Pier Luigi Ighina’s Law of Rhythm

//Pier Luigi Ighina’s Law of Rhythm

This theory describes how the flow of primordial energy from the sun reaches the Earth, reaches its center , is reversed by the collision, and returns to the sun.  This reversal of primordial energy , lighting a sun inside the planet. The dual-flow counter- whirling vortex is due to Force of Gravity on the planet.




With this knowledge possible to be realized in a not too distant future, mankind will be brought to a renewed existence in harmony with the forces of nature. (Pier Luigi Ighina)

We will begin the discussion of the law of rhythm with extracts from the various attachments that Ighina published on behalf of the CISM (International Centre for Magnetic Studies) interventions in blue are added all’originale.Buon trip on Fortunadrago.

Let’s see what the sun up close, with an open mind. It is formed of a material that moves, red-hot, it turns producing Energy Magnetic Bright (ed or Asian Yang.) What is Magnetic Energy Bright?


Energy is the movement of the particles that make up matter in the solar flux.

Magnetica is the ability possessed by these particles repel particles equal to themselves and attract different ones.

Light is the power of speed of movement of such particles.

We follow these light particles of magnetic energy in their journey to the land (moving from the sun in space with spiral motion due to their equal positive polarity, tend to repel each other) .

They cross the moon that slows their speed and in part on this earth exerting on it aconsiderable force and pressure (like an orange securely tightened into a fist) . They descend to the ground with spiral motion and transferred into it as you would a large screw that string without knowing the external pressure. And ‘in fact thanks to this spiral movement that human beings and all other forms of terrestrial life are not affected by the powerful pressure exerted by the energy magnetic devices except indirectly as weight or force of gravity (or as we shall see later a “first force of gravity “) .

We go with solar energy in the Earth (the magma is heated by it and since nothing can stop the penetrating of these particles if not the particles themselves, they will reach all together one exact point in the center of the planet where collide) ; so we will see that at the center of the solar particles it does not slow down because it escaped the impact of earthly substances, formed like a small sun. This little sun (inside) of the earth (calledAurora ) acts as a fiery dish that attracts to itself the particles of solar energy slowed down by earthly matter and therefore devoid of brightness and flipping the raised toward the sun (bumping is reversed reflection and the energy hot becomes cold yin yang changes color from yellow to blue, which dates back to the sun and left-hand rotation) . The sun attracts to itself the particles slow down and reflected by the inner fire of the earth, thanks to the lower power that differentiate them from those that are still in the sun itself to its original level (yin earth energy being close to its origin colors of the sky blue thing I can not get the yellow sun Yang distant from its origin) . In this way, starting from the center of the earth, develops an upward movement of magnetic energy, non-luminous, which partially balances the pressure of solar energy on the earth’s surface (and therefore the force of gravity that feel is a force resulting between the ‘ Yang energy descending bright yellow and the rising anti-G matte blue yin) .

Now let’s see what happens when the magnetic energy devoid of light, rising from the ground with spiral motion of opposite direction to that of the light energy is absorbed in the solar furnace.

Penetrating into the sun it causes, in part affected, an impediment to the exit of the magnetic energy light, creating a dark spot called by humans “sunspot.” (The explosion or solar flare occurs in the vicinity of these sunspots due precisely to ‘impediment – suffered from the energy barrier).

Sunspots, as is well known, produce changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and are caused not only by land but also by the energy of light does not return from the other planets of the solar system.

The double spiral motion of magnetic energy upward and downward, connecting the sun and the earth, was called “Rhythm Magnetic.” (And it is the very essence of the Ether) It is the promoter of each event vitality and energy that exists on the globe.


1) The earth and all other heavenly bodies are immersed in the Sun’s gravitational grip that applies the pressure on the surface of planets, of all things on them and in their depths cm3 per cm3 (Gravity). For this reason, the Earth and the other planets of the solar system are considered FERMI (PROPERTIES) .

2) In the solar system any effect of movement (such as orbital or rotation) is as illusory as the spiral motion of the magnetic energy positive (Yang), which as a vector carrying the light, heat and radiation from the Sun that follow the spiral path energy.


Pier Luigi Ighina: Here we have the rotary machine that produces the rotary motion of the solar energy
Which by the opportunity to see objects in motion per impression and if you see
This equipment which is stopped up here you see the picture moving. (External projection but in the case of the earth projection is internal to it)
This is the so-called joke that the sun does to all scientists in the world!
When scientists begin to understand this will start to know what the pace of solar -terrestre!

Below is an interesting animation of the solar system, to take into account the model Tychonic (where the sun should be considered in the center instead of the Earth)

Solar System Model (select the Tychonian)

Sunspots and Solar Activity in Real Time

Solar Analemma

Update: The law of rhythm demonstrated by Edward Leedskalnin ?

Ed Leedskalnin in his book ” Magnetic Current “discovered a very interesting difference between the two poles of a bar magnetica.Infatti, the magnetic particles are equal in strength and numbers in both poli.Ma not behave the same way, in fact c ‘is a bit’ more attraction with the South Pole down to push away the iron filings, while there is no longer the attraction seen while lifting the iron filings with the North Pole! Although the forces are equal in strength, does not mean they are exactly the same! This difference of the attractive force of the magnetic poles on a metal body (iron filings) can be given precisely by exercising disorder flows of the law of rhythm d ‘Ighina, the same forces are added together (and those of the magnets energy Yang / Yin) squeezing more iron filings, while opposing forces are fleeing decreasing the resultant attraction on the filing.
Behavior of the magnetic poles

I think that’s the way Leedskalnin has focused on gravity and antigravity. (And proves that gravity is a phenomenon of magnetic nature!)

In addition observe the disposition of the filing that clearly is not crushed subjected to force diagonal … (type “/” or type “”)

NB although the forces seem equal is little difference in the speed with which precipitate monopolies on earth to give positive acceleration to the grave, while the negative energy slower than compensates.

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