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Nikola Tesla’s Most Suppressed Quote

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We are facing the same Suppression that Nikola Tesla was because we are going straight to heart of the matter. Tesla was an aetheric engineer and the finest that ever lived since ancient times. It wasn’t enough to crush Tesla they also suppressed the entire science of Aetheric Engineering and instead gave us the lies of relativism and quantum mechanics.

To free ourselves we must return to Aetheric Engineering. It is true that energy cannot come from nothing but it is also true that no where in the universe is there “nothing” The Aether connects us all.

“Only the existence of a field of force can account for the
motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption
dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this
subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all
attempts to explain the workings of the universe without
recognizing the existence of the ether and the
indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.
My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest
importance. As I have searched the entire scientific
records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time
without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself
the original discoverer of this truth, which can be
expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter
other than that received from the environment.”  – Nikola Tesla

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  • Keith

    I wonder if Tesla read Emanuel Swedenborg, the greatest scientist of the Enlightenment, recognized throughout Western Europe, Northern Europe and England. Swedenborg’s marriage of science, philosophy and theology [faith / reliance in God, Truth vs. falsity, love and truth and other ‘pairs’, correspondences of physical things in our world with spiritual truths in the next world, on and on] have affected a great many people, from the arts to science to literature to religion.

  • mindhormone

    So this Emanuel Swedenborg, you’re saying did practical things too, to better the living conditions of humanity? or he was just like einstein that all did was useless theories?

  • Faafetai

    I agree, I rather listen to “action speaks louder than words” referring to Nikola Tesla, than words or philosophies with no logic sense in our modern societies.

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