Music of the Magnetosphere

//Music of the Magnetosphere

Music of the Magnetosphere

Eric’s friend, Stephen P. McGreevy, has put together a comprehensive website, Music of the Magnetosphere, which hosts a multitude of recordings of the Aurora Borealis electrical activity.

Stephen had to drive to remote locations to be able to get some of the recordings due to the noise level of all of the wireless transmission going on in the world today.  Eric also used the idea of audible signals at his Mohave Research Installation at Landers, CA.  The ionospheric and telluric signals were amplified and played over an array of audio speakers that were strategically placed all over the installation to give a more complete monitoring experience.  Listen to the audio files and enjoy the sounds of Earth!

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  • Thanks man! Both Eric and myself are great enthusiasts of “natural radio” or what are known as naturally-occurring radio signals from Earth (and crust) and Earth’s Magnetosphere.

    In Landers, California, Eric Dollard listened to these “Earth signals” from “above the ground” i.e. lightning-emissions, whistlers, and the like – which are my specialties – and Eric monitored telluric signals from below-ground (including earthquake signals in the ELF-range) using ground-probes.

    Myself, I have mainly employed large multi-turn deltoid “magnetic-loops” hung in trees in the Canadian far-north Boreal Forest within Earth’s “auroral-oval-zone” regions where the ELF/VLF signals emanating from Earth’s magnetosphere, such as endless varieties of “chorus” and so forth, pour down to Earth’s surface where they can be listened to with a “WR-3” VLF Receiver type unit or my loop systems. These locations also, of course, are the best places to watch spectacular aurora above.

    I also employ magnetic-loops and electro-static (E-field) “whips” (WR-3, etc.) to record natural-radio signals from all over western North America.

    I also simply enjoy watching lightning-storms in the high-desert in the summertime whilst listening with a WR-3 to their “static” sounds – gigantic sparks – called “damped waves” issue forth from lightning and their sounds are way cool! A light and sound show I look forward to every summer.

    Eric also monitors natural radio in the Lone Pine area listening to a VLF to FM Relay I have installed in the hills near Keeler, CA to monitor natural radio 24/7. On some mornings a month we do hear whistlers and it is a great instrument for monitoring the ambient lightning-static background level.

    The “portal” to a host of audio-recordings I have online for the world to hear is at:

    Thank you! And THANKS for helping Eric get his lab going again – it IS progressing – may I assure all of you visiting this site – he’s a very interesting friend!

    Steve McGreevy – N6NKS

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