect gauge to size ratio.


One of the best Empath Filters I have found!!!

The Golden Fire Coil’s toroidal field flows through the Sacred Heart, throat,
Pineal, Quantum Mind, then expands out.
The Soul’s Light comes in to meet it, and there is a merging,
a connecting of You out into the field.
It is beyond bringing the Soul Light in.
Beyond just bridging the Soul. It brings in a Universal Connection.
So much is going on with the interplay of Light.

Many people can feel this one very physically.

I see it as an interplay of the Sacred Heart with the Soul’s Light,
which comes through in a torus of golden streaks around the body.
To me, it appears as a very solid toroidal field right around the body.

Standard Coil is 5″ long and 1/2″ diameter, including the attached Infinity.
Mini Coil is 3-3/4″ long and 3/8″ diameter, including the attached Infinity.

Both use the 1″ Infinite Heart.
Both are the same energetics and potency.

Adjustable leather lanyard included.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.

The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart…


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