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Tachyonized Prana Wand Quartz Crystal Disintegrator

With pinpoint precision, feel the laser energy of Tachyon coming out of this meticulously prana cut genuine quartz crystal.  Even though the tips are very small, the amount of concentrated energy they emit is completely mind boggling. Practioner’s love to use the prana crystals for dissolving negative energy fields, clearing out unhealthy emotional fields or helping students feel energy from a very concentrated crystal.  This genuine crystal is a prana cut.

​​Energy practitioners love our Tachyonized pure crystal vogel styles. Bring Tachyon precisely where its needed with laser point power.  Comes with custom padded case.

4.45″ Pranic 8 sided wand.  Regularly $550.00  S

Tachyonized Rose Quartz Vogel Style Wand DT

201g Natural Vogel Style Rose Quartz Crystal

​24 sided DT Wand

​​Tachyonized Rose Quartz Vogel Style wand combines the elements of Self Love and Unconditional Love of Rose Quartz with the energy of Tachyon.  This large wand lets you feel the power in your hands.

Tachyonized Vogel Style Wand – Amethyst

269g Natural Vogel Style Amethyst Crystal
24 sided – Double Terminated Wand… Superb
​Length:4.90″   Diameter:1.30″-1.70″​​Bring in the  healing attributes of Amethyst with this INCREDIBLE Amethyst Quartz Vogel Style Crystal.  The pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful these are.  Filled with Tachyon, expect the very best!  VERY, rare.

Tri-Mega Crystal Wand

$159.95 – $299.95

TRI-MEGA WAND:  This tri-mega wand holds huge power.  It combines 3 powerful lab quartz wands:

Mega Reiki Wand:
Usui Master Level Frequencies
Seichem Master Level Frequencies
Deep Reiki Red Frequencies
KunGold Frequencies
Tibetan Master Level Frequencies
Shamballa Frequencies
Kundalini Frequencies
Crystal Ray Frequencies
Spectrum Light Healing Frequencies
Prismology Light Healing Frequencies

​Tachyon Practioner’s Tachyon Wand:
Full Powered Tachyon Crystal Wand strong enough for Practitioner use.

​Amazing 13th Octave Lahochi Wand:
LaHoChi is a VERY powerful hands on technique that brings in extremely high frequencies of light. These fields can create permanent shifts within your energy field which promotes the optimum in physical health and wellbeing.  Many healers believe the 13th Octave LaHoChi is 100 times stronger than reiki.  Just rub the crystal gently to begin the peizo-electric quality and then hold in your hands or place on the chest or abdomen area, and let it flow.

Never have you felt such powerful energies in your life!

Measures 1 3/4″ wide x 8″.  $159.95  Pair for $299.95

Tachyon Rose Quartz Imbued

$69.95 – $129.95
​​​​​​​​Rose Quartz emits the frequency of love.  When combined with the infusion of the Tachyon Field, it is an incredible amplification of love and balancing frequencies.
The 13th Octave Lahochi energies are well known to be one of the highest healing power frequencies on earth.  When a sphere is imbued with Tachyon and the 13th Octave Lahochi, the Lahochi energies are magnified from the Tachyon field.  With these spheres, you are assured the best in transformational healing and acceleration.
The Mar’Kai System of massive healing is the most respected and protective system from ancient to modern times, considered a “new Energy” here on earth.  There are only a handfull of true Mar’Kai Lord Masters here on  earth, and even fewer who are offering this precious and profound system of healing energy to assist all in the reaching of their ultimate path on earth.
Hold the rose quartz in your hand and rub it all around so that it begins to pulse the piezoelectric quality of the imbued frequencies (usually 60 seconds).  Then…enjoy a full energy treatment by relaxing into the continued running energies of the Tachyon, 13th Octave Lahocho or Mar’Kai Systems.
Rose Quartz Spheres range from 44mm to 50mm, perfect for holding in the palm of your hand during meditations or while sleeping.  Since all rose quartz spheres are unique, yours may differ slightly from the picture in color and design, but not in potency!
Your choice of:
* Rose Quartz with Tachyon
$69.95 One Rose Quartz Sphere
$119.95 Pair of Rose Quartz Spheres
* Rose Quartz Spheres with Tachyon and 13th Octave Lahochi
$79.95 One Rose Quartz Sphere
$129.95 Pair of Rose Quartz Spheres
* Rose Quartz with Tachyon and Mar’Kai System Energies
$79.95 One Rose Quart Sphere
$129.95 Pair of Rose Quartz Spheres

Tachyon Practitioner’s Wand

​​These amazing lab grown quartz crystals are from the highest quality Arkansas Quartz available.
Measuring approximately 1″ X  8.5″ long.  Great for placing on laptops, base of computer screens, TV’s etc. to drastically reduce EMF radiation. They can also be used on the body to assist healing and improve meditation.
Practitioners use several of these at a time around patients in their practices during sessions.
The pictures don’t begin to do them justice as seeing them in person. They have a flat edge so they don’t roll, very popular with massage therapists and healers alike.


Power Pyramid


$99.95 – $199.95
On Sale
Experience Tachyon like never before.  Our new POWER PYRAMID is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced with Tachyon.  This powerful Pyramid of Power will harmonize and rejuvenate the energy of any part of your home.  Its beauty, geometric shaping and tachyon field make it to the top of our list with tachyon lovers.
Place it in an office, a meditation space, in your kitchen, or media rooms, even in a practitioner’s healing room and feel how it harmonizes and energizes the space.
The sacred geometric shape powerfully sends out energy from 4 sides.  When placed on its side, it is beautiful to use while meditating, drawing you into its star gate.
​2.25″X2.25X2.75″  Regular $169.95  Sale Price $99.95
3″X3″X3″         Regular $219.95  Sale Price  $149.95
​4″X4″X4″         Regular  $279.95  Sale Price $199.95



Tachyonized Spheres

$39.95 – $69.95
Choose from a single sphere or a pair of tachyon embedded clear spheres. These 40mm. (1.5 inch) spheres can be held in hands while in meditation or for healing. They come complete with their own stand so they can be used as decorative pieces while emitting Tachyon around your computer, office area or around the house.
Available in Clear, Blue, Aqua and Green. Each sphere comes with its own stand as seen in the picture of the green sphere.

1 Sphere 39-40mm. each… Now only $39.95
2 Spheres 39-40mm. each… Save $15 on 2   $69.95

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