2 TeraByte Hard Drives


Do you miss and all of its Aetheric contents? It’s been down for 3 years, but it’s impact was felt.

Aether Force is now offering 2 Terabyte external Hard Drives filled with the core public domain information from keychests and much more. This amazing archive has been called the Seeker’s Compendium.

The contents of this meticulously organized archive include PDF books and articles, video lectures and courses, audio books, a massive picture collection, geometry animations, brainwave entrainment, yoga & full initiatory programs, and more.

The Drive is organized by topics and researchers. Topics include but are not limited to Radionics, Radiesthesia, Psychrotronics & BioFields, Shape Power, Water Science, “Free” Energy , Electrical and Magnetic Engineering, Cold Fusion, Counter-spatial and Vortex Sciences, Anti-gravity & Levitation, Harmonics & Cymatics, Electric Universe, Material Sciences, Anthroposophical Science of Formative Forces, Future Agricultural Systems, and so much more.

Email [email protected] to order and a payment invoice will be sent to you.

Payment for this informational service is $200. The price covers the purchase of a 2 TB hard drive @ $90 USD  + $8 shipping + donation for the service. You are not being charged for any of the information just for the service and time to maintain the archive and load the hard drives.  It is a 3 day process of unrestricted computer use and has taken countless hours of button clicking and screen staring to make this information readily available for you, the seeker. Aether Force has been known for its desire to free information for all. This collection has been highly requested so is now being officially offered. Supporting this service is a major way to help Aether Force level up.

All proceeds are supporting the expansion of Aetheric Education. See exactly how the finances will be used here:

All questions about the drive are welcome. Email [email protected] for more information.

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