Osiris and Isis and Squaring The Circle

//Osiris and Isis and Squaring The Circle

Gematria is the numerological practice of assigning numerical values to letters in order to derive values for names, words, and phrases. There are many different systems of gematria, including Hebrew/Jewish, English, Chaldean, Pythagorean, and simple gematria. For instance, in simple gematria, A=1. B=2, C=3 … Z=26, etc. In this manner, one may draw relationships between names, words, and phrases that share similar values. For instance, “money” and “Monday” are both 72 in simple gematria:

money -> m=13, o=15, n=14, e=5, y=25 -> 13+15+14+5+25=72

Monday -> m=13, o=15, n=14, d=4, a=1, y=25 -> 13+15+14+4+1+25=72

Gematria Values Key for reference: (Hebrew/Jewish, English, simple)

“Money” and “Monday” have the same Hebrew/Jewish, English, and simple gematria values of (525, 432, 72). Thus it may be said that there is a certain level of resonance between these words.

I stumbled upon several interesting resonances between the following phrases, relating to the attached diagrams.

Square the Circle (679, 984, 164)

Osiris and Isis (571, 984, 164)

Cube the Sphere (571, 810, 135)

Isis, an Egyptian goddess associated with nature and magic, resonates with the number 5 and the pentagon/pentagram. Many life-bearing fruits and foods, such as the pear, the apple, the starfruit, and other forms of life such as the starfish and the human being, exhibit a five-fold symmetrical patterning. Phi, the golden ratio, may be derived from the proportions of inward recursively-repeating pentagrams to one another. Isis also resonates with the goddess Venus, as Venus is the goddess of love, the act of making love is the beginning of the creative process in nature, and the apparent trajectory of the planet Venus from Earth traces a pentagram in the sky approximately every 8 years.

Osiris, an Egyptian god often associated with the underworld, the dead, and the afterlife, resonates with 6 and the hexagon/hexagram. Many “dead” or “lifeless” structures exhibit six-fold symmetry, such as snowflakes, many crystals, the structural configurations of atomic nuclei, honeycombs, and the hexagonal ring on the north pole of Saturn (though nothing is truly “dead” as all is consciousness).

It is interesting to note that the interior angle measure sum of a regular pentagon (540 degrees) plus the interior angle measure sum of a regular hexagon (720 degrees) equals the interior angle measure sum of a regular nonagon/enneagon (1260 degrees), nodding at the Ennead of the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis (on a side note, “Eleven Eleven” has a simple gematria value of 126, which is 1260 divided by 10, and I just moved into 126 Tyringham Road). The Ennead consisted of a panel of nine gods and goddesses, including both Isis and Osiris, and is often represented by a regular nonagon/enneagon with each vertex of the nonagon/enneagon associated with one of the gods or goddesses.

From Scott Onstott’s book “Taking Measure” (2012): “The total number of one-to-one interactions amongst the ennead (order being significant) yields 81 possible relationships as 9 times 9 is 81. I see the ennead’s web of interaction precisely expressing the number of stable atoms in our universe. It makes perfect sense that we are all made of Atum’s flesh

[Atum being the first god and creator of the universe] because atoms are what the physical universe is made of.”

 The Ennead of Heliopolis

Funny enough, “Horus” (often considered to have been the son of Osiris and Isis in Egyptian mythology), “Source,” and “Course” all have a simple gematria value of 81, and “Ra” (often associated with Horus, i.e. the title Ra-Horakhty) has a Hebrew/Jewish gematria value of 81.

Enneagon (188, 450, 75)

Octagon (251, 450, 75)

Cube the Sphere (571, 810, 135) [the measure of one internal angle of an octagon is 135 degrees]

Hexagram and Pentagram (801, 1146, 191)

The Cube of Metatron (785, 1146, 191)

Six and Five (1164, 678, 113)

Square the Circle (679, 984, 164)

Isis and Osiris (571, 984, 164)

The marriage of Osiris and Isis may be represented by the numerical proportion of 6/5. In terms of musical intervals, 6/5 is a minor third. A symmetrical scale comprised solely of minor thirds is called a diminished scale and divides the octave into 4 equal minor third intervals. If one places the 12 semitones of an octave around a circle and then draws straight lines to connect the notes of a diminished scale to one another (in this example, the scale consists of the notes C, Eb/D#, Gb/F#, and A), the lines form a square. Thus, the minor third, 6 and 5, Osiris and Isis, all square the circle.

Diminished Scale Sqaures the Circle

Squaring the circle is the practice of constructing a concentric circle and square such that the areas of the square and circle are approximately equal. The formula for calculating the area of a square is A=s^2 (in which ‘s’ is the side length measure of the square), while the formula for calculating the area of a circle is either A=πr^2 (in which ‘r’ is the radius of the circle) or, more accurately, A=1/2(ΦD^2) (in which ‘D’ is the diameter of the circle), though the areas given by the latter two equations will only ever be an approximation as pi (π) is transcendental and phi (Φ) is irrational. The fraction 22/7 is one way of approximating pi, as 22/7=3.142857142857… and oddly enough, my last name “Herndon” and the phrase “God is Female” both have a Hebrew/Jewish gematria value of 227. “God is Male” has a Hebrew/Jewish gematria value of 216, the diameter of the Moon in miles is approximately 2,160 miles, and 227-216=11. My previous address was 11 Rosemary Street.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The Age of Aquarius will last 2,160 years.

Eleven (775, 378, 63)

Love (775, 324, 54)

11 in binary/base-two is 3 in base-ten. Might this have something to do with the 3 to 11 proportion of the diameters of Moon to Earth (2,160 miles to 7,920 miles)?



Some more funny correspondences are listed below. Note that there are 111 minutes in 1.85 degrees, and also that the slope angle of the Great Pyramid is 50 + 1.85 degrees, or 3111 minutes.

Six and Five (1164, 678, 113)

Hexagon and Pentagon (759, 1110, 185)

Harold Dayne Herndon (840, 1110, 185)

The indole ring structure in molecular biology is comprised of a pentagon adjoined to a hexagon. This structure is the basis of such molecules as DMT, LSD, psilocybin, serotonin, melatonin, pinoline, harmaline, theobromine, adenine, guanine, and many others.


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