Practice of Ayurveda by Swami Sivananda

//Practice of Ayurveda by Swami Sivananda

For those interesting in ancient Vedic knowledge this is one of the best primers into ayurvedic real deal knowledge written in 1935 by Swami Sivananda, a very serious practitioner.


Out of print now a days in most places, and for a big reason, he dispels many myths in this books that the guys in power doesn’t like people to know.


This book is for serious researchers on the field, and the time put into the understanding of this book will pay off for the rest of your life.

Vedic knowledge pre-dates Hinduism and Buddhism, by the pass of time many of this knowledge got watered down, changed or fitted for the rulers agendas. 

This knowledge was the seed for all Asian alternative medicine and sciences, included Tibetan knowledge.


Marcel Vogel for example based his breathing technique for clearing crystals on Sivananda Science of Pranayama book, so you understand where Sivananda stands.


Ayurveda is the glue to understand all Vedic ancient knowledge, that was taken out so westerners couldn’t understand the real implication and scope of vedic practices.

The dynamics of this knowledge is holistic and can be applied to every branch of science once properly understood, so the implications are huge, this book is very good to introduce their core concepts so you can work from them your own path.

Ayurvedic knowledge was a very interesting mix of qualitative knowledge mixed with quantitative, something that our modern science missed when Pythagoras wasn’t allowed to teach the qualitative side of sciences, being undertaken today by biogeometry (that also give us the keys to further understand the scope of vedic knowledge).


This is what you should have been thought in school since day one to have a life full of joy.

Hope you can value this knowledge as i do, it took me a long time to find this one, so complete and concrete, and i wished i had it since day one.



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