Authentic Atlantis Ring

//Authentic Atlantis Ring

Authentic Atlantis Ring




The Atlantis Ring is considered by many experts as one of the most positive waveform transmitters for people. Its particular design gives the Atlantis ring spectacular protection properties, creating a protective barrier against undesirable energies.

Any sensitive or trained person can observe the difference between rings of different origins. In fact, a simple kinesiological test with and without the Atlantean Ring will show how a person’s inner energy is reinforced by simple contact with this treated gem.


  • It is a personal good that should not be transferred or borrowed, because it is impregnated with the radiation of its bearer.
  • The ring obtains great results in the tests of dowsing thanks to the “Form Luxor” (the relief that is in the ring Atlantis ).
  • The effects of the Atlantean Ring can be tuned according to the finger on which it is placed, according to its symbolic links.
Most recognized aspects:
  • Development of personal intuition.
  • Increased ability to find solutions to problems
  • Increased creativity
  • Strengthen and multiply mental programming to incredible levels
  • Resonant amplifier materializes desires, increases the positive energy flows to the environment
  • Vitality Generator
  • Protection against subtle negative energies (telluric and energetic)
  • Development of personal spiritual aspect
  • Energy balance (checked with kinesiology)
  • Empowerment of mental acuity
  • It helps personal, couple and loving relationships
  • Improves premonition and internal capabilities
  • Attract positive energies from the environment to your carrier
  • Acts as shield against psychic attacks or negativity of others

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