In a recent presentation, Elon Musk unveiled to the world the Tesla Powerwall. It represents the latest addition to the Tesla Company’s technological offerings. Appearing somewhat awkward on stage, Musk’s performance was reminiscent of a bad stand-up comedian who awkwardly laughed at his own jokes throughout the act. Simple images, graphs, and basic rhetoric captured the attention of a history-amnesic crowd as hype rapidly gave way to the realization that Musk was taking 20 minutes to describe solar power. Nikola Tesla, who famously aimed to freely give his ideas and technology to the world, could be heard being switched to rotisserie as he began to roll in his grave. Wielding verbs like stinky, ugly, bad in every way, and sucks, Musk verified to the audience that his consciousness probably is prohibited from ever having a hand in the advanced development of Tesla technology. According to Musk, “A battery people can just buy is the missing piece and thing that’s needed to have a proper transition to sustainable energy world ” What was no laughing matter was the advances in battery cell storage technology Musk and Tesla tech unveiled in a sleek new home unit that appears will dent the foundation of the current energy paradigm in the United States assuming the current trajectory.

I will say that the results so far achieved are all that I could desire, and they place all possibility of a failure beyond the shadow of a doubt. I am certain that the new apparatus will come into speedy and general use. Its cost is so insignificant that it cannot be ignored. After the apparatus has been placed in any station there is absolutely no expense in running it for years, except the salaries of engineers and the small cost of the wear and tear of the apparatus, which will be eventually anything but expensive. The whole business will be so simply arranged that there will be no probability of its breaking down; but even if it should happen that one station would be useless for a short time, the immense amount of electricity always at hand-for it will cost practically no more to generate 5000 volts than to generate so many million volts-will bridge over the difficulty. There would be nothing to prevent the generation of a whole year’s supply in case of an accident in the generating machinery. There is nothing unnatural in the proposition to have the sun drive the machinery of the earth and, indirectly, to heat and light the planet at night as well as by day.” –Nikola Tesla, Article titled Electrical Progress: Nikola Tesla’s New Engine, Mining and Scientific Press, January 15, 1898

What was of note during the presentation was Musk taking on the topic of metered energy and billing by stating clearly “You can actually go, if you want, completely off grid.” A goal sought after for all by the original Tesla, the “elephant in the room question” is why wouldn’t you want to go completely off grid?  Further hinting at the obvious, Musk continues to state “This is going to be a great solution for people…where the energy is extremely expensive.” The unit, retailing at $3,500, appears to be well within reach of an average consumer. Stackable and scalable to up to nine units and 90 kW, the units will begin shipping in three to four months. The Powerwall aims to become a valid addition to the already solid reputation Tesla technology has carved out with its revolutionary vehicle line.

The biggest missed opportunity of the evening came in at just shy of a minute into Musk’s presentation. With perhaps the biggest opportunity to spotlight bad energy technology, Musk and Tesla technology decided to run with the carbon argument. The damage created by coal power plants, indeed an outdated technology, are simply no match for the triple meltdown (still continuing) at the General Electric Mark 1 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants. Certainly this is the possible extinction event topic of our time compared to a carbon credit-like push reminiscent of Al Gore’s failed existence tax.

Keeling Curve from presentation titled “Tesla Powerwall Keynote by Elon Musk “The Missing Piece””

Continuous Fukushima radiation release & radioactive soil/debris with no solution

Tesla Technology is currently captivating the world with it showmanship, integrity, and forward thinking technology. This is an open challenge to not hold back the release of technology many know exist. Resonate and aetheric energies that Nikola Tesla himself was set to unleash upon the consciousness of humanity.